Can You Dream? 2 Persey

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91. Aéolyn - Drowned Laughter

The three of them come into his apartment giggling and shouting laughter

I let them enter

I let him lock the door behind him

I hear a latch slam against the door

Then I appear

The laughter drowns

Like a placid lake after a child stops flailing and trying

They sink

The blonde looks at me and smiles

Unnaturally it disappears

They turn around to Tate shoving the key under the door

No escape they see

The key is not existent in their knowledge

Tate walks to my side

I found a body in their trunk he says

They both look at each other shocked

‘What are their names?’ I ask

I disregard their presences, he disregards theirs

‘The blonde is Sharon, the brunette is.’

He forgets

So I look at her

‘What’s your name hun?’

She seems to hold her breath

Then I move forward

She spills it out

Frightened ‘Alex, it’s Alex!’

The blonde taps her and points to the floor

‘What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck are you two?!’

‘She’s got quite the tongue.’

I look at Tate and he holds my hand and pushes his hair back

Tate walks towards them, bringing me with him

‘I’m Tate, as you know. And this is my other half, Aéolyn. Do you have any other questions?’

‘What is... ?’

‘Shut the fuck up.’ I say it with a calm force that shocks her

I walk up to her and move her hair behind her shoulders

She had these attractive breasts that came out to me

‘We will be the one’s asking the questions. Tonight will be your last night, don’t ruin it by making me angry. I know your type, beautiful, angels with short term memory, devils with nothing to fret, selfish and unaware. I’ll let you in on a little secret, be afraid.’

Tate smirks and pushes his hair back

He lets go of my hand

They both run to the door and start screaming and slamming it

Tate had already turned his music up by the third knock and the second screech

I walk behind them and slam their heads against the door

I hope I didn’t bruise their pretty little faces

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