The Gift of Blood

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Colin had been having dreams of 4 beautiful women most of his adult life, along with some yellow eyed monsters. Until the day he meet these women and his whole life changed with a gift of blood. With the chance meeting of 4 beautiful women, Colin was living a mundane life. These 4 take him and usher him into a world of blood and lust. They are vampires and he is the one they have been seeking to free their kind from one that rules with an iron fist. But Colin soon discovers that he is more than a vampire, he is something completely new or is it old, older than time itself. Colin takes a new name to go with his new life, Sholvaiel. Along with vampires he discovers other creatures of the night, Grayhouse, who will become a close friend is a werewolf. But this is only the beginning for Sholvaiel he has many struggles ahead of him. Will he make the tough choices or take the easy paths?

Horror / Fantasy
David R Jones
4.7 12 reviews
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Chapter 1

As Colin regained his senses, he found he was kneeling on a floor. At least he thought it was a floor, it was smooth and cool to the touch, like polished marble. Colin could see his hands and knees beneath him as he knelt, the floor was pale grey in color. Turning his head slowly he looked around and saw nothing but blackness. Slowly standing, trying not to panic, he realized he had no memory of coming to this place.

The darkness was so complete and utterly void of light he could feel it on his skin, like icy cold fingers running over him. He had a feeling of absolute despair and loneliness, as though nothing or no one existed here. Straining to listen, to even the faintest of noises, the silence was deafening as it over powered his senses. There was… something, he began to realize, the only sound he could hear was his own breathing, the slow rhythmic breaths he took. That in its self was like an explosion, with each breath the sound seemed to grow. Slowly he turned in every direction hoping to see if he might have missed anything.

Suddenly as if a gunshot had went off somewhere in the distance he jerked and spun in the direction of the sound. There it was again, the sound of something thick and wet dripping on a marble floor. The splat of the noise caused him to jump as he heard it again. He tried to see were this sound was coming from as he took a tentative step in its direction as the noise came again and again. It began to grow in volume and intensity as it grew all around him, then he realized that what he was hearing sounded a great deal like a rain shower beginning.

Still as he turned, he saw nothing but the darkness, it surrounded him like a blanket. He was unable to tell distance here as he began to see something in front of him, like steam from a subway grate in the city, rising up on a cold night. He saw or thought he saw an image, as a figure began to take shape, it was just barely visible, like a mirage shimmering in the distance.

The ghostly visage began to take a definite shape, as it quickly became that of a woman. She appeared in a flowing, shear white gown an image of beauty, the gown so thin it appeared to be made of mist. Her skin was pale and milky color, which was in contrast to the black that surrounded him. She was closer to him than he had thought because he was able to make out her shapely figure through the shear fabric of the gown. There was a radiance upon her that was truly unearthly, then he realized she emitted the light herself.

Her hair was long, dark and hung over her shoulders. He found that the image of this woman was breath taking, as she appeared to fade in and out like smoke or fog trying to blow away in the wind. Suddenly he felt more eyes upon him as he turned to see other faces coming in out the darkness.

There appeared three more figures out of the dark, all beautiful and pale. Their hair fell all about their shoulders, giving them the illusion of their heads floating above their bodies. There were four women now, all of which seemed more beautiful than the last, and all of which were dressed in a similar fashion, shear white gowns that looked as if made of the ether that they appeared from. They were the most sensual women he had ever seen, he felt a sexual hunger just being near them. Each began to glide toward him, their images still fading in and out, he sensed a hunger… no, more of a longing in each of them. As they surrounded him, he felt no fear as hands began to caress him, touching his body as one might caress their lover just before passionately taking them. As they neared him, they began kissing his neck and body as he felt himself giving into their desires and he began to grow excited with anticipation.

He realized he was standing naked between these women after looking down and finding himself very aroused by their caresses. He was more aroused now than he thought he had ever been, feeling that he may explode at any moment. As they surrounded him, they began moving around in a tight circle, hands touching and feeling every inch of his body. Fingers gliding over his chest, back and buttocks, through this they continued kissing his body as their hands were unceasingly exploring every inch of him. He felt his breathing change as well, coming in shorter more erratic gasps helplessly aware an orgasm was very close. He felt that everything was spinning out of control, his whole world was dark except for these four women. He looked around and for a moment seeing only them, he felt that their eyes were aglow from within, their eyes actually glowed red.

As the sound of the rain was still in the back of his mind, he felt something warm beginning to splash on his face and shoulders, he didn’t care what it was because desire had taken hold. Again something splashed, and as he opened his eyes he could see nothing but their faces around him. His mouth opened as if on reflex to say something to one of the women as the liquid ran into his mouth, he tasted it, warm and sweet. It was delicious, sweeter than anything known to man he thought. As he swallowed again, he closed his eyes as the sweet liquid ran down his throat. Opening his eyes again, he saw that they had stopped, they were wet with something, something dark and glistening. He was standing by himself now, as all four of them were a few feet away covered in this dark wet liquid. One of them stepped forward as she spoke, saying, “Our beloved, you are the only one that can save us…” Her voice was soft and sweet as an angle, but her body was that of a devil as she stood there. He turned and looked around trying to see why they had stopped, the one that spoke stepped back into the group as they stood, huddled together as though they were terrified of something. He turned his gaze in the direction they were looking, only to see a tall dark figure coming out of the darkness then stop as it became an unmoving monolith.

