Can You Dream? 2 Persey

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94. Aéolyn - Undress Sharon/ 95. Aéolyn - Ultimate Satisfaction

She wore underwear that brought out her green eyes

She glows, she doesn’t even know

I don’t even want to touch Alex

Her name almost escaped me

She seductively let her dress drop down her skin

Like watered corn starch through your fingers

I admired

She went to sit in front of me

‘Ah Ah.’ I made her stop dead in her tracks

‘All of your clothes.’

Surprisingly she started with her underwear

I stood up as I saw her aim for her bra

‘Let me.’

I gently put my hands towards her

And she let her hands fall to her bare hips

I stood at her side and undid her bra

One strap fell off her shoulder

Tugging the cup of her bra down

Revealing her right nipple

I stood in front of her and smiled

Then took the bra off her and threw it to her left side

I pushed her hair behind her shoulders on both sides

Strands of her hair fell towards the canvas

I looked into her eyes

She accepted her fate

‘Go where I instructed you.’

Alex screamed ‘Let her go! Take me for God’s sake!’

I annoyingly turned my attention to her

‘You and I both know there is no God, utter one more fucking syllable and I’ll implant that knife in the center of your skull. Understood?’

Her eyes developed their own pool of water

She nodded and they overflowed

I looked back at Sharon

She laid on the floor

She seemed numb, hypnotized

I went to sit down in front of her body

Anger started to make me anxious

Her breast were flat in front of me

‘Ugh, stand up.’

She didn’t look at me

Or even react

She just stood up

I still sat on the floor

Looking up at her mannequin body

I stood up and grabbed her by the throat

I shoved her against the wall

Alex squeaked

I looked back at her

Reminding her

Warning her

Then I looked back at Sharon

Her cheeks facing me

Her hair complimenting her skin

Sweat started forming between my breasts

I slapped her

She skinned me alive with her eyes

Then she smiled

‘You’re no different from Alex and I

You want the fear in my eyes.

I got over the fear of death long ago.’

Her cheeks started to get red

I smiled back at her

‘I’m nothing like the two of you.’

I never stopped looking in her eyes

I began to cool down

I took the small knife out of my back pocket and sliced her stomach

Like I was giving her a vertical C Section


Then I shoved the width of my fingers inside her

Her noises of distress and pain were drowned

Drowned by the blood rushing inside me

And the music around us

Her knees went weak

Her eyes rolled into her head

‘Killing you is the ultimate satisfaction.’

I paused

And continued to play with the organs and heat inside her

‘I could care less about how you feel.’

I placed my doll on the floor

I played with her blood on her skin and the canvas

I love crimson and pink

I got up and turned around and wiped the blood off on my jeans

I turn around

She was still alive

Her chest weakly reached for the ceiling

I looked over at Tate and Alex

She was naked and tied to a post

I didn’t even notice

I looked at Tate

Now topless

His eyes

Burning with passion

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