Scared to Beath: Zombie RiZing 1

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Chapter 4

They had reached the second chorus of Party Rockers and the non-dancing zombies were nearly at arm’s length. Not that the song could be heard over the continued screams from Sonny. The five found themselves in a tight circle facing outwards against an enemy coming from both directions. The rocks and slingshot stones were doing little to slow them down.

“Anybody? Anything?” yelled Elizabeth.

“I could change songs?” said Vihaan.

“I think we’re going to need something a little more ground-breaking than that.”

Ms Simmons picked up her wand and started chanting again.

“Has anyone got anything that can actually help?” said Elizabeth.

Ms Simmons stumbled over her chant again then burst into tears. She stared at her wand and the magic it failed to deliver. “Why?”

“Maybe we could all hide behind Abby while Sonny pushes her through the grunts,” said Vihaan.

Elizabeth punched him.


Suddenly, the horde was on top of them. It seemed all hope was lost.

“No!” said Ms Simmons. “Not like this.”

“I still haven’t hit one yet,” said Sonny as he threw another rock in between targets.

Elizabeth reached over to hold Abby’s hands. “Just close your eyes, Abby, we’re together. Always.”

But as the words spilled from her mouth a humming started, distant at first, then it became a roar, then an explosion – a sonic pulse that emanated from the centre of the group and sent every grunt flying backwards at lightning speed until they ended up a mess of mangled zombie bits at both ends of the corridor.

As the ringing in their ears subsided, confusion remained. What had just happened?

Zhang looked at Ms Simmons. “How did you do that?” she said.

Ms Simmons looked at her wand. “I didn’t.”

Then it dawned on Elizabeth. She looked at her silent, wheelchair-bound friend. “It was you, Abby, wasn’t it?”

Abby laughed. A liberated laugh – one of true freedom. She toggled through her iPad choices app to express her thoughts while the others slowly joined in on the laughter.

Vihaan scanned the carnage at the end of the corridor then looked at Abby. “Oh. My. God.”

“What was that?” said Zhang.

“Magic,” said Ms Simmons. “That, my students, was magic.”

Abby found the right choice in her app and pressed the button. “Boom,” said the voice.

“Boom!” said Sonny. “Mega Boom.”

“Magic boom,” added Ms Simmons.

“Couldn’t have discovered that talent about a minute earlier?” said Vihaan as they all laughed again.

Elizabeth hugged Abby. They all did.

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