True Story of Dracula

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Plot of the book a class from California traveling to Romania on their research trip. However as they are to discover as the story unravels it becomes from a research trip to a getaway trip. Comments by reviewers: Great book that is entertaining and it was sometimes hard to put it away. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in history, Dracula or interested in reading a good book. Anrijs I really love this little story…… Last night I read it and now I want to say to everyone that this is a great story. Thank you MARTIN. Virginia Dracula certainly the most chilling terrifying book ever written; it's really the best horror story in my eyes. shirley You may have seen every Dracula movie ever made, but you do not know the real Count Dracula until such time as you have read this book. Of course, unless you have been living under a rock, you will know the general plot line, but I assure you there is a wealth of rich material buried throughout the text that is sure to excite, intrigue, and surprise you. Michael Ryan This book is a very good read and the author wants to make it feel like you are there experiencing it together with the characters. nene

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My story begins with my grandfather, the last good person in my family’s bloodline. His name was Mircea, Prince Mircea. He started his reign over the land of Walachia prioritizing the needs of others before his own. He kept the land from falling under the control of other countries with the help of the Polish, Moldavians and Hungarians. Walachia was intact for 32 years. 32 years of peace for the people, making Walachia stand out to everybody, both allies and enemies.

Mircea had also taken on a great enemy: the Ottomans. It started with Mircea favouring the Bulgarians, rather than the Ottomans. The Bulgarians were helping the Wallachians defend the river of Danube from invasion of the Turks.

Mircea mustered within the time given a small army of his own men before joining with an army of the Bulgarians. Together, they had a better chance of standing up against the Ottomans. He then led his army into battle against an army much larger and stronger than his own.

Mircea knew that if he were to face the enemy head on, he would lose. However, that would not be the case if the enemy army was weakened beforehand.

Mircea knew the route, which the enemy was taking. Therefore he strategically laid out his army. So that when they would come face to face it would be the Wallachians who had better odds of defeating the Ottomans.

The route the enemy was taking was through a dense forest, much of it filled with swamps, with little room for soldiers to march side by side. Therefore they were divided into a singular formation marching behind one another.

Mircea had placed several men at many key points that he was sure of the enemy would pass. His men were scattered behind the trees near the route of the enemy so that they could attack without being seen. Mircea’s idea was simple: when the enemy passes, kill them and then return back to base camp. If such a task were carried out, it would reduce the size of the enemy army greatly. The last point in his plan was to burn the bridge. Because once the bridge was destroyed, there would be no escaping for the enemy back to the Ottoman Empire.

This was how the mind of my grandfather worked. “To win one, must know the weakness of one’s enemy.”

After the battle of the river of Danube, his issues with the Turks grew larger. He participated in crusades against the Ottoman Empire started by Hungarian monarchs. Later siding with an Ottoman prince just to get a revolt started within the Ottomans.

Mircea’s anger towards the Ottomans was like an ever-burning flame.

Mircea had kept the land of Wallachia at peace for 32 years. Having managed to keep the lands safe while participating in wars himself. After all these years of battles and wars he thought maybe it would be best if he lay down his sword and settle down somewhere? He thought it might be time for a peace agreement with the Ottomans? He forged an agreement offering Wallachia to the Ottomans for a handsome sum of gold pieces each year.

The Ottoman Empire was now in charge of Romania, and Mircea was free to do whatever he wanted. He chose to start a family.

Meanwhile, King Sigismund of Hungary became the Holy Roman Emperor creating an order, The Order of the Dragon. Setting out on crusades determined to fulfil quests from God himself.

And my father, Vlad the Second, went into that order not for his love for his country or the good of his heart, but for his greed and his lust for power. He was offered great power and respect by coming into the order.

This order, much as earlier ones had conflicts with the Ottomans. So my father just as his father before him went into battle with the Ottomans.

There is nothing more painful than starting to pour acid on an open wound.

My father was called Vlad the Dragon. He was not as successful as his father was against the Turks. One of the tasks he had received from the emperor Sigismund was to defend the river Danube. He triumphed over many smaller armies and was feared around those parts.

But great warriors must have their defeat. His defeat came one night, when the enemy caught him off guard.

Vlad laid camp with 5000 men. They found a place near the slopes of a mountain close to the river Danube. The location was ideal for setting out early in the morning. One had the advantage of seeing far and over much of the forest. But even a greater advantage was that one could see the crossing over the river.

There was a large bridge not that far away from their encampment connecting both sides of the river. Each side had their own outpost that kept look out for the enemy. Both outposts had a couple of men inside them.

One rider to inform whether there was any activity on the other side. Two guards who shifted after a 12-hour duty. Three quartermasters who were most often unknown as to their duty: guards, cooks or scouts.

If one of these outposts were to be under siege, one of the quartermasters would automatically close the fire they had on a pole at the top of the outpost. The guards would see to it that the big wooden gate next to the outpost was closed. The purpose of this gate was to slow down the enemy. The outpost on the other hand contained the men who would eventually close the gate, and the rider who is to warn that the enemy has taken this outpost.

But little did Vlad the Second know that there was a traitor amongst his men. One who had earned his trust through years of loyalty. The traitor was from the Ottoman heir, a loyal servant to Yildinim Beyazit, also known as the Thunderbolt.

Vlad the Second’s army found a valley where they could act decisively if they were to be besieged. Tents were laid out in a circular formation so that it came to be like a circle. There was one tent of weaponry for every 25 tents of soldiers. These tents were to be found in the outer flanks where if siege be weapons would be needed quickly. War machines together with other single manned machinery could be found at the inner flanks protecting the centre where Vlad was. Larger tents were set up as well where they could assemble.

50 men were placed on watch for the enemy, on the opposite side of the mountain to where the camp was being held. This meant five outposts with 10 at each. At each of these outposts the men were scattered out, due to the range of visibility. They laid out tents where they could see over the area that they were supposed to guard. Each of these tents had a spear pushed into the ground. On the top of the spear they had tied a wool cloth around, so that it would light easily. The flame could be seen over a long distance. It was meant to be lit if they were under siege.

It was a very hot season with little rain, but on that night it was raining heavily. Most of the men therefore were mainly inside tents in the camp. There were two big tents laid out in the camp. Meant as gathering points and for serving beer, these tents had tables and chairs as well.

Vlad the Second felt safe within his camp, especially due to the structure of it. Therefore, he decided not to have his five crown servants protect him. They could be more useful given the task to go and fetch water for the whole company throughout the night.

They had to walk through a small portion of a much larger forest pretty much surrounding the encampment. You could see the river from where the forest started. Due to the mud, they had to walk slowly so as not to lose any water on the way. After filling up the buckets, they had to go to a larger tent where they kept storage of all their water supplies.

One of the big tents

First soldier: “This beer does not taste good” complaining to his comrade.

Second soldier: “Don’t worry, tomorrow we will return to Transylvania. Then you can choose whatever kind of beer you want to buy.”

First soldier: “Yes, I can also choose where and with whom I would like to sleep with as well” taking a zip of beer.

First soldier: “How long before the next journey: one, two weeks?”

Second soldier: “I am afraid it might be a little bit more like one or two days. I have heard a rumour that the Ottomans are planning something.”

First soldier: “Ahhh there are so many rumours these days, you cannot be sure any of them are true” taking another zip of beer.

Second soldier: “Well true or not, rumour has it that there is a spy among us, spying for the Ottomans.”

The soldier just whiffed with his hand and said.

First soldier: “You worry too much I will get you a beer and then you will forget all about your worries” smiling to his comrade.

The soldier went up to the bar and asked for another beer. A glass was taken filled half ways with beer and the other half with something else.

First soldier: “What is it that you are mixing together?”

Bartender: “Beer and water.”

First soldier: “Water, why water?”

Bartender: “Because otherwise we don’t have enough.”

Bartender handed the glass to the soldier and the soldier went back to his comrade.

First soldier: “You know what I saw” when I gave the glass to the other soldier?”

Second soldier. “No.”

First soldier: “I saw the bartender put only half beer the other half is water. No wonder I think the beer is so bad.”

Bartender went and opened the door behind the bar let and next to the shelves that had a few glasses left. It was a room where they kept their water supplies and some of their left over beer.

Bartender: “I think I am going to have to let you get some more water from the river” looking towards the crown servants.

The crown servants took ten buckets with them and opened the door. It was raining heavily, so the only sounds you could hear were the noise of raindrops and the occasional hooting from an owl.

Luckily the trip in itself was not that long. They started with going past two smaller tents and then through the forest. Short as it was, it still posed a bit of a challenge. On the other side of the forest four of the five crown servants went to fill up all the buckets while the fifth one stayed up the hill to keep watch.

Crown servant one: “I do not have the best feeling about this” while keeping watch.

Crown servant two: “We are almost done; just two more to go.”

Crown servant three: “We are done.”

They started going up the small hill. All of the crown servants concentrated on not letting any of the water spill, therefore they were looking down at the buckets constantly. When they had come up the hill they looked up to find their friend and give him his two buckets to carry.

Instead what they saw were arrows. Arrows all pointed at them and the crown servant who they were looking for on his knees. With a sabre being held close to his neck by an Arabian dressed in light armour. Next to him there were eight Arabian archers. All with their bows pointed at the servants.

The siege

Vlad and his generals were in a tent discussing their plans for what they will do when they arrive at Transylvania.

Vlad: “I suggest that we take one week to gather our troops before we set on our next guard trip. This will give them the chance to gather their strength.”

One general: “I do not think it will be necessary for all our men to go on this long march again. I can take some of my best and fastest scouts to move throughout the land while on search for enemy spies” showing it on the map in front of him.

Second general: “I think our men have also grown tired of simply walking around. What motivates them is battle. Fight for what you love.”

Suddenly the carpet in front of the door way was pulled towards one side and a soldier came in.

Soldier: “Sire we are being besieged.”

They grabbed their swords.

One general: “We must hide the king.”

Vlad: “How many are there?”

Soldier: “10 000, maybe 20 000.”

Second general: “Impossible.”

He went towards the soldier and could not believe what he saw while looking out of the tent.

It was a horrific sighting. Like if we were looking for the enemy and had no idea he was there all along.

There were soldiers running for their weapons, soldiers being slaughtered, tents burning; it was chaos everywhere where the general looked. The soldier who had brought the news had gone back to battle.

One general: “Than we must fight” moving towards the entrance when he could see the other general backing up towards him.

One general: “What’s wrong?”

There were men coming in both sides of the doorway, men with sabres, axes, pikes and bows. Surrounding the second general and forcing him to back down.

Second general: “It is no use; put down your sword” dropping his own sword.

One general: “I will put down my sword only when my king says it” rushing furiously into battle.

He did not get that far after having charged into battle he was quickly struck with a sabre right under his right arm.

Vlad could not believe it. One of his generals throwing down his sword and the other one being killed for what he believed in was right. Vlad did not like it. Word might get out of that he was a coward if the general were to escape the scene of the battle. With having only one of his generals killed. But he could do nothing to prevent it because he was also now being held prisoner.

There walked a taller man with a long beard up to Vlad. He said something in his native tongue to his fellow men. He then took a hard grip of Vlad’s chin with his thumb touching one cheek and his other fingers the other.

Tall man: “So you are Vlad the Second, son of Mircea. I have heard many great things of your father. In how he fought and killed the Ottomans. I have also heard how his days of triumph ended and how the Ottomans were forced to pay him tribute. I would like to see your father’s face now once his son is captured. Tell me how is your father now” staring into Vlad’s eyes?

Vlad said nothing. The tall man let go of his chin.

Tall man: “What now? Is Vlad the son of the mighty Mircea too afraid of answering me” looking towards his men with a smile on his face seeing some of his men laugh?