This figure was tall as it stood in shadow wearing what looked like a cloak with a hood. This cloak was blacker than the surrounding darkness. He thought of this thing as an it because he was unsure if it were man, woman or beast. It appeared to be made of the same ether that the women were, but unlike them it didn’t fade in and out, it was just there. A black fog seemed to surround it, almost like it came from under its cloak. It was standing maybe 20-25 feet away and unmoving. Then, it slowly began to inch forward, almost floating as it continued toward himself and the women, he felt… no, he knew that he must protect them from this thing. He stepped up to get between them and this thing, whatever it was. Suddenly he could see its eyes from under its hood and they were glowing like the others were, except these eyes were yellow, almost feral in nature. Its face still covered in shadow from the hood of its cloak, as it drew closer still, he could feel the murderous intent toward himself and his beautiful quartet emanating from this things eyes. It had gotten to within 10 feet of him when suddenly from under its cloak appeared a sword wrapped in a pale hand, shock and surprise was all he felt as it was raised above this things head. Bringing it down swiftly for a killing blow he raised his arms in a defensive move only to block the fatal attack with a sword of his own. The thing in the cloak suddenly faded to nothingness with this block only to be replaced by thousands of feral yellow eyes staring back out of the darkness. He turned to look for the women, to see if they were safe. They still huddled together looking on at him with fear and anticipation of what was about to happen, they stood motionless as one by one they began to fade away, more memory than mist.

He turned his attention back toward those eyes in the dark, only to be facing the most horrifying monsters he had ever imagined. Thousands of deathly pale faces, yellow eyes, snarling gnashing teeth were bared to him. Blood flowing from their mouths, as they piled on him by the thousands…

Colin awoke, tangled by his bed sheets, and covered in sweat. Sitting upright in his bed he looked around for the monsters, knowing they would not be there. They never were. The only place he ever came across them were in his dreams, always his dreams.

He had been having these dreams more and more frequently over the past few months. They all seemed to have those dammed yellowed eyed monsters, no matter what the dream and he had been having them for years. These women had just started to appear in the last six months though, and they were always so seductive. As he looked down at his tangled, sweat soaked bed sheets, this had been happening more and more regularly than he would like. These women were so seductive that he couldn’t control his body when he thought about them, even though they were just dreams.

Colin got up from bed and pulled the sheets, placing them with the dirty clothes he realized that this was the third time this week he had woken to soiled sheets from his dreams. He thought to himself, what would a shrink think about this mess, what he needed was to get out and find a woman, have real relationship not just something in his dreams. He laughed as he went to get a shower.

In the shower as the hot water flowed over him and the steam rose around his head, he could feel the sweat still clinging to his body like the absolute blackness of his dream. With the fog of sleep still floating around in his head, he slowly thought about his dreams, the man with the sword was new by about a week. He felt he could work him into one of his new books, he thought about a few ideas as he continued his shower. As the hot water ran over him he suddenly felt as if he weren’t alone, it was as though some female hand had caressed his back with the slightest of touches. Spinning around half expecting to see one of the women there, he wiped the steam away from the shower door, when, just as suddenly the feeling of someone else left. He was alone again, no, ‘I was alone the whole time’, he thought. He finished his shower slowly as he let the heat soak into his muscles, which felt tense suddenly.

He had another flash of those yellow eyes and pale faces, as he shook it off he knew he was back in the real world. The real world! Colin didn’t care too much for the real world lately. After his divorce from his first wife six years ago, they had only been married for a year. She had moved out of state, she wanted to go back to her family on the west coast. Still, he thought that she was the only woman he would ever truly love, even though she had broken his heart. She told him she wasn’t sure of their marriage and needed time to think about, them. Her father and mother told her to move back with them, they would take care of her, they told her that she was too young to be married. And like the good daughter, she listened to daddy and mommy and left him without looking back, she was just gone one day.

Some of his friends told him to get out there and look, at least date some. Except for the occasional girlfriend of a month or two he didn’t date much. Colin was 33 years old, a little over six feet tall with red hair, that he kept close cut and always neat. He used to joke that his hair was a curse and a gift, being that it grew so fast and thick. He kept himself in pretty good shape, at least he felt he was. He had bought one of those home gym systems and used it every day, he was one of those few people that enjoyed working out. He loved the feeling he got after a good workout like he had just stepped out of the arena.He didn’t work out to become a body builder, he did it just to stay healthy.

Now though, he had decided to turn his energy toward writing, somehow over the last year and a half he had actually managed to get two books published, and a third was about to be released. Surprisingly they kept a steady flow of income coming in. He wasn’t rich by any means, but he didn’t have to look for a job either.

Most of the ideas for his books came from his dreams, the one he had just had will help with the new book he was presently working on. It was mostly about those white-faced demons with yellow eyes, how they haunted his nights and never left his days.

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