Tale as Old As Time

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And Then There was One!

Emma padded the moonlight corridor, trailing her fingers along the wall as some form of comfort. She still hadn’t worked out where the moonlight was coming from because it was still thundering outside, but she knew it was guiding her way.

As she passed the doors she tried them to see if they would open, but none of them yielded. Resisting the urge to vomit at the slime (or worse) that had starting oozing down the smooth wall, Emma withdrew her hand, wiped it on her wet, torn, filthy skirt and crossed her arms over her chest. Taking a deep breath of the stale air filling the corridor she took a step closer to her goal.

She made it, maybe 300 feet, before pausing and scanning the wall to her right. There appeared to be an alcove containing a statue that Emma was sure wasn’t there the last time she had walked down this corridor.

Hesitantly she took a step into it and inspected the statue. The head of it looked scarily like Tom, but Emma pushed the thought to the back of her mind and felt the wall for catches or hidden doors.

Shockingly, and with a lot of grating and grinding, the wall in front of her disappeared, revealing a stone staircase. Emma shuddered at the icy blast that was released from the hidden room, feeling it chill her straight to the bone.

She glanced back at the corridor. To her surprise it was still there.

“This means I’m not supposed to find this door.” She thought to herself as she gathered her wits and started towards the staircase, her footsteps echoing off the stone.

Emma counted the stairs as she descended, purely to take her mind off the cold and give it something to do, but around 150 she lost count.

As the blast grew stronger, Emma knew she was getting closer to the end and, not knowing what she would find, she started to tremble with nerves.

Suddenly, Emma felt her foot slip off the stone and she fell the rest of the way down the stairs, which opened into a room the size of a Cathedral.

Emma lay motionless on the floor, breathing heavily, trying to regain her composure. Once she could breathe normally again she rolled from her back to her side, onto her front, onto her hands and knees, allowing her head to stop spinning before slowly and carefully getting to her feet, checking herself for any injuries.

Once Emma was back on her feet, she looked around the room, fully appreciating its magnificence.

The room was filled with moonlight, yet again Emma wondered where it was coming from, as this room didn’t have any windows, but she found her answer as she ran her hand over the nearby wall.

It was laced with phosphorescence.

“One mystery solved.” Emma muttered to herself, as she headed out into the centre of the room.

She could no longer hear her footfalls on the hard stone floor, which told Emma that she was now walking on a rather lush carpet.

As Emma walked, flames flickered into life on candles either side of her, illuminating the deep red carpet runner.

The candles lit the room with a dim, flickering glow which kissed the edges of something Emma couldn’t make out at the other side of the room.

Suddenly feeling a presence, Emma spun around the face the way she had come, but seeing no one, she turned back around and continued.

Curious as to what awaited her and taking control of any growing uncertainty she quickened her pace, not once deviating from the runner, igniting more candles as she rapidly crossed the room.

The object in front of her became clearer.

It was an altar.

Emma’s breathing quickened as she reached out to touch it.

It felt cold to her touch and she realised, through the flickering light that it was of a deep dark marble, flecked with white. It was simply stunning in its uniqueness.

Sensing the presence behind her, Emma turned slowly to face the aisle lit, either side of it with candles, the colour of which Emma now realised was black. There was a hooded, cloaked figure stood behind her, holding out its hand. Behind the figure, Shecould see the phosphorescence had concentrated into a single spot on the floor.

Knowing what she had to do, Emma allowed the figure to guide her to the spot. As they walked back down the runner, Emma noticed, by the soft light of the candles, the bodies of Mia, Khaia and Rose knelt to one side of the carpet and Matt, Alexis and Lucas the other.

Emma and the figure reached the spotlight and the two of them waited, still holding hands, all Emma’s nerves vanishing from her as the time wore on.

A snake slithered across the floor and up the figures body, before heading down his arm and wrapping its long thin body around their hands

“Finally” Emma whispered, her voice low, nefarious and treacherous, her eyes flashing red as the snake sank one of its fangs into her hand and one into that of the figure before uncoiling itself and dropping to the floor, dead.

Emma glanced at the kneeling bodies of her friends and saw the spotlight she was stood in widen. When it reached them it seemed to absorb them into its being as they disappeared as the light touched them.

She looked back into the hood of the figure and saw glowing red eyes and a devastating smile. She reached up and ran her fingers along the figures face, hooking her thumbs into the hem of the hood.

“Finally.” The figure whispered back as Emma, smiling, pushed the figure’s hood back revealing:



Authors Note: I hope you enjoyed this story - it was my first Horror!

It was not easy to write, but I want to thank everyone who helped me and waited patiently while I bounced ideas off them (I am not a Horror movie fan - they scare me too much!).

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