Can You Dream? 2 Persey

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96. Tate - She's like a goddess/ 97. Tate - A playful peek

I’m nothing like the two of you

She says

I drag Alex to a post

I tie her up

A part of me starts throbbing

I can’t blame it

Aéolyn’s gorgeous

A goddess at its finest

Alex sits at my side

Like a human next to their dog

She doesn’t utter a syllable

But she wants to recite a sonnet

That no one cares to hear

The throbbing distracts me

I look at her

Wiping the blood on her jeans

Her perfect ass facing me

I take off my shirt

She turns around

The white cloth still hanging

In my left hand

I look at her purple eyes

We basically run into each other

I lift her up

And start aggressively kissing her

Right in the middle of the two tormented women

Aéolyn’s fingers travel through my hair

Like a pack of wolves

I squeeze her ass

She bites my lip

I undo her bra

They fall down her shoulders

I put her down

She throws her bra away

It swims in a small pool of Sharon’s blood

Aéolyn looks me in the eyes

And starts to unbuckle my pants

‘Take them off... now.’

The throbbing had a life of its own

I drag my jeans down

My boxers

She smiles at me and kneels down

My eyes roll into my head

Just anticipating the pleasure I’m about to feel

I feel her wet hot tongue teasing me

I look down

Her eyes are promising me all sorts of things

It’s jerks

Her lips and teeth guide it into her mouth

Then it disappears

Like it was never there

But I feel it

Massaged by her tongue

Tormented by her teeth

Constricted by her tonsils and cartilage

My eyes close

I experience it

I look back down

The tip plays along with her tongue

Her fingers clasps around

Like it’s a tool of her own

She strokes it

Gently but with a purpose

She has a mission

I can feel the pressure

It jerks

Giving me a warning

Giving her a warning

Her tongue licks the tip

A playful peek

I can feel the pressure

She knows

Just before a magical energy coats me

I’m inside her mouth

The suction she makes with her mouth takes it all in

She sucks on it harder

Like she wanted to be gratified with the last crumbs in a cookie jar

My skin


My body experiencing trails of pleasure

Longer than a moment

She looked up at me

Stood up

She giggled

Wiped her face

She started to undo her pants

She took them off

I stood in a room of naked women

And she was the only one I saw

Her heat

She sets my world on fire

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