Can You Dream? 2 Persey

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90. Tate - Post traumatic, Achromatic

I walk Aéolyn back to my apartment

These girls

They will be the tools of our art

The Achromatic Blonde

The Post Traumatic Brunette

I go in and turn on the music

It turns me on

Blood rushes through me

I’m ready for anything

I walk to her and kiss her

I love that she doesn’t know what I have in mind

I express that through my eyes

I go to my bed

I shove it in a corner

I look at Aéolyn

I wink at her

She knows

She moves other furniture out of the way

It’s done

I’m excited

I go into the closet

I planned it all along

I drag out a carpet of canvas

Soft in color

But rough in texture

We roll in on the floor

We cut where necessary

Making it fit smoothly on the space provided

The rips and tears ache the room

I go back to the speakers

Aéolyn follows me

I turn the music down

I tell her to wait here for me

For my return

She goes doe eyed

I kiss her again


Longer than she expected me to

We’re going to make art

I push my hair back

And smile at her

Turn up the music

Cradle my coat

I tell her

I will be back

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