Vlad: “I will pay you handsomely if you let me go.”

Tall man: “What do you have to offer that would give me more joy then cutting off your head” turning his head back towards Vlad and staring into his eyes?

Vlad: “I can offer you my kingdom?”

Tall man: “No kingdom would be worth killing the son, if not the father.”

Vlad suddenly came upon a thought; a very cruel thought but a thought that would save his own life.

Vlad: “I am old and if you kill me now the joy you can receive from it will be short lived. However I can offer you my two sons as slaves.”

Vlad could see it had caught the man’s attention.

Vlad: “Think about it knowing that the Ottomans have two in the blood line of Mircea working for you as slaves.”

The tall man got a big smile on his face for a short while.

Tall man: “I will keep you to your word” pointing towards Vlad.

Tall man: ”How old are they?”

Vlad: “One and two.”

Tall man: “I will give you three years, then I will send some of my men after them” looking towards Vlad the Second’s general.

Tall man: “Your general, shall we also spare him?”

Vlad: “No you can kill him.”

Vlad got a horse to ride back to his hometown. Where he forged a terrible lie as to why he was the only one who came back. Leaving out anything that could be linked to the true story and that he offered to give away two of his sons as a compromise to escape with his life.

Story of the traitor

Alrashid was a noble man from Hungary. He had joined with The Order of the Dragon when it was formed and received the rank of a laticlavian tribune.

Though his vast wealth proved to be little in the art of war, often he only managed to gain victory over his opponent once someone else had taken control.

In one of his early times as laticlavian tribune commanding a company of no more than 50 men, he was ambushed by the Ottoman Empire. Surviving the ambush and managing to escape with his life only if he were to pay back the deed for the Ottomans another time.

Pre-story to Vlad the impaler

Vlad’s second son got the name Dracula, Son of the Dragon. He was born in the year 1431. He knew nothing about this deal until it was too late. I was about five when my father sent my brother, Radu, and me to Turkey to prove his loyalty to the Ottoman Empire.

Vlad the second had also given in to the Ottomans desires.

A small platoon of soldiers arrived at the castle one night. One of them was bearing a scroll. When Vlad the Second saw the scroll he knew what it meant. He sent for Radu and Vlad the Third. Vlad the Second’s wife was not there at first. Therefore she had no idea that they were being given away to the Turks. She came later, when we were being put on a wagon.

Vlad the Third can still remember that evening when the Turks came and took him and his brother. Vlad’s mother, a Moldavian princess, tried to stop them but she could not. When Vlad and his brother were taken, Vlad vividly remembers seeing his mother crying on his father’s shoulder. But his father, Vlad the Second, did not shed a single tear; he just looked.

It was just another promise of loyalty to him. What terrible things greed can do to a person.

That night, Vlad the Third swore to himself that he would never become his father.

The wagon Radu and Vlad were loaded onto was taken to the region of Dobrogea into the city of Mangalia. They were treated as dogs given some bread to survive on while the soldiers had big meals. They could not believe what had just happened. A father they thought loved them had transformed to someone who did not even put up a fight when they were taken from him.

Radu and Vlad did not understand what these soldiers were talking about. Vlad knew it was on him to make sure that his little brother Radu was not hurt .

Radu and Vlad were brought to the city of Ankara, where they were to be sold as slaves. There was no interest at first. Only whispers were spread of who their father and grandfather were.

One day, there came a couple of nobles looking for something. Indeed the couple had also heard of Radu and Vlad. The sons of a Romanian monarch traded away to save his own life.

Of course, when the couple saw Radu with his good looks they immediately began to see potential within him. They forged a deal to purchase him. That was where Radu and Vlad split apart.

Vlad had always noticed something peculiar about the way Radu was treated. It was almost as if people favoured being in the company of Radu, more than they liked that of Vlad. Until Radu was sold to a well off family, Vlad had thought it was only his imagination that created the difference between good looks and awful.

Vlad spent four years trying to survive in Turkey as a slave in Ankara wanted by none.

But he had to get along to survive at that market of slaves.

Near the end of those four years, Vlad the Third came back to Romania winning back the throne with help from an Ottoman army. He got to know of the passing of his father, Vlad the Second, and of his eldest brother, Mircea the Second.

At that time he was sad but also felt something growing within him. The anger, hatred and lust for revenge against the Ottomans.

It is funny because Vlad the Second gave away his two sons, yet there was this anger that Vlad the Third felt for losing his father.

It changed Vlad for good. He started distrusting everybody, especially the ones closest to him. He imagined that if someone was telling a lie, the causes of this lie could be fatal.

So Vlad played it out upon everyone who was disloyal to him. He imprisoned them. He liked to hear them scream in pain. It was the noise his prisoners made that showed that they were really sorry. His torture was all-dependent on the cruelty of their lies which he was the judge of.

Vlad often had the dilemma of judging whether he would cut off his prisoner’s head and place it upon a spike or find some other means of punishment. The other punishments could be putting his prisoners to use for something.

So that everybody could see the things that would happen to them once Vlad caught them lying. It was also to prove a point that lies can have fatal consequences. The cries for mercy and the cries of death. He began on the throne as a prince of darkness.

Shortly after John Hunyadi the Hungarian regent exiled Vlad, and put Vladislav the Second on the throne of Walachia. Vlad fled to his uncle in Moldova who he knew would protect him. Vlad’s uncle, Bogdan the Second was assassinated in 1451. This forced Vlad to flee to Hungary, since he knew his brother was behind the murder.

Soon after though, Vlad won the alliance of his former enemy, John Hyunadi, since he was impressed by my vast knowledge of the mind-set and inner workings of the Ottoman Empire. Vlad presumed it was also of his great hatred towards Mehmed the Second. In 1456 Vlad invaded Walachia and his ally conquered Serbia and took it from the Ottoman Empire. Hyunadi died short after that, where Vlad killed Vladislav the Second and took his throne.

After Vlad invaded the castle, he invited all the poor and sick people in the town to his castle, ostensibly for a party. In reality, it was to start new and rid the land of those dishonest people. When they arrived, Vlad asked them all if they would like their problems to end? Foolishly, they all said yes. So , Vlad locked up the castle and burnt it to the ground.

One would probably say that was evilly done? Vlad would say it was rightly done, because they were the citizens that could become a threat to him. But that was not enough, because he knew he still had lots of enemies throughout the land.

Vlad held another party where he had invited all the boyars throughout the land. Where Vlad asked them how many kings have there been in their lifetime? Most of them said many. This made him angry. Vlad had them arrested for the disloyalty they had towards their new prince, himself. The oldest ones he had impaled because everyone should know the price of being disrespectful in his land. The younger ones he forced as his slaves to build him a mighty castle up upon a mountain.

How Dracula came to being a vampire and the first of his kind

I was somewhere, somewhere dark after I was slain. But I was sure that I was alive and not dead.

The last thing I remembered was being caught by Radu’s assassins. They were dressed as merchants who pretended to have a wagon filled with many exotic things from the Middle East. They saw me on the street one night. They saw that I was hurt. So they told me that they had some medicine that would fix the wound on my left leg. That I had gotten escaping from Radu’s army through the tunnels I had built in my castle that led to a smaller village outside. I really believed them since I knew that there were many strange and very powerful medicines in the Middle East. I went to the back of the wagon where they said they had the goods. But the second I came, I was hit from behind.

I woke up some time later. It seemed to me that I was in the wagon. It was dark and I could only see the light coming through the bars in one corner of the room. It shined on me and on a stick that was close to me. I could hear the horses going and I heard two men, one of which had probably hit me. They were speaking some form of Arabic that I had heard at a younger age when I was working for a rich Arabian family as a slave.

I could understand some of it since the family where I had been working had two kids. I got along with their kids. They had from time to time taught me some Arabic. It was so that I could find my way once I had won my freedom.

The merchants were discussing the price they should ask for me when turning me over to Radu. I was thinking of all the times we had known each other, and if he really could kill me. The wagon stopped. I could hear the two men jumping off of the wagon. They were walking towards the door of the wagon.

I could see one’s shadow when he past by the bars. Then the doors swung open. I could see the two men’s faces.

One had a beard, a turban on, a robe, black trousers and a grey shirt. He had an expensive belt that had a golden symbol drawn around it. It seemed to be of a snake with a dragons face.

The other man had brown black hair, a beard. I could see he had problems with one eye since it was not as open as the other one. His one hand had a minor scar on it. He had black trousers as well and a black shirt.

He reached out for me. I fell to the ground. I was in the middle of some sort of camp. Before I could see much more, I was pulled up.

My legs were tied so I could not walk, but had to drag them along while being carried by the shoulders. I remember everyone who saw me was in shock. Could it be Vlad the Impaler?

I did not feel like smiling, because for once I was the one going to be executed. The merchants were both strong men. They managed to drag me in a standing position to Radu. As I was being taken through the tents I could slowly begin to see where Radu was standing with his top generals and discussing. They all stopped at the sight of me.

We stopped right in front of Radu. They did not let go of my shoulders and let me fall to the ground. Not at first. Radu’s generals started talking. One of them took up his Sabre and put it close to my neck while he was saying something to Radu. Radu took a look into my eyes. He replied to his adviser and came towards me. He put his hand around my chin and cheek and took a tight grip of them. He whispered to me.

Radu: “Who is now in need of help big brother?”

He nodded to his adviser and with one swift of his sabre he had cut into my neck and blood started to pour out. The two men who had brought me let go of my shoulders and I fell. The last thing I remember was seeing Radu discussing with his advisers of what he should do with Romania. While looking at me die a painful death.

There was no heaven or hell. It was pitch black. But I was alright, it was like nothing had ever happened to me. Was it just a bad dream? Where was I? I looked and saw nothing. But I did see light coming from somewhere.

It looked like the doorway to a tomb, but this time it seemed to be leading out of a tomb. It must have been night because I could not see anything. I walked towards the doorway, and when I reached it I could see more clearly.

I saw a tree, a dead tree, and the ground seemed dead as well. There was no grass or anything symbolising life or joy, just grey and black. There seemed to be something else as well. I started walking closer to see if I could see better of what it was? When I was close enough, I realised. Burial grounds. But where was it I had come out from? It seemed obvious and yet cannot be. I turned around. The doorway I had come out of was the doorway leading to a mausoleum, my mausoleum.

Suddenly it was clear, the graves, the tree, the dust everything.

The tree looked a lot darker than I had at first anticipated. It looked like it had been burnt; the ground that before seemed grey was actually the ash from the burning tree. I turned around and saw “Vlad III” on top of the entrance to the tomb followed by the roman number XIX, 19.

I felt scared. I did not know, what to do or where to go, so I just kept still. I was hoping that something would happen. It felt cold and yet there was no wind. I had a look once again at the gravestones starting with the one closest to the tree “XVIII, XVII, XVI, XV, XIV.” They went in a chronological order there were four rows so I could quickly figure out what this meant.

I was the 19th soul to come to this place.

I heard something.

Voice: “So they sent you to me.”

I looked in front of me but could see no body. It was pitch black as the night. I just saw the white dust beneath me and what seemed to be some bricks that were not lined up but a bit further apart ahead of me, like a scattered road. I seemed to be on a hill of some sort. The scattered road came soon to an end and stairs begun. Further ahead there seemed to be another big gate.

I could see something moving in the dark but I could not tell what.

Voice: “You look scared to see me? I wonder what your enemies must have thought right before you were going to impale them. You wonder where you are, but in fact you know. Neither heaven nor hell wanted to accept you. So you came somewhere else, you came to me. The gate keeper of hell.”

Suddenly I could see someone stepping up from the stairs and onto the stone bricks that lead you there.

