Can You Dream? 2 Persey

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92. Tate - Aéolyn's Toy/ 93. Tate - Two Knives

I watch them tear their way into consciousness

Waking up to head aches

Bound together like roots of old trees

I let out a soft cough

Watching the blondes eyes open like blinds

She moves slightly then calls her name


I went over to them

Then dragged them up by small handfuls of their hair

‘We’re sorry.’ the blonde says

Her bottom lip quivers

She’s so afraid

Aéolyn comes behind me and touches the center of my back

‘Untie them for me.’

She whispers in my ear like the soft voice of the Devil

I untie them, and push the blonde into her arms

I know that’s all she wants

Sharon’s her name

She stumbles over her own feet

As if both legs were for her right side

‘Thanks.’ she whispers

She wore a dressed diseased in flowers

With a trail of buttons down the middle

Aéolyn looks up at me and kisses me with her eyes

‘You’re so beautiful on the outside.’

She directs it to me, but I know she’s speaking to Sharon

Her eyes look down at her

A tear finds gravity on her cheek

‘Talk to me.’ Aéolyn plays with the strap of Sharon’s dress

‘Tell me why, and tell me the honest truth.’

She shifts her face rapidly towards Alex

‘No. No, look at me hun.’

Aéolyn cups her face and moves it back to her

The blonde starts to sob

Like an infant in need of comfort

‘Oh fuck off, shut up. Answer my question.’ Annoyed

Aéolyn wipes her tears and waits for her to gather herself

Collecting little bits of her dignity back

‘We do it because we need to.’

Her voice compliments the music

‘Go on’ Aéolyn encourages her

‘That’s the only reason. We found each other. In all this chaos and we made ourselves goddesses.’

Aéolyn cups her face again

Then turned her around, and grabbed her by the neck

The blonde let out a screech, then silence

’And you, Alex?’

Alex’s eyes shifted from the canvassed ground

To the emerald eyes of Sharon

To the patient eyes of Aéolyn

‘It’s not a choice, we didn’t choose this. We just like it, and we do it cause it quenches some absurd thirst.’

I reposition my hands on her body

Her hair smells like peaches

The make up around her eyes is perfect

Despite the tears flowing from them

‘You want to know why we kill people?’

I cut the feminine air with my voice

‘We were created to kill people just like you.’

I pushed her forward in my locked arms to emphasize my sentence

‘People with evilness and no sense of control. We do not kill our concept of innocent people. And you two unfortunately, have not passed that test.’

I wink at Aéolyn, then kick behind the knees of Alex

Aéolyn does the same for Sharon

They struggle towards the floor

Aéolyn passes me Sharon’s golden hair

I drag Sharon closer

Aéolyn walks to the kitchen

She comes back with two knives

They quiver in my grasp

One knife was small, fragile and lethal

The other a big carver

‘Take off your clothes.’

She demanded them

I thought how absurd it would be that they would feel ashamed being naked

No one was ever born with clothes

Aéolyn takes off her shirt

She looks at me and smiles

‘I don’t want to get it messy.’

She looks back at the shirt and says ‘I like that shirt.’

Her bra holds her breast perfectly

I want to touch them, my mind dreamt of things outside this room

At this point Aéolyn sat on her knees staring at her

As if her mind was lost

‘Lay down, here.’ She stared at Sharon

Drawing an invisible line with her fingers of where her 5’6 body should lay

‘Don’t make me get up, to place you there.’

She warned

Sharon looked sadly at Alex

Then made her way to laying in front of Aéolyn

The way she was instructed and warned

Her dress was still on, but fully unbuttoned

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