Scared to Beath: Zombie RiZing 1

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Chapter 3

“If anyone’s got any bright ideas, then now’s the time,” said Elizabeth.

These grunts were young, a tough crowd thought Vihaan as he rifled through his music collection. “DJ Vihaan is on the case,” he said cranking LMFAO’s Party Rockers.

Instantly, at least half the grunts stopped marching towards them and started grinding.

Sonny lobbed a couple of rocks at the remaining attackers but his aim made Vihaan’s look clinical.

“Really? Gimme some of those,” said Elizabeth as she reached into his bag and pulled out some rock ammunition of her own. She positioned herself in front of Abby and started pelting the grunts.

Ms Simmons also stepped forward. “I feel the magic,” she said as she readied her wand and focused all her concentration on a chant.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes then grabbed a few more rocks from Sonny’s kitbag. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the wand start to glow.

Everyone turned to Ms Simmons, who repeated the chant over and over; something was happening. Then she stumbled over her tongue twister chant, became frazzled and the light at the end of the wand petered out.


The thing about magic

It exists. That’s the first rule of magic, according to Ms Simmons. But, as a white witch, she was bound to believe that. Unfortunately, a small and ineffective glow at the end of a stick was the only evidence the others had ever seen of it.

But she was right. Not only does it exist, but its power is growing. She’d been telling anyone who’d listen that the Zombie RiZing was not the result of some disease or science experiment gone wrong but the return of the most powerful force in the world – magic, both good and bad, returning to the world.

Ms Simmons felt it and she saw it in the auras of the others. There was magic everywhere and if the others believed, they could harness its power. She might have been able to convince them it was true if she wasn’t so completely useless at it herself.

Magic was real and it was growing in power.

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