It was hideous and frightening. It had no hair. It’s skin was white and without any signs of being a human. It was bald with two pointy ears and two very sharp fangs sticking out of its mouth and down its chin. Its head was white with stretched back skin on it. Its eyes were white with pitch-black pupils. You could only see the head and hands. His hands were white with long sharp pointy nails. It had on it a broken black cloth robe. The hood was not pulled over its head. Therefore you could see its skull when the moonlight shun on it. It was hard to say if he was muscular or not.

Since it was all covered up, there was the black medieval surcoat with black trousers and a rope tied around his waist holding it together.

At first it was looking down when it was stepping out of the shadows. It seemed as if it was looking at its two Schnabelschuhe shoes with curved ends.

After having come out from behind the hill it looked at me. It walked right up to me so that it was standing only a couple of feet away. It was staring into my eyes with those black pupils of his.

I was too afraid to say anything. The only thing I was brave enough to say was.

Vlad: “Are you going to impale me?”

It: “If I were to impale you, what benefit would it give me?”

It: “I will take your soul and combine it with my own. I will torment you with pleasures of my own and when I am done. I will let you go.”

I supposed he meant kill me.

With his right hand he took a grip around my cheeks and chin. He had a firm grip. He cut me with one of his nails on my right cheek. It felt very painful much like it had felt the moment I was cut in my throat with a sabre. Only this time the pain did not disappear. It was there to stay.

He gloomed into my eyes and the longer he gloomed the more my vision started to fade away. He opened his mouth I could see the sharp fangs dropping with water. I closed my eyes and said.

Vlad: “Who are you?”

It: “I am you.”

I opened my eyes again.

What Dracula had done all the years after his death by his brother

I knew that things would change after my death, and resurrection as this beast on the inside but as this handsome man on the outside. I had changed.

It was time for a new era and what better place to begin than my castle of Bran. Throughout the years I managed to create secret passageways throughout my castle and its thick walls.

I did not focus on my former enemies or how to plot revenge, but rather how to secure my own life and seek the profits it brought along.

With time there grew spider webs and walls came down.

But the walls were only thick enough to contain the passages that I could move throughout the castle unseen. There had to be another way of building a place for me and so there was. If I could not build in it, I had to build under it.

Over the years, I grew particularly fond of dark places. Places where there was not an inch of light. Places that only I knew and that would get others confused as a maze. That was what I used in building my underground empire.


It is strange that the people did not notice me behind their backs. Watching as time went on; watching and waiting until I can make my return. The return of Dracula. But then again how could they? They did not know that I was resurrected as a vampire with a different face, body and soul.

In this new life of mine I did not see the urge or the need to go to school. I am too old, too wise and too powerful for all that.

Why should one waste his life on school, when all the knowledge is already given? Then again time did not matter because I did not age. However the things that did change were the thirst I got for blood and the capability of making any one fall in love with me. These were some of my admirable new skills. The thirstier I got for blood, the more my veins started showing.

The castle of Bran

The castle of Bran was emptied of life as soon as I had taken the secret passage through the mountain and out to the village. People were in fear of losing their lives if they were to stay.

What noble servant, squire or knight would fight for a king who himself had fled at the scene of battle?

In this new life of mine, it looked like there had been a raid, with the gates being open.

Ever since my death as Vlad the impaler the castle of Bran was kept empty.

Over the years, I expanded the castle of Bran not in width or length but in depth.

New life

Ah yes, the first day with this new life of mine. I looked so horrible because all my veins were so clearly seen. I looked so, white as well.

I remember opening my eyes, lying in the middle of a field of grass. The long grass blowing into my face, it was windy. The sky was dark with not a bird in sight. It started dripping at first on to my face that was when I started to stand up. I remembered what I had seen. I had a look at my hands nothing had changed but I realised that I was dressed. I had brown leather gauntlet gloves on. I felt normal and yet I knew what I had encountered was no nightmare. It was real.

But where was the demon now? Why had I got no recollection of how I had gotten to the field? Had this demon become a part of me or was it just a bad dream?

I had a look from where I was standing. There were dark clouds everywhere with yards of fields of crop down below surrounding me. I was in the centre of tall dark green grass blowing in the wind. Though it looked like waves coming and going symbolising change but also the end, symbolizing something bad was leering in the horizon if it had not already past.

There was a road at a distance. I could not see it at first because it was late and dark. But there was a wagon on the road with two horses in front of it. I noticed it because of the lantern burning next to one of the entrances of the wagon. It must have been somebody noble in there.

I wondered if they would know who I was if I was to see them? After all if truly nothing has changed with my appearance, why shouldn’t they?

The wagon was moving towards a tavern standing on one end of the road with behind it a dense forest. I moved towards the tavern. Not because I was looking for a fight or because I thought they would recognize me, but because I was hungry. Then again I did not expect a warm welcome.


Taverns along the borders are no place for strangers. They are usually filled with gypsies wanting to earn an easy living, captains far from their families being unfaithful to their loved ones, and pick pockets often being known to forge agreements with the gypsies. That whenever the gypsy was sleeping with somebody, the thief would be lying next door waiting and lurking for the moment he could step in and steal all the valuables the noble man had. Nobles get stolen of all the things the thief could not get their hands on while out in public.

The grass where I was walking was wet. It made my boots and trousers wet . When I was close to the tavern, I saw that the horses got more restless the nearer I came.

I saw a shelter outside for horses. There were five horses, and a bucket of water that they could drink out of. On three of these horses were saddles.

I saw next to the door a two-headed eagle with a crest carved on its chest. Each head stood for a half of the shield. Both had their beaks open and the crest was formed as a shield. One of the eagle heads had its tongue sticking out while the other did not.

The half of the shield with the eagle head whose tongue was sticking out held out a sharp sword in its hand. This was to symbolise that the tavern was on a border and it was a house meant for soldiers and their captains.

On the same side of the crest there was an eagle much as the one above with a lion on a castle wall carved on its chest.

The other half of the crest was a shield with a lion standing on it with three stars in the top of the shield. It was a proud lion with a tail that looked like any other, but at the tip of it, instead of a tuft it was shaped as a dagger. That side was to symbolise loyalty to the king.

When I walked past the horses it was like they barely noticed me. This was contrary to what had happened at first, when they were restless while I was approaching them.

The tavern was built of wood.

I opened the door to the tavern and went inside. It was not that crowded in the tavern though the air was quite dense. Just as if there were many visitors in the hall I had stepped into. There was a bar let standing on the opposite end of the hall, with six beer barrels standing behind it. Next to the barrels there was a shelf with several wooden cups on it. In between the beer barrels and the shelf there was a stand that had on it another beer barrel which had a tap on it.

This was one of these taps one could easily replace from barrel to barrel. It had sharp metal spikes on the one end of the tap. It was so that the same tap could be used several times a night before having to be cleaned. When a barrel was empty, one could pull out the tap and hit it into another barrel.

There was a barmaid on the other side of the let. She was an elderly woman with a large bosom who was wearing a worn out skirt that was white with red stripes around the elbows. She was talking with the bartender, who was filling a wooden cup with beer while staring into her bosom smiling. He was an elderly man, bald with some hair on the sides of his head. Wearing a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and some brown cotton pants.

To one side of the bar let there was a stairway to the second floor. To the other there were two tables. One of the tables had a man eating chicken and drinking beer behind it. The other had a man sitting with a gypsy on his lap. He had his left hand up the gypsy’s skirt and the other on her lap. It seemed to me that he was talking with the gypsy. In front of me there was also a table with three men and two gypsies sitting behind it.

One man was facing me, while the two others were sitting on the opposite side. The man who was facing me had also two gypsies sitting next to him. The gypsies were both scantily dressed with big breasts forcing you to take notice. He on the other hand was a man with a brown beard and moustache, dark brown eyes and had hair down to his neck, which was curly and brown. His companions on the other side each envied him but did not dare to start a quarrel with him. He was someone with superiority over them. His two companions did not look as messy as him. One of them had yellow hair, blue eyes, a little beard and a little moustache. The other had an eye patch on one of his eyes, black hair and a black beard.

They were sitting behind a wooden table eating, drinking and discussing matters at hand when I entered.

At the beginning of the stairway there were two younger looking women. Both had capes on where you could easily put things under covering what they had beneath it if anything at all. They had long boots on that sat tightly on their legs and which were ideal for running in the mud.

One would get the impression of them being pick pockets ready to make a quick escape. Higher up the stairs, were two more women. By their outfits, they were there to be taken advantage of, overlooking the crowd for someone to seduce them. They both had longer dresses on. One was dark blue and the other was dark green. The woman who had the dark blue dress on had curly brown hair tied behind her head with some of it running on her chest. As for the one in green she had blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes with an innocent look. One could say that the difference between these women was night and day.

This tavern gave me the expression of being the number one place for a one-night stand. It also gave me the expression of being the place where you wake up and you are lucky if you still have got your clothes.

Nothing changed when I entered. But it all changed when the lord in between the two gypsies saw me. He was in a good mood that day, laughing loudly while seducing the girls next to him. Having everybody envies him for what he was and they were not. He was commencing with taking another sip of his ale right before noticing me. His facial expressions changed. At a tavern for guards men and nobles such as him, there should be no room for beggars such as myself, I thought.

Lord: “I, a lord who has been in many battles and won, am allowed to eat here and take pleasure of these women. You on the other hand are nothing more than a man at most” he said while looking at me.

Lord: “This is a bar for nobles not for beggars like yourself.”

There came a cruel laugh from the two sitting opposite him. He finished his sip. I paid no attention to what the man had told me and kept on walking towards the bar.

Did he know whom he was talking to?

Troubles or problems can be left till another time then when you are fit to deal with them.

Lord: “I said you are not welcome in the bar” the man yelled at me.

The lord noticed that I did not pay any attention to what he said. He slammed his ale down on the table, a little bit came out of the wooden cup. It frightened the gypsies sitting next to him. They could guess what might happen next. Making some room for him to act and putting their hands on the table ready to move away if it turned into a fight.

Lord: “You should listen what is being said to you” the lord started out by muttering but at the end shouting while turning his head up towards me, pushing his plate a little further away.

The expression he had on his face was of pure hostility. I was not welcome here. Hitting his hands against the table and pushing himself up.

I could see from the corner of my eye that the two other men sitting opposing him had stood up before him. Ready to draw their swords if need be. He must have been a leader of the border guard. I knew that the border guard liked to use the taverns as their own.

It was the only place they could be loved for their wrongdoing.

I remember when I was in need of recruiting new mercenaries, ruthless but loyal. I sent some of my scouts out to find them. Often the best places were taverns much like this one. A place where one could eat, drink and meet without being noticed by the king’s men. It is common practice that the border guard do not work for the king but the town or village they are protecting.

He came towards me when I had reached the bar let.

He put his hand on my shoulder, pulled me back so that I would be facing him. I saw into his eyes and could tell what he was feeling. The anger, the hatred was all because I had not paid any attention to him.

Lord: “To lords such as myself people like you should be begging for forgiveness. Not walking away when we speak.”

He then let go of my shoulders. He looked to the side where his two men were standing moving his right hand up and moving two fingers signalling to both of them that they should come.

Lord: “I think this man has no manners for places such as this” the lord said to his two men calmly.

He turned his head facing me.

Lord: “If I ever see you again I will kill you.”

I was grabbed by the shoulders and taken to the door by the men so that each had one shoulder, thrown out of the tavern and into the mud right by the front door.

I guess it is true what people say: first impressions matter most. Though I did not respect the way I was treated. It may be so that I was unaddressed too impolite towards the lord’s standards unworthy of his respect, but to be treated like this? Who was he to address me about the way I should be dressed being a guest himself?

