Can You Dream? 2 Persey

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98. Aéolyn - Are you afraid yet?/ 99. Aéolyn - Towards the sky

His hair fell down his face like curtains

He smiled at me

His face content


I thought

I had to giggle

And I had to take the rest of my clothes off

I took my pants and underwear off

I felt deviant

Everyone else was naked

I stood upright and I got real close to Tate

He just looked into my eyes

Admiring what he saw in them

His arms held my hips and back

I pushed his hair back for him

‘I love you.’

He whispered that

My eyes smiled at him

I closed them and kissed him

My toys interrupted me

Sharon’s blood started boiling in her mouth

Alex, still silent, made a guttural noise of concern


‘Aéolyn.’ He mimicked

‘Watch me.’

He nodded

And pushed his hair back

His perfect smile encouraged me

I patted her face and tried to wake her up

The blood only found interest on the left side of her face

‘Wake up beautiful.’

She was basically gone

Her skin looked like a beautiful texture I never saw before

I kissed her lips

Then looked into her eyes

‘Are you afraid now?’

My hands trailed down the architecture of her throat

Then down her washboard ribs

Until they found the comfort of her perfect breast

Then I shoved my hand into her chest and ripped things out

My fist stung

Her eyes glazed over

Death draped over her eyes with its cloak

Alex started sobbing

Repeating ‘No, no, no.’

Shaking her head

Losing grasp of her mind

I didn’t even get upset

She started tugging at the rope

I stood up and they came undone

She charged at me

For I was her next victim

I was prepared

You have to love how predictable basic instinct is

My eyes sent a message to Tate

Just before Alex jumped over her perforated girlfriend

And slammed me against the wall

She grabbed my neck

Her blue eyes came to life

I witnessed the power in them

I felt weak

She squeezed my neck harder

I got high off my lack of oxygen

A rush of endorphins coated me

I closed my eyes

I felt my cartilage being repositioned

‘Your turn.’

Tate came behind her

He shoved the knife inside her back

Towards the sky

Her grasp shuttered

I opened my eyes to Tate smiling

And our naked bodies layered together

I smiled and pushed her stupid body away

Still light headed and soft

I dragged Tate closer to me

‘Thanks.’ I said

I pushed him off and told him to lay down on the canvas

He did as I told him

Then I sat on top of him

I placed him inside me

Then we went for it

Like caged animals in heat

We painted the room in their blood with our bodies

To the sound of the music we heard and made

Soon the event came to an end

I placed my head on his sweaty satisfied body

Breathing for gulps of air

I look up at him and said

‘I love you too.’

I loved him more than I would ever know, but I think he knew

Eyes are the windows to the soul

A soul everyone can see

A soul you can’t

Some can open the window further than others

Some can see the intricacies beyond the window seal

Beyond the water stained glass

I’m staring into my eyes

I don’t see a soul, just an unfamiliar face

My eyes. Windows, glass with a purple veil

Tate see’s me

He looks into my eyes and embraces that soul I’ll never see

They lock with him

They stalk him

I’m trying to stare into my soul

Looking at a huge mirror in Tate’s washroom

He stands behind me

Holding me

I honestly forgot my eyes were purple

He holds me

And his body keeps me warm

I smile

I blink

And I stop looking into my new eyes

I look up at Tate and kiss him

‘Wanna do something random?’

I part from him

And open the washroom door

I hold his hand as I walk out

I think

My eyes are purple...

‘Yeah. Sure. What?’ I say

‘Let’s drive away, let’s get lost.’

He holds my face in his hands

‘Jeeze, you’re really beautiful.’

I smile

A few strands of his hair falls

‘You are too.’ My eyes spark

I can feel them

He kisses me, he doesn’t ask

No warning

Eyes are the windows to the soul they say, every soul but your own

I move in closer to him

His hands leave their print in my back

He lets me go

We pack things

He's about to turn my world upside down

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