The Ghost Girl Chronicles

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The weakened boards of the burnt-out shell of the house slowly collapsed in on themselves, leaving a pile of timbers where once a house had been. It sat that way for nearly two years, now people crossed the street rather than pass by it for a different reason.

The badly burned body of a man had been found, but the coroner said it looked like he had died before the house was set on fire. There was no sign of burning or scorching in his lungs. People forgot that a young girl had been charged with his murder, but the charges were dismissed on the basis of the testimony of a girl who was being held in the house.

Michael’s parents had sold their house for a good price. They moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Michael, and to put as much distance between Kit and her ordeal as they could.

The house sat for a long time, the owner’s estate had to be cleared up. Finally, a distant relative was found and the property put on the market. It sat, unsold, and untouched until the owner decided to have the remains of the structure removed to increase the desirability of the lot.

One day the equipment arrived, crowding space on the street. The noise began early one morning as construction equipment began smashing the remains and removing the burnt timbers from the shell of the structure, and dropping them in a giant trash bin.

The work was finished in two days and people remarked at how strange it seemed that the now-empty lot had once held a house. With the workmen and equipment gone, and the timbers removed, there was a sort of eerie quiet to the street that neighbors did not know how to deal with.

Some neighborhood boys, ignoring the “No Trespassing” sign, climbed down into what had once been the earth-floor basement and began to explore. “The owner was murdered,” said one, “the murder weapon might still be there,” said another.

On hands and knees, they began to dig around in the floor, hoping to find something. After what seemed to be a fruitless search they were ready to give up when one said, “Hey, I think I found something, it looks like a human bone.” His friends jeered at him, but gave in to their morbid natures and went to see what he had found.

One of them grabbed a cell phone and called “911”. The dispatcher was disinclined to believe him, but the boy was so insistent and so sincere that a car was sent out to see just what the boys had found. Undoubtedly it was nothing, and the policeman would give them a stern lecture on trespassing.

The boys were still standing and guarding the bones when the officer arrived. He shooed them away, all except for the one who had made the discovery and would not leave. He dug in the dirt on his hands and knees until he found more bones and recognized them for what they were.

A crowd had gathered by the time the coroner’s van arrived. The boy who had made the discovery stood with his mother and watched while cop and coroner dug in the soft dirt. At last they found a skull with the tattered remains of a few dreadlocks hanging from it. Not far away was a second skeleton, lying on its side as if asleep.

No one saw the two women clad in black tatters standing apart from the crowd. As the skeletons were lifted from the earth and placed into body bags, the women disappeared.

Author's note:

Evidently I've come up short in writing this because I've heard "I wanted Michael to rescue Kit--well he does, I hope I've said that.

The reason I chose to have Thea find and help Kit is that Thea needs to redeem herself. She clearly resents the fact that Michael spurns her and she thinks she is "getting even" by going to the house to prove him wrong. But boy, does she get more than she bargained for!

I wanted Thea to be the estrogen in the story and though she is a pain in the ass I started to feel sorry for her and started to like her more. After all, I think many of us have loved someone who didn't love us back and it's painful.

Rescuing Kit is her unconscious gift to Michael and in the end it is Thea who truly needs to be rescued. I hope I showed that.

I need to revise this before I can start submitting it to agents and hopefully the re-write will be better than t

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