The thirst for revenge was growing in me. I understood why at the time I could not oppose much of a threat but this will not be forgotten. Till we meet again.

I rose from where I had been pushed, brushed some of the mud off me and looked around. It was dark. Beside the tavern and the shed I could see trees, the road which I had seen earlier the wagon go by and the only way out to somewhere else.

It is always safer to follow a path that has been laid down before you then to start creating one as you go.

I knew from my time as king that walking along these roads was not safe, especially at night time. Burglars often raided nobles.

I started walking towards the road. Raining heavily I could feel how the raindrops hit my skin like tiny bits of glass. Once I had reached the road, I kept my face down. Hungry and thirsty, I started searching for a place where I could eat.

There were no signs of light, only the road, the dense forest and the crops to the other side of the road. As I walked I could hear nothing but the rain.

What a perfect time for an ambush and startling your enemy.

Thinking how long will it take me before I come to a village and what if I am not alone? Then again if so a burglar would attack me what would he get out of it? Some shoes, gloves, a worn out shirt with trousers. Would I truly be worth all that hassle just to get that? These thoughts made me smile and give out a little laugh.

First victim

After walking a while thinking my own thoughts I saw something. It seemed like a light coming from the distance but I was unsure what to make of it? It could be light coming from a house than again it could be an encampment, maybe an encampment for a scouting party if not for burglars? I think it must have been the hunger that made me a little bit drowsy and jump to far reaching conclusions before anything had happened.

I kept on walking and did not let these thoughts cloud my judgment before being able to identify the matter. At first it seemed as if the road would not pass the light but the closer I came the clearer it got. It was a house on the one side of the road, though with no other houses in sight. It was too small to offer a place to stay nor did it have an adequate shelter for one’s horse.

This was a house of a widow. One who was still wounded by the loss of one’s husband. Therefore keeping one excluded from society.

The house was made of wood with a thick straw roof, a wooden front door and a window on the side of it. It had a chimney with smoke coming out of it. That meant someone must have been home and awake. There were no curtains in front of the window but from the light on the grass I could see there was a shadow on it, as if there was someone looking out of the window. To get to the door I had to pass the window, which I did. Before reaching the door I had a glimpse at the window. From that glimpse I got to see a younger woman washing a plate in a bowl of water.

Since I was tired and hungry I thought that all I needed was something to eat and a place to rest.

So I knocked on the door. A woman opened. She had yellow hair and blue eyes wearing a gown. I was surprised at first because people who are so nicely dressed usually live in a town and not along the outskirts of the country.

Maybe she was a widow who had moved to the countryside after the passing of her husband, since I did not see or hear anyone else? She looked like she had been washing plates, forks, knives and cups. Her hands were dripping with water.

I started feeling something as if she attracted me in some sort of way but also as if I was not as tired as I first thought to be. I could see that the looks of me frightened her.

Suddenly I realised the demon that I encountered before waking up in the field of grass was in me. It was therefore I had started to think of distinct thoughts from what I was used to.

But was it that what it meant?

That forever now I will have to bear this demon within me having a mind of its own, and the other half of my body?

Still she asked me kindly.

Woman: “What can I help you with?”

I replied with a grumpy voice.

Dracula: “Water.”

I could hear it in her voice, that she was frightened. It must have been the reason why she went to fetch me a mug of water in a hurry. I rolled my eyes around to see what was in the house. It was in poor condition, it was a simple house. It had no ceiling, but the straw you could see from the outside to protect from water, the logs to hold the roof together. Three wooden chairs and a wooden table were in the centre of the house. Some old wooden bed with straws on it was lying in the corner with some cloth that could be used as a blanket. There was a large wardrobe next to the bed where she kept all her clothes. In front of the window there was a thin wooden table. This table had a bucket on it with soap on the one side. Next to the soap, there was a towel to dry with. On the other side of the bucket there were six plates, twelve cups and six knives and forks that she had just finished drying. Below this long, thin table there was a thin cupboard.

Strange a house like this in the out skirts, a woman dressed too finely to belong to villagers. Who was she and what was she doing here? Thoughts filled my mind.

She must be a widow of some kind. But living in such a house? Maybe it had been left abandoned before she came? Maybe her husband had abandoned her? Was she a run away or had she fallen pray for something else?

While she was fetching me a mug of water I entered the house. I saw her standing with her back towards me on my right hand side. She was bending down to fetch something from the cupboard. I came slowly upon her and laid my hands on her hips. She got startled, rose, turned around very quickly frightened of what she might see.

She did not expect what was going to happen.

Was the man who she had opened the door for going to rape her? What was he going to do to her? The minute she laid her eyes on me she was surprised of what she saw. All of a sudden she got many thoughts.

This is not the man who I let in. This man is handsome! The man who I let in was soaking wet and in worn out clothes. You could see many of his veins, but never did he show his face to me. It was like he did not want me to see his face or he did not want to be recognized?

She thought, who was this man standing in front of me when I opened the door and who is the man standing right in front of me now? Looking deep inside of my eyes trying to find out was this the man who I let inside? She felt attracted to me. I could see my reflection from the window behind her. Indeed, I was no Vlad nor was I this beast but instead a handsome man.

But there was something else. She thought that she might know me? She did not say anything at first.

Her blue eyes looking deep inside my own, figuring out who was I? Her face slightly tilted towards her left shoulder letting her brown hair falling back. She seemed calm barely blinking. I smiled to her while sliding my left hand up from her hips to her back. She did not feel as tense as the time that I first had put my hands on her. There was no resistance.

It could have been simply a matter of love at first sight? Yet that was not what I saw in her eyes. I saw relief. From what might have been when I first touched her on the hips. It was the kind of relief one gets when one is pleasantly surprise.

There was a calmness she found in my eyes, just like the calmness one sees when one looks into their mother’s eyes. It seemed as if there was a sense of knowing someone even if they have never met them in person, and looking into their face just like they had seen it somewhere before.

It was as if she had entrusted me with something greater. But I just could not figure out what.

I pulled gently the strings that held her gown together while still keeping eye contact. her gown slid to the floor. She was naked, and I could read from her eyes that she felt safe around me. It must have been why it all was so easy, because I could not re-call a similar incidence from the past.

Past with Hungarian princess, Ilona Szilagy

I fell in love with Ilona Szilagy while being held in prison by the Hungarian king. She was a Hungarian princess who often got to participate in war planning. Ilona Szilagy was family to the Hungarian king, Matthias Corvinus, who had enslaved me while besieging my kingdom of Romania.

She was often over for visits at the king. For what purpose I did not know. She paid considerate attention to some of the slaves. I was one of them. Her visits started from the second day of imprisonment. I remember having been hanged up when they had brought me to Matthias Corvinus’ castle. They wanted me to feel the pain that I had caused them.

What a noble thing to do, paying back a friendly gesture. I would have done much the same if not worse.

Matthias Corvinus was not present at the time of my imprisonment. He stepped first into my prison cell when I had been hanged up with all my limbs having been tied up.

He must have been terrified of me.

He came close to me while I was hanging with my face down. He took a tight grip around my chin and pulled it up so that my face was the same height as his own.

Matthias Corvinus: “You do not feel as tough as you used to being nothing more than a prisoner in my prison cell. We shall discuss what to do with you now whether you will be executed or left here to rot until the end of your days?”

After having said that he let go of my chin, turned his back towards me and started walking towards the door.

I gave a cruel laughter while he was walking towards the door. I took my head up with a smile on my lips.

Vlad: “You do not possibly expect these walls to hold me back. I will be soon out and battling you again.

He turned around.

Matthias Corvinus: “What makes you think that you will ever get out? Will you try persuading my men as your father did when he was to escape with his life?”

Vlad: “I have no need. I can already now see how terrified you are of me even when I am your prisoner. You fear the day when I will get out and all the things that I will do to you. You fear me now more than ever before, because now I have a reason for killing you and all your men. You fear me because of the cruelty of all the things I usually do to my prisoners and enemies.”

Matthias Corvinus gave out a poor laugh before walking out. Just before he could close the door I said a little rhyme.

Vlad: “Who shall I pursue next, will it be your mother, father, brother or sister too? Who shall I pursue next will it be you or one of your generals too?

The cell door was shut. I let out a cruel laughter filling the cell.

He had left me to die. I do not remember how long went because time had lost all sort of meaning. It was always dark in the cell be it night or day. But I do not think it went that long. Then again, the cell door never opened. I could hear the rats running around underneath below. I could see the shades of light shifting that came from the cell door every once in awhile.

I could hear a creak coming from the door. I looked up. Then I could hear rattling of keys, a key being put in the cell door and it being turned open. The door opened and light came in it was not that strong and yet it managed to work on my eyes. Someone came in with a guard. The person had a cloak covering the back of the head. I slowly began to identify who it was. It was a woman with dark long hair coming from under the cloak. From the bits of hair that were touched by the lantern light I could see it was dark red. She seemed to have a dress on, but I could not tell with certainty due to that she held the two sides of the cape tight on her chest with her left arm. With her right hand she touched the lope of my head and ran her hand down my cheek. Her two eyebrows slightly crooked, eyes gazing into my own.

Lady in cape: “Do not worry. I will ask the king for permission to buy you from him.”

She gave me a slight smile then turned around and walked away. I was left in the darkness again.

After the guard had shut the cell door.

Ilona Szilagy: “You shall let no one in” she told the guard.

Guard: “But what if it is the king?”

Ilona Szilagy: “I will talk to him” she said while getting an evil smile on her face.

Ilona Szilagy: “Till then you shall let no one in not even the king.”

The guard did not like what he was hearing, but he had to obey. After all he was her guard and not the king’s.

Ilona Szilagy went to Matthias Corvinus’ room; the door was closed. So were all doors in the castle. She knocked on the door. No answer came so she tried to open it. It was locked. She thought where might he be? If Matthias Corvinus had truly been in the room he would have given sign.

There were many rooms in the castle but only a few had the potential of him being there. Since he was not at his room it must mean that he was not tired. She went to the second most likely room of his being.

It was the room where he and his most trusted counsels and generals made plans for the future. This was a room which had a larger door so that things could be carried into the room if need be.

She opened the door.

She saw Matthias Corvinus discussing war plans with his generals. Matthias Corvinus was at one end of the table with two of his generals on one side and three on the other. A big scroll was laid out on the table on it being a map. On top of one end of this scroll was a tray like wooden box. Inside this box were little wooden cubes. Each of these cubes had a colour on it. They were divided up into five different colours red, green, orange, grey and white. The red cubes meant areas of grave importance, green was for areas of no interest, orange was the colour used for issues that could escalate, grey areas were neutral and white meant that neither your forces nor the enemies were present leaving it as a areas of no importance.

Ilona Szilagy knew this, because her opinion was much respected by Matthias Corvinus.

When things turn sour, it is always good to have a shoulder to cry on.

Ilona Szilagy: “I see you have caught a prisoner. Who is he?”

Matthias Corvinus: “It is the prince of Romania.”

Ilona Szilagy: “And yet you have him locked up like a dog, with no chance of moving.”

Matthias Corvinus: “I take it you have seen him. Why does it interest you who I have as prisoner?”

Ilona Szilagy: “It does not. But if he is important enough to be kept, alive he should be one we turn our attention to.”

Matthias Corvinus approached Ilona Szilagy.

Ilona Szilagy: “I think either we can sell him back to his people or can turn him into an advisor?”

Matthias Corvinus: “There is not a soul who would want him back as king. He is a terrifying man. He kills his enemies by having their heads chopped off and sticking them on pikes. To merchants, noble men and generals of his own, he has them slaughtered if there is any mistrust in between them and the prince. Can you imagine what he would do if he were to return to power? Even now when I have him in a prison cell I fear him more than ever. What will he do when he gets out? If I have him beheaded it makes me no different than him.

Ilona Szilagy: “Then use him.

Matthias Corvinus: “What would you have me do?”

Ilona Szilagy: “You must sell him to me.”

Matthias Corvinus: “Now why should I do that?”

Ilona Szilagy: “I will get him to fall in love with me and make him a worthy advisor and a powerful ally of yours.

Matthias Corvinus got a small smile on his face before it faded away back into his stern look.

Matthias Corvinus: “What makes you think it is possible to make Vlad the impaler love somebody” raising one eyebrow?

Matthias Corvinus: “He shares no love towards his family” shaking his head as he moved towards the table.

Matthias Corvinus: “It stopped the day Vlad and his younger brother were given away to the Ottomans. Vlad being the older of the two had pledged his life towards protecting his younger brother. His younger brother on the other hand being the most fortunate of the two gets given away to a wealthy family as a slave. To be brought up as a worthy enemy of Vlad.”

Matthias Corvinus was moving his hand and trying to make sense of it all to Ilona Szilagy.

Matthias Corvinus: “This is a man who has lost all respect for the words honesty and love. He has become an evil prince who likes to watch his enemies in pain while being tortured, and drinks their blood as a sign of triumph.”

Matthias Corvinus looked directly at Ilona Szilagy.

Ilona Szilagy looked down for a moment. She then looked back up at Matthias Corvinus.

Ilona Szilagy: “Who is his brother?”

Matthias Corvinus: “Radu who now he hates.”

There was silence after that. Still Ilona Szilagy persisted that she could get Vlad turned to their side. At the end, Matthias Corvinus gave in to her.

I was without water or food, slowly rotting away. The door opened. Since I was so weak I could not look up. I could hear and feel how the locks that held me were opened and I was freed. There was a voice I heard I could not understand it nor did I have the strength to see who it was. But it was directed towards the guards. There were two men who took me up, one from each shoulder. Then when I was taken up I could identify whom these words came from. It was her who I had seen last. She had a cape on with the hood covering her head. Again she said something to the guards. I was taken to a carriage and put inside it. It was raining heavily outside which explained why she had a cape on. There was no strength left in my body so I fell down on the seat. I remember drowsing off to sleep then. Next thing I recall was when the mistress of the carriage took my head up and laid it on her lap, shortly after I dosed off gain.

Someone: “We are here.”

I opened my eyes it seemed as the carriage had stopped. There was no sound of the carriage wheels or of the horses as there was when he had started.

Someone: “Come on we have not got all day.”

The man gave Vlad a little pull on his leg. Vlad rose up into sitting position quickly. He was a little confused.

Someone: “Come on.”

The man waved with his hand towards himself. Vlad came out of the carriage. It had stopped raining. Still where they were was any ones guess? Vlad noticed the carriage was on one side of a bridge next to a tree. On the other side of the tree there was a mansion. The man started towards the front entrance of the mansion and Vlad followed.

They had reached the front door, which the man opened.

Someone: “Ilona Szilagy told me to escort you to the dinning room; she said that you would be hungry.”

Vlad came in.

Vlad: “Does Ilona Szilagy do this towards all her visitors? Especially towards the slaves who she has be freed?”

Someone: “Ha, be freed? I doubt that from being Matthias Corvinus’ towards becoming Ilon Szilagy’s slave is any different.”

Vlad: “I disagree with you.”

Someone: “You are in no position to be agreeing or disagreeing. We are here.”

They had reached another big but smaller door than the front entrance. The man pushed it open.

The dining room was the size of a ballroom. On the parallel side of the main entrance to the dinning room there was a lit fireplace. On both sides of the room seen from the entrance there were two candleholders. Each of them was a two-piece candleholder. In the centre of the room was a long table with all kinds of delicious foods on it. The table had two five-piece candleholders on the centre of it lit. There were only two seats behind the table, one on each end.

I could see that on one end of the table was sitting Ilon Szilagy. She was wearing a dress of brown and black stripes on each side.

I took a seat on the opposite end of the table to Ilon Szilagy. She was looking at me when I sat down. After having sat down, I looked at all the magnificent food on the table, but I did not dare to eat any without being given permission to. Ilon Szilagy smiled towards me.

Ilon Szilagy: “You must be hungry after having been kept as a prisoner of Matthias Corvinus.”

I instantaneously grabbed the bowl with potatoes to my near left hand and poured some of it onto my plate and put it back. I took the sauce from my right hand side and put it all over the potatoes. Close to the candles was a large plate with roasted beef put on sticks of iron. There were several long flat skewers with roasted beef put on them perfectly cooked, so that you would have no problem eating off of the flat skewers. I stood up and reached for two of them and put them next to my plate. Into my glass I poured wine.

I was too hungry too take any more, so I started eating all that I had taken.

Ilon Szilagy sitting on the other end of the table enjoyed what she was seeing. While Vlad was eating she stood up and went to him.

Ilon Szilagy: “How would you like to rule again” she asked while approaching him?

Vlad: “Very much” he muttered while taking another bite of the roast beef.

Ilon Szilagy touched one of his elbows gently.

Ilon Szilagy: “What would you say to ruling over Romania as well as Hungary at the same time?”

Vlad stopped for a minute.

Vlad: “Romania! None of my people came to save me while I was imprisoned. The Romanian people would rather see me dead” resuming with eating.

Ilon Szilagy put both of her arms over his shoulders hugging him a little.

Ilon Szilagy: “Don’t be so hard on Romanians. How do they even know you are alive” looking at him from his left shoulder?

Vlad looked up.

Vlad: “They don’t, that’s why I would have all my best generals impaled if I ever were to return.”

Ilon Szilagy: “There is no need to be brutal to them.”

Vlad looked at Ilon Szilagy.

Vlad: “They deserve it.”

Ilon Szilagy: “They do not know what happened or where you have gone. You can say to them your people that instead of being a prisoner you strengthened your ties with the Hungarians.”

Vlad: “Go on.”

Ilon Szilagy: “Having Matthias Corvinus on your side you could become a mighty prince, feared throughout Europe and much of the Middle East.”

Vlad: “Ha, Matthias Corvinus knows me too well to let me live. He says it is unchristian how I handle matters of war. So what makes you think that Matthias Corvinus would like me as his ally and give me the power to rule and muster armies of my own?”

Ilon Szilagy: “I have talked with him.”

Vlad: “What does he want in return?”

Ilon Szilagy: “I told him that I could get you on his side as my husband.”

Vlad: “Love? Love has lost all meaning to me. It is just a word nothing else.”

Vlad’s face turned away. Ilon Szilagy took her arms off his shoulders so that she was in a up right position.

Ilon Szilagy: “I guess I was wrong. There is no changing you. Guards you can take him away to his prison cell. We will let him reconsider or rot in prison as he was first meant to.”

There were two guards standing right next to one candleholder. After having heard the command they took Vlad by his arms and put him into a prison cell. Located in an isolated section of the mansion.

Vlad was again alone in a cold cell. This time though he was not tied up. Thinking what if he had said yes? What then? Will he get another chance and if so than when?

Vlad knew Matthias Corvinus from earlier times. They had both shared bad ties with the Ottomans. They often held battles against the Ottomans together. Coming to assist one another when times were bad and keeping the Ottomans out of their lands. But Matthias Corvinus did not like the way Vlad was towards his prisoners. He often tried converting Vlad towards the Christian faith by telling him that no one was bad enough to suffer the cruelty that Vlad unleashed upon his prisoners and his enemies.

Matthias Corvinus urged Vlad to stop his brutal ways with prisoners but Vlad never listened.

Ilon Szilagy was an ally of Matthias Corvinus. Vlad did not trust her.

Vlad sat most of the time in one corner of his cell with his arms wrapped around his legs thinking of what to do next. There came a noise from the door. Then the door opened and a guard was standing there.

Guard: “Ilon Szilagy requests that you join her.”

Vlad rose up and went to the guard. The guard led him back to the dinning room where they first had met. Ilon Szilagy was eating when Vlad and the guard arrived.

Ilon Szilagy: “Please take a seat.”

Vlad took a seat but did not start with taking something to eat. He thought it might have something to do with trying to convert Vlad to Matthias Corvinus’ side.

Ilon Szilagy: “Have you thought about my proposal?”

Vlad: “Yes, I have. I think I am willing to give it a try.”

There came a big smile on to Ilon Szilagy’s face.

Ilon Szilagy: “Good, now eat. Having had all this time to think about it must have made you quite hungry.”

From then on, our love was not real, at least not at first. She kept her end of the promise and made me come back to power. I became a great general often feared for my cruel tastes and Matthias Corvinus’ advisor.

At night however, she would have it her way. She was the mistress of our love life.

She had great expectations for me and was very demanding.

She expected me to fulfil all her desires with being a woman. There was the slight sense of her being master over me in bed and getting it her way.

First victim

There were questions that she wanted answers to.

She moved nearer and put both of her hands on my chest. She wondered whom had she seen at the door and who was I? So she looked up into my dark brown eyes.

Woman: “Who are you?”

I wondered what should I say Dracula, Vlad or maybe nothing at all?

Dracula: “I am Dracula” I replied.

Knowing that she would never realize who I was and what I had become. Know the truth to my past. I stood in front of her with my hands on both sides of her.

Dracula: “You can feel safe with me.”

She put her hands on my shoulders.

Woman: “I know.”

She looked at me with a smile that I had not seen for a long while. It made me smile back to her. I could feel her pulling me slowly towards herself and her mouth coming closer. I could see her looking at my lips right before our lips touched.

For her it was a moment of joy but for me it was a moment of complete control, triumph. Over what shall become my next and first victim in this new life of mine. After we had kissed she took my hand and led me to her bed. She turned around towards me at one end of her bed and sat down.

Woman: “Make love to me.”

It was almost as if she had waited for me to come all along and that she had been wanting to make love to me. I thought that she did not notice the things around her especially the picture of me right above her bed on the wall on the opposite side from where we were.

That got me to wonder why? Was it because she was already in love with me? Who is she, because beneath the portrait of me there stood Diablo, the devil. She laid down on her bed right in front of me.

Woman: “I know who you are. You are not this Dracula you claim to be. You are Diablo, the devil himself. That is why when I first saw you, you looked horrible and after seeing me you resurrected yourself. I am the chosen one. I also know why you came to my house. You came because of me to fulfil the prophecy.”

I could tell from her face that she was filled with joy.

Woman: “As a girl I had always imagined great things happening with me. Now that you have come I see. I was born for a purpose. Come make love to me.”

She widened her legs. My eyes glide from her face down towards her breasts and then her legs. I could not help lusting after what she offered me, sex. So I took my shirt off. I could see that she admired the muscles I had. I took my trousers off.

I stood naked over the naked woman lying on the bed. I lusted for what she offered me so much that I did not waste a second on how should I do it. I had it all planned on forehand. I bent over and started licking her vagina slowly. She was enjoying it as I seduced her. I could hear it. After a while, I stopped and stood up. She had a firm position on the bed with both her hands down and holding on to the bed. She was looking at me when I stood up. I looked at her leaned over and I pushed her down on the bed while I was kissing her mouth. My left hand touched one of her breasts. With my right hand I was leaning on the bed on one side of her. I moved slowly down to her neck. It was so sweet: her lips, her body, her vagina and especially her throat. Though I did not stop, I wanted more.

So I turned into the vampire who I truly was and thrust my fangs into her neck. She screamed. First she became unconscious and then died, or so I thought. I could feel how I was draining her soul out of her while my fangs were in her neck. It made me feel good and powerful so I stopped. I licked the blood off of her body. When I was done with drinking the blood I took my clothes back on. Then I took a look at her corpse.

What would happen if someone were to find her? There would become rumour of a blood-sucking beast. I could not have that.

Her body had shrunk in size after all the blood had gone. Her eyes were black and you could see her mouth stood open just as she had screamed. I looked out the window and saw a river from there with a marsh right beside it and a tree.

I approached her to take hold of her leg but something happened. When I came close it seemed as if she still barely lived. Her eyes were not black as I had first predicted nor had she shrunk quite as much either.

Woman: “Help me.”

I paid no heed to what she was saying, took hold of one of her legs and dragged her off the bed and along the floor. I could hear her slowly breathing but not crying.

Then again if it would be me I do not know if I would have the power left with in me to cry having been almost sucked dry of blood.

I opened the door and pulled her out with me. It had stopped raining, the ground was wet. I dragged her through the mud and to the pond.

Along the way to the pond I heard her whisper.

Woman: “Help me, please.”

Woman: “Help me.”

Woman: “Help.”

But I knew what would happen if I threw her into the lake. She would be found. I saw that marsh besides the river was long enough that I could tie her to it so that she was under water. No one would ever know I was there. I tied her hands and legs to the root of the marsh with the marsh that I had. I started with her legs and worked my way up from there. Not even I could recognize her anymore. To finish off this cold murder I tied her neck just like the other pieces of her body with the marsh.

While tying her neck I do remember her looking into my eyes but not saying anything anymore.

After having done that I washed my hands in the river before going back to the house to make sure that I never could be found. Right before leaving I took one last look at her body. Her eyes and mouth both wide-open while she was under water in between the many roots of marsh.

I closed the house door. It was silent and still dark even though I was sure that the sun would rise soon. Since the house was located on the out skirt of the town I could see a road leading in to the town. I could also see a familiar sight. I could see the bell tower on the church. Which meant that I knew more or less where I was. Even though it was in the middle of the night I could still find my way from the church to the castle Bran. I could still see the moon shining on the clock tower.

I remembered the pain I caused my enemies and the bells ringing. I liked to listen to it. It was almost always like that. Whenever the bells were ringing and whatever I was doing I could always hear my enemies screaming down in my torture chambers.

I wiped the blood from my mouth. I walked towards the bell tower. It felt as though I was being watched, then again most of the time I was at least in my previous life. I guessed that it must be after mid night since as soon as I entered the town there was no one in sight and barely any lights on. This meant that it must not have been too long since I died because otherwise there would be life out in the town.

Journey back to the castle

My law

There was always life on the streets until after mid night. Then there came another kind of law into motion, a law that was implemented when I was prince. The law was at one o’clock there was silence throughout the streets of Transylvania.

The law was called “The Hours of Night’s Peace.” Anyone who would be caught on the streets after one would be sent into my prisons. For the next day I would come and see them and hear why they were out and why they did not respect my law?

My law was called “The Hours of Night Peace” which meant after 1:00 there should be silence throughout the streets. It was based upon the routine of my town. At 6:00 the market place would start being set up and so the life of my town would begin for a new day. The caravans that had reached the town the day before began being unloaded of goods. Having the goods divided up between the shops did it. These shops had each their category food, wearables, plants, weapons and accessories. There was also a large fountain nearby. This fountain was to symbolise the middle point of the market. From the middle and outwards it was a degree of importance that was used to set the shops apart from one another. Meaning the shops closest to the fountain were often food shops, then wearables, plants, accessories and last weapons.

I had made such a law to prove that the people of Transylvania are trust worthy, loyal, all know their place and never break any law.

I walked slowly along the streets. It was quiet; I could hear the wind blowing. Paying attention to all that I noticed, and everything else that happened in town. There was not much I could see but brick after brick, building after building. This left a dark and small picture of the outskirts of the village. Even when you looked in from the windows there was no light. There was not a soul in sight. As I was going the buildings changed and it became more colourful. Since it became richer and more for the public. It was the communal part of town I was coming upon.

The town had a similar structure to that of the marketplace. Buildings in the centre of the town were often the richest, giving them access to all the main facilities in town. Further apart from these were the less well off, often living on the outskirts of town.

Instead of having only one floor, you could see buildings with two and even some with three floors. You could see the bell tower in the middle of the town, right before the marketplace. That was usually held in the town square where there also was a fountain. It was not allowed to throw coins in the fountain for luck; the water in the fountain was to stay very clean. It was meant to show superiority to the poor. So if one would need to get clean water they could go there. I also saw a well in one corner of the town square. That well was built at an earlier age. It was built when it did not play such a big role if one was wealthy or not and everyone could come and take water.

When I had reached the clock tower I looked up at the big clock. I turned around and thought of a way to my castle, the castle of Bran. Since it was on a hill upon the tallest point in the town it could easily be spotted. I could see the castle in the dense forest around it. I then walked towards the castle.

By the time I had reached it. I could see the sun already starting to rise. I felt tired and I wondered if it might have something to do with that the sun was rising? I did not remember leaving the doors open or the gate. But it was the front gate that was open and I could see that the doors were as well.

I wondered if someone might perhaps be expecting me? Then again there could be lots of other reasons why they were open. I walked towards the castle’s main gate. When I was just standing next to one of the gate doors I touched it. I remembered why we had left it open. I saw the whole scenario.


I heard a door swinging open with a noise. I went up to the floor where I had heard the noise from to see what had happened. I saw an arrow lying right next to my bed. The first thought that entered my mind was that it was an enemy arrow. Which also lead me to think that the message on my bed was not good news. I quickly went besides my bed and read it. There was written a warning.

Dear sire

I was a loyal knight to your father and have fought besides him in many wars “The Order of the Dragon.” The legacy that made me one of his most trusted knights. I remember you from when you were small.

I do know that your father did not treat you and your little brother well. However going to the extent of trading you for his life I was unaware of. I have heard what your father did to you and your brother. Maybe that’s the reason why things have ended as they have today?

I take you as the king and I find it within me to be loyal to you now as I would have been to your father, which leads me to some troubling news for your kingdom.

I have heard that sultan Radu is on the march towards your castle and will be here in a couple of days. They will be coming from Bulgaria. I heard this while I was at a tavern in Bucuresti yesterday.

I looked up from the letter. I had a stern face. It was dire news that had come.

This was a warning about that Radu, my brother who had betrayed his country by joining forces with the Ottoman Empire was planning for an attack.

It was because of the Ottomans that we had ended up being this way. First having a platoon of men take us from our father when we were young. Then by putting us on sale as slaves at a slave camp in Ankara. Having each of us take completely different paths of life in that my brother was sold and I was not. While my brother enjoyed the more luxurious life in a well off family I had to end up on top to survive.

This left me with the challenge of survival at the slave camp with bad history that surrounded my bloodline.

My sworn enemy’s army was on the march. This made me angry. I crumpled up the paper in my hand and let it fall to the ground.

I suddenly looked up, remembered my wife being in this room and the thoughts that must have run through her mind.

I shouted in a very loud voice.

Vlad: “No.”

I ran up the stairs till I had come to the hatch, which leads me to the tallest tower of the castle. I opened it. I saw my wife standing outside in the windy weather with her long hair flying in the wind. She was on the wall of the tower clinging on to a post. For once in my life I was afraid of something. I was afraid of her jumping down and me losing the sole reason for why I was here today. Before I could do anything she turned around.

Ilon Szilagy: “We are doomed. They have already come into Transylvania. It is only a matter of days till they come and kill us.”

Vlad: “No.”

I started to walk towards her faster and faster but it was too late. She turned around again and leaned forward so that she fell into the dense forest beneath her. I started running the minute I saw that she was turning around, but it was too late.

By the time I finally reached the spot where she was standing before the fall. I could see nothing but the dense forest covering it all.

I turned around and felt the anger, hatred and pain towards that we had got the message. But there was no one to blame. If we had not received the message we would have never known, and we would never have had the time to prepare ourselves. What clouded my vision and made me furious. I turned around with a face of total fury. I walked down the stairs until I could see one of my generals coming towards me. Since he had heard my scream because of the message on my bed, he had heard me when I had cried: “No.”

General: “What has happened?

Vlad: “Gather the troops.”

General: “But sire the troops are spread throughout Transylvania. It would take us at least one week.?”

Vlad: “There is no time.”

General: “Why?”

Vlad: “There was an arrow shot through my window. It had a message on it.

Vlad looked away and then said.

Vlad: “It said that the armies of Radu were planning a siege on Transylvania.”

General: “How do you know if it is trust worthy?”

Vlad: “It was written by a general loyal to my father in his time and had been stamped.”

General: “Stamped?”

Vlad: “Yes, it had the stamp of the dragon on it.”

General: “I am not sure that I am familiar with that stamp.”

Vlad: “When my father was king and joined the “Order of the Dragon.” There was also forged a new stamp with it. The stamp of the dragon. Only people who were loyal- and the people who were in this order had it. It showed the ligancy to the order.”

He looked sternly at me and said.

General: “Within the time given we cannot muster an army strong enough to halt them.”

Vlad: “No, but we can fight for our land rather than give it away free.”

The general knew that there was something more behind it all then just the letter, because otherwise I would have acted differently. Though dare he say it?

We had been prepared for this for a couple of years now, a fatal siege by the Ottoman Empire one that would set our ways. A confrontation between my brother and I.

General: “Our army will not hold them back for long, even if I can assemble all the troops.”

Vlad: “Yes, but we can launch a counter attack. They will not be expecting us. Instead of waiting for death to come upon us we can go to it. We can face death head on.”

The general knew what I meant by that.

Vlad: “There will be no coming back.”

General: “ I will do my best.”

After saying that he left to do everything I had instructed him to do.

Later that night it happened. We had gotten assembled a few hundred men with the limited time at our disposal. We moved to the borders of Wallachia to keep an eye out for The Ottoman Empire. We knew that the Ottoman army would be far better equipped than our own with vast amounts of men though we were determined to keep the Ottoman army off our lands. They would have to make a crossing over the river of Danube to get to us.

There was certainty of this because in the letter that I had received it stated that they had just reached Bulgaria. I was also certain that they had not yet passed the river of Danube since otherwise I would have heard of it.

I would know. Since we knew the route that they would be heading.

The crossing was also the only place where we could oppose some kind of resistance.

Crossing over the river Danube

The river Danube is a long river in Europe stretching from the Black Sea into much of Germany. There were several bridges built throughout the river to boost trade since trade by naval vessels was not efficient enough.

The river was not wide enough to carry great merchant ships but instead far smaller vessels that had to make many trips during the course of a day. As time went by the amount of goods that had to be transported over the river grew. Trade with the Middle East was flourishing. But there was a dilemma at hand being even if they were to pursue the way of making more ships. There would not be the capacity of where to keep these ships at bay, and the lack of protection horrified the merchants.

Therefore plans were made to construct bridges. They were massive projects that required many thousands of men daily working on it. After a time the river became known as a bridge to the Middle East. Starting with the Ottoman Empire and ending off in the lands of the unknown.

There were two bridges built in Romania, one linking Romania with Macedonia and the other with Bulgaria.

So there we were on one side of river Danube ready to face our destiny.

We arrived at the coast of Danube before the bridge and on top of a hill. It was dark so one could easily see all the torches light on the other side of the river. It was like a forest of flame. They seemed to be assembling themselves before crossing the river. Though there seemed to be no light on our side of the river.

This meant either they were going to march with their whole army at one piece? Or than they were already sending troops across the river using the night as a disguise. I had to find out which one?

I sent some scouts to investigate the matter at hand. To see whether there still was a chance to close the bridge? It would not hold them for long but it would give us enough time to come up with some new alternatives.

The scouts returned within a couple of minutes. It was still possible to close the gate. I quickly sent most of my men down together with one general who was to overlook and retreat if things turned bad. I, with several others, was to stay up on the hill where we had the advantage of overlooking the battlefield.


The gate was never designed for a war; therefore, it had no tower or walls that one could go on. It was 30 feet tall and one meter thick. It was made of wood and at the front it had wooden spikes. On the opposing side to the bridge there were two smaller buildings, meant as outposts.

An arrow was shot over the wall at sun set. The arrow had a scroll of paper tied to it. One of my men went and picked up the arrow and gave it to the highest in command. The general being the highest in command read it.

General: “They wish to negotiate. Open the gates.”

The gates were opened and two men stood on the other side of it.

It looked a little odd to the general?

General: “What do you wish to talk about?”

One of the two men: “We wish to talk to Vlad about a possible peace settlement.”

One of the general’s men: “They could be assassins?”

General: “Yes, but not likely.”

Knowing they could not be assassins because if they were they would not have chosen that route. Perhaps they would have taken a small boat not that far of the battle scene?

The general’s man looked at the general oddly.

General: “Come I will take you there. Get me three horses” the general said to one of his men.

The two men came towards the general.

General: “I suppose you know how to ride horses” handing each of them a horse leash?

The general jumped on his horse.

General: “I will take you to our king’s tent.”

They rode thereafter up the hill and towards the encampment.

Vlad was thinking to himself. What if they do march over the bridge and do destroy our gate then what? What if they do come as a plague towards my castle then what? If this were to happen we would destroy everything in our sight on the way back to our castle, so that they would find nothing to live off while passing through with their army.

The entrance to the tent opened, it was one of Vlad’s guards.

Vlad’s guard: “Sire the general you had sent to guard the gate has returned bringing two men from the opposing army.”

Vlad was surprised. What now? Had the enemy already attacked? Were these men possibly two prisoners whom the general had gotten a hold of, if so then who? Could it be that they were spies?

Vlad went to investigate the matter at hand.

General: “Sire these two men came from the other side of the river wishing to speak with you. They say they came to negotiate a possible peace settlement. The settlement would concern our surrender and not suffering fatal defeat.”

I noticed the two ambassadors dressing:

The two ambassadors were dressed identically to illustrate that they came from a wealthy country.

They had sapato’s on their feet. Sapato’s with a carving of a Minotaur with an axe on it, standing ready for guard. The Minotaur had one brace on his right arm. Just like he had broken loose with the other and a belt holding together a cloth thrown over his head and down towards his knees.

It was to symbolise that their master even though he once was held as a prisoner had broken free and re-emerged as a powerful warrior ready to combat everyone who was in their way.

One could not see whether they had on trousers or a shirt because a brown robe covered it, tied together on the top so that it would not fall off.

This was to symbolise even though they were ready to negotiate you never got to have the upper hand in knowing everything your opponent has.

On their heads they both had a turban with a crystal on their forehead.

An illustration that where they came from was a place with much wealth and many riches beyond what the eye can see.

I resented their dress. They had no right in coming to my camp and expecting to be treated as kings.

In my camps, we are king and the others will be treated as minions if not as no one at all.

Vlad went back into the tent on his way he left a short remark.

Vlad: “Bring them in.”

The two ambassadors followed with the general being the last one in and closing the entrance behind him.

Vlad sat on a wooden seat higher than all the rest. He saw that the two ambassadors did not take off their turbans.

Vlad: “You are not going to take of your turbans” he said a little surprised?

One of the two ambassadors: “No, I am sorry. We are accustomed to always having our clothes on while doing business and not revealing anything that may be perceived provocative.”

Vlad: “But clearly you must know that it is a sign of respect in Europe of taking your hat off when entering buildings?”

One of the two ambassadors: “Yes, we are aware of this. Even so we must pay greater respect to our own traditions.”

Vlad: “Very well.”

Vlad signalled to his general to come. He whispered something to his general. After that his general went out of the tent. An awkward silence followed.

One of the two ambassadors: “Shall we not begin discussions about the peace settlement?”

Vlad: “In just a minute” looking towards where the general had left the tent.

Shortly after the entrance to the tent opened again this time it was six men other than the general. One of the six men under one arm had a long box that he had to support with his other hand. You could hear that what was in it must have been some form of metal.

Another one had a hammer in one hand. The other four came empty handed.

The general looked at Vlad when he came in.

Having seen the six men the ambassadors came to unease.

One of the two ambassadors: “What is the meaning of this?”

Vlad: “Since it is a tradition in your culture always to wear your turbans even in presence of one such as me. I have decided why not to honour that tradition?”

The four men took hold of the two ambassadors.

Vlad: “By having my men nail the turbans to your head so that you will never have to take them off, not even to your own sultan.”

The ambassadors were pushed to the ground, unable to resist because of their arms having been locked up by Vlad’s men. The man with the box of nails put the box right in between the two and opened it. The man who was carrying the hammer began hammering away the nails one by one into the heads of the ambassadors and through their turbans.

Having small but very sharp nails hammered into one’s head creates enormous pain. However, not painful enough to kill one right at sight but it will be a slow and painful death out of blood shortage.

Vlad: “When you come to visit a great ruler as myself, you had better go along with my customs. Go back and tell the sultan what you have seen.”

They were taken out and put on a horse as cattle. Their chest’s being the only part of their body that was in contact with the horses. Though there were two horses, one where the two ambassadors were on and another where the general was on.

He took the leash of the horse in one hand while holding on with the other to his own horse. He rode back to the gates and commanded them opened. When they were opened he saw that the enemy’s camp reached the opposite side of the bridge. He also noticed a man he could not identify but who seemed to be looking directly in his direction.

The general looked at the opposing horse where the two ambassadors were on. He drew his sword from his sword holder and hit the blade of his sword on the backside of the opposing horse, so that it would gallop across the bridge and over to the other side. Galloping away the horse went.

General: “Settle the horses we are leaving”

Soldier: “What about Vlad’s orders?”

General: “Vlad has already gone.”

Soldier: “Where to?”

General: “To the castle of Bran where we will hold our final battle.”

The man standing on the other side of the bridge was Radu himself. He was trying to think of what would Vlad do now?

Brothers so alike in many ways, having been brought up by the same living conditions but two different paths having drawn them apart, leaving Radu as being the most fortunate one of the two.

Radu saw the horse being hit by the sword’s blade and was also there to receive his ambassadors when they came. But not all was at it would seem.

When the horse arrived he saw what Vlad had done to his two ambassadors.

His two ambassadors had lost a lot of blood at the time and where close to death. Radu called upon several of his men to help him dispatch the two ambassadors off the horses. One of Radu’s ambassadors was blinking frequently while the other held his eyes open by a brink. Radu kneeled down and put one hand on one of his ambassador’s chin.

Radu: “Which kind of god forsaken dog would do such a thing? Not even the worst of my foes have been so unforgiving to envoys of mine” looking down at the ambassador.

Radu: “Tell me what happened?”

One of Radu’s ambassadors: “Vlad welcomed us to his tent just to have nails put into our head as a sign of disrespect towards his traditions. Vlad said: “Let this be a sign of how people are treated if they decide to disregard his rules.”.”

Radu: “Even the gods have abandoned him. This man truly has been besieged by the devil. A devil we must rid the world of.”

Radu stood up and turned towards his soldiers.

Radu: “Get the troops ready for war and give word to the rams that they should come down with this wall.”

Radu: “We cannot let a beast like this rest for another second while it might play a crucial role in our victory or loss.”

The rams were slowly crossing the river. Radu together with most of his loyal entrusted men were looking from a bit further down the riverbanks and from the siege to ensure their safety. Though when time came and the walls came crumbling down then they could act in all haste being on horses.

The rams were heavy and big objects moving very slowly while having half a dozen men pushing. Besides the men pushing the ram there where 12 cross bowmen securing the safety of the ram by shooting everyone who would stop them.

It seemed simple because no one was there to stop Radu’s men from crossing the bridge or breaking down the wall.


Having reached the gate the ram started battering away. The ram was constructed of wood. The only metal bits were the spikes in the centre of the wheels and the metal chain holding the long tree log in the centre of the ram. At one end of the battering ram that was used for battering items, there was a long and massive wooden spike.

When the gate was battered open, Radu drew his sword from his sword holder pointing towards the gate and yelled to his men.

Radu: “Charge”!

Radu’s horsemen and himself drew to the bridge. After them came the infantry and the heavy artillery at the back.

Right before Radu himself got to the gate he saw his archers securing the area finding no one. Radu and his horsemen reached the gate. But no one was there.

Radu: “Where in god’s name have they gone?” looking around himself.

Their tents were still laid out; their weapons were still there but no sign of them. There was a fireplace a bit further down from the gate built into the middle of an area with a lot of tents surrounding it. Radu went down to the fireplace where he could see one of his archers.

The archer was investigating the fireplace in connection to why they had still left all their weapons behind.

Radu: “What do you think happened.”

One archer: “It seems they left a while ago” feeling the cold ash in his hands.

One archer: “It is as if they had left right after they sent the ambassadors back to us.”

Radu’s army at the time was swarming in from the gates ready to kill any enemy they could lay their hands on. Just like a beehive if kicked. Seeing no one they went into the tents hoping they could catch somebody off guard though the tents were empty of life.

Radu’s axe men being the first of his troops to reach the gate latter his horsemen came pillaging as far and deep into the encampment as Radu was standing.

Leader of the axe men: “It seems most of the tents are empty. Shall we burn them down?”

Before Radu could answer he had an epiphany. Why attack with the whole army? Why not send just a segment of the army? Vlad clearly does not want us to reach him. He must be scared to his wits.

Radu: “No, we will use what he has left us. We shall make this our encampment” turning his face towards the axe man he was talking to.

Leader of the axe men: “What about the enemy?”

Radu: “His army is no match against our own. Take your axe men and hunt him down and bring his head to me.”

Leader of the axe men: “And our supplies?”

Radu: “You may take all the water, food, horses and other weaponry you need. Just bring me his head.”

Leader of the axe men: “Very well” bowing in front of his master.

The leader of the axe men after having bowed to his master went back to his legion. His legion of axe men was scattered most still pillaging and searching for the foe. But there still was a group of them waiting his orders. The group consisted of five to seven men.

Leader of the axe men: “Gather the troops and take what we need. Radu wants us to go and hunt down the enemy.”

One axe man: “Does Radu think we can handle it?”

Leader of the axe men: “You do not question the commands from the sultan” stepping firmly up to the axe man.

The leader of the axe men gathered his troops and set off.

Escape from Radu’s men

We were on the run from the enemy, destroying everything on our way leaving nothing for the enemy to survive off of. Every village we had come by we had told to evacuate, we told them of the horror that was looming and that would be there soon. But there was big resistance.

Villager: “But it takes longer than a few hours to evacuate rather more a few days.”

I had one of my men poison their wells.

Vlad: “Now you must.”

Villager: “But do you not have a heart?”

Vlad: “Of course I have a heart.”

Villager: “Than how can you be so cruel? Poison our wells and make us find a new place where we can live? The oldest of us will have no chance of escaping or even of surviving the tour to another food source.”

Vlad: “Then they will die for a worthy cause. Minions like you have always something to say therefore kings such as my-self must put you in your place.”

The villager could not believe what she was hearing. She wanted to slap him so she did. Unfortunately for her, Vlad caught her hand before she could hit him.

Vlad: “For that you will pay. Guards we will take her as a slave to the castle.”

To slow the enemy down even more from reaching our stronghold we poisoned all the wells for each village we came by so that the number of enemy men would be greatly reduced once they reached us.

We were escaping to the castle of Bran, one of the only castles that could withstand a siege.

For it was always my favoured castle and therefore the castle I used most frequently. It had people who saw to it that there was food and drink. It had a well-structured escape route if there were to be siege and a unique location on a hillside over-looking the village that surrounded it.

Word had come of an enemy legion having been sent to destroy us. I had asked one of my generals how many prisoners we had?

Vlad: “Tell me how many prisoners do we have?”

General: “I think about 100.”

Vlad: “Good then we can impale them all. A 100 pikes will be put outside the village. There where we came when we fled, they will meet a sighting like they have never seen before. On each of the 100 pikes we will put a prisoner’s head. Then before all of these pikes we will put the villager who dared to stand up against me. Impaled and the pike sitting through her body and to the ground with her miserable face and head being on top of it. The pikes will be stabbed through their bodies and on top of the pikes we will put their heads. ”

The legion of axe men sent by Radu had arrived. They could see the top of the castle but not yet the village.

Axe man: “Shall we attack now.”

Leader of axe men: “They will be expecting us if we attack now. We will lay out camp and attack tomorrow disguised as merchants. Somewhere far enough so that we are out-of-sight but yet can attack at a moments notice.”

The leader looked around.

Leader of the axe men: “There” pointing at a small valley next to a small pond.

They got up early in the morning, took the weapons they could bear but still looking as merchants and headed towards the castle of Bran to assassinate Vlad.

Wearing large capes, on their backs and under their capes most of them had axes, the ones who did not have axes had bows with arrows.

They took a small carriage and disguised it as a merchant’s carriage. In that carriage they put most of their big weapons. So that it looked as a long trolley, filled with spices, maps and potions on the top, but beneath them there were weapons, explosives and a couple of poisons.

The formation of the troops was that the ones who had bows on their back were also the ones who saw to the merchant carriage. Axe men surrounding them if any trouble should come.

But when they saw the town they were baffled. All the people who were killed were laid out and in a very awful manner. It was far too brutal for any man to picture having done to their enemies.

The legion of axe men halted, they became scared. There had been no battle, fight or assassination that they were scared of fulfilling. But this was not humane for any man to have treated their prisoners such as Vlad had done.

Axe man: “This is no village but the gateway to hell” looking at all the impaled heads on the pikes with the first pike having been stuck into a woman’s body.

Axe man: “No man could have done this, our enemy is the devil himself” looking at the head of the impaled woman and the crows eating out of her eye sockets.

Leader of the axe men: “We will report to Radu what we saw and ask him for his guidance.”

One of Radu’s men: “I see you come with no head of Vlad” laughing a little to himself.

Leader of the axe men: “Vlad is no man but the devil himself.” he told with a stern face.

One of Radu’s men looked a little confused.

Axe man: “We went to kill him but what met us was dozens of dead, impaled and put on a pike in-front of their town right before the castle of Bran.”

Leader of the axe men: “Where is Radu?”

The legion of axe men were lead to a tent where in Radu was, the leader of the axe men went in.

Radu: “I hope you have good news” starting to smile.

Leader of the axe men: “We were met by dozens of impaled heads at the entrance to his town before the castle. Lying on top of pikes with at the front having a woman’s head where the pike was stabbed into her body as well. Crows eating out of her eye sockets. These were heads of people who had been through the most terrible of pains. My men said he was the devil himself. We were horrified,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Leader of the axe men: “No man would have enough courage to go against such horror.”

Radu stroked his own chin.

Radu: “Tell the men to get ready for war. We will start marching towards the castle of Bran at noon.”

The leader of the axe men left the tent.

Radu: “What is it you are up to Vlad” walking to himself?

Radu: “First you try to stop us but that fails, you flee to the castle leaving corpses of the dead on pikes and impaled. You hope this will make us flee but what if that does not work, then what?”

Radu was having a look down at a map of Romania that his hand was upon. Thinking to himself could Vlad be relying on Hungary to bail him out and if so how long before they arrive?

One of Radu’s generals opens the doorway to the tent.

One of Radu’s generals: “Your men are ready to begin marching as soon as you give the order.”

Radu: “You can give the order” himself walking towards the entrance.

One of Radu’s generals: “Very well.”

Radu’s army was in sight of Bran castle. Radu and his generals were looking at the corpses that his men fled from earlier.

Radu: “So these were the corpses my men fled from earlier. Next time when facing such an important task I should let one of my generals go along as-well to see to it that the job gets done properly” looking towards one of his generals.

Radu: “I am sure that none of you would have fled had you been around” he said in a more stern voice looking at all of his generals.

Radu turned around walking back towards his encampment.

Radu: “Burn them” not looking back.

Radu: “When the fire ends we attack.”

Soldiers put oil on the corpses before lighting them up.

The corpses were burning and Radu’s army was getting ready for siege. Archers were lighting up their arrows that they would shoot into the houses. Other infantry would rush into the town and kill everyone in sight and cavalry would attack the castle gates. While Radu himself would stay a bit further and see that everything went in order. Catapults firing big chunks of burning cloth raped around big pieces of rock to mark the siege had begun.

The fire was lit and the siege begun.

Vlad saw from one of his towers how things were forming, how the siege begun and how his citizens were massacred. He with his few dozen men was powerless. Most of his men were down at the gates ready to fight whenever the enemy would break through. Right before the gate came down one of his advisers came into the room of the tower where he was.

One of Vlad’s advisers: “There is another way.”

Vlad looked a little confused at his adviser.

One of Vlad’s advisers: “There is a tunnel leading out of this castle and far over to the other side of the village, but there is not much time.”

Vlad went towards the adviser and the adviser led the way.

It was in one of their dungeons. One of the dungeon cells had a secret door. It was behind a big boulder of rock, which was movable if dragged in the right area. Otherwise it simply would be too heavy for any man to move by himself and therefore not seem movable. The tunnel was only big enough to move single fold through in a crawling position, it was dark and therefore un-trustworthy.

Vlad: “Where does this lead to?”

One of Vlad’s advisers: “It leads far off into the village.”

Vlad: “Will I be safe there?”

One of Vlad’s advisers: “Yes, I can guarantee you that and the enemy will have no idea where to look for you.”

Vlad thought to himself should I trust him? If I were not to trust him and decided to stay and fight I would lose my life at the hands of my enemy. Then again if I were to trust him I would not die by the hands of my enemy, even if it were a road to my doom. The latter thought sounded more convincing to Vlad.

Vlad went in the tunnel and started crawling in it.

It was a long and very strange journey. It was as if being left in a room, a moderate sized room. In that room there are lots of people, the air you breathe is dense. The room is pitch black the only way you can move is forth or back. But the people around you are silent just like something big is going to happen any second. You just do not know what it is? You feel lonely since if you say something to the crowd there is no reply. You dislike being in the room and therefore you are trying to get out. So you move forward but it just keeps going. Sometimes you wonder if it was the right thing to do, go forward, maybe you should have gone the other way? But it is too late now you have already started and you suppose soon it will come to an end, you just do not know when.

I remember at times hearing some sort of noise but I could not make out what sort of noise. I was scared so I did not stop thinking what if something happens? What if they will find this tunnel or will fall through? What if they will be waiting for me on the other side?

Radu’s men finished searching through the castle with no sign of Vlad. They reported back to Radu what they had found.

One of Radu’s generals: “We searched every inch of the castle through with no luck of finding Vlad.”

Radu: “Did you take any prisoners?”

One of Radu’s generals: “A few” asking for the prisoners to be brought fourth.

There were two men and one older woman.

The men seemed to be mere soldiers but the older woman looked suspicious.

She seemed as she might know something, though it was unclear what? She was very calm considered to the two men. She was looking down at the ground just like she was worried about something. Yet her face seemed to show no emotional signs. Her face was wrinkled and had grey hair.

Radu went towards the old woman and he took her by the chin and said.

Radu: “What do you know old woman?”

The old woman said something in a Romanian dialect that Radu didn’t recognize. Radu did not understand what she told him. Therefore Radu told her.

Radu: “Old woman if you will help me find Vlad I will spare your life.”

Old woman: “If I help you find Vlad, that will be sparing your life.”

Radu was offended by this remark. Radu with his massive army was triumphing over Vlad and yet an old woman tells him if she helps him than she will be sparing his life. Radu did not respond to this remark he just took up his right and signalled to his guards that the prisoner should be taken away. The guards came and took the prisoner by the arms but as soon as they started carrying the old woman away, she reacted.

Old woman: “What is it that you are afraid of? I think I know. Who is it, it will come for? I think I know.”

Radu: “Wait” and the guards stopped.

Radu drew out his sword and stabbed the old woman. After he had stabbed her he whispered something into her ear.

Radu: “It will take you to a place. I think I know. There you will rest, I think I know.”

Radu: “You can throw her over there” pointing towards an area where there were a few tree branches laid out.

One guard: “What will we do with the other prisoners?”

Radu: “I see no point in keeping any prisoners, kill them.”

Vlad kept crawling in the dark tunnel. He did not know if it was getting lighter or if it was something he was hallucinating? After a while it did start getting brighter but it was not as he was told. He could see breaks of light, small thin breaks though nothing big enough that he could climb out of. He did not stop because of curiosity was it really small breaks or might it be something else? However he did start getting darker thoughts as well.

What if that part of the tunnel had collapsed when it was not being used? If so could he make it back to the castle? What if the castle was destroyed?

These thoughts made him very uncomfortable. He was sweating as if he had been sitting in front of the sun for a while. Different parts of his body were itching. But there was not so much he could do. Since the tunnel was tight and even if he did cure the itch it would not take long before the itching would start again. So he only could carry on even if the worst was to come.

He reached what he thought first were just breaks of lights. Yes, they were breaks of lights but not in the ground. Where there was no light coming out of was covered by leaves or tree branches.

He then realised something just how secretive this tunnel must have been. Pushing the leaves and branches aside so that he could see where he had come to?

Could it be it was on a mountain? Then again if it was then why did it have to have the leaves and branches covering it, simply because there would be no way of reaching it?

When he had uncovered the entrance he saw where he was. At first you could see the landscape, trees and rocks but you could also see the sky through treetops. It was not on ground level but neither was it as far up as treetops. He looked down, it was not that high above the ground. There was a rock that he could reach with his leg. It seemed as the rock had been placed there just so one could get forth and back.

Back to the story

After seeing this scenario I walked on towards the doors, which lead me into my castle. When I had reached the doors I took a look around to see if I might happen to notice something new? The Ottomans had not burnt the castle to the ground as I first would have expected.

I went up the stairs. I could feel something coming over me. I thought I might need some fresh air so I went to the top of the castle. The minute I came out I could see the sun. I felt very tired. So I went into my bedroom and took a rest. I did not realise how tired I was because the next time I woke up it was dark again.

I felt hungry and thirsty. I thought on what I had done in the peasant’s house. Things I would have never imagined myself doing before, so cold but yet so pleasure full. Was this who I had become? Is this why I rose from the dead with a new mind, body and soul or was there a purpose? Was I to seek my revenge?

I took a look at my left arm; I could see all my veins. This meant I was thirsty for more blood. But something seemed different. I looked around, everything seemed like it had always been. I was looking at my room door; it was closed. I did not remember closing the door last night. So I walked towards the door and opened it. I saw everything in there the dinning room. It was clean, nice and I could see the table was decked with many expensive dishes and wines. I saw the fire in the fireplace lit. What made me think that someone must have been in the castle besides me?

Yet it was so quiet and the only other thing I could hear besides me breathing was the fire cracking in the fireplace. I sat down and ate. It made me feel better. I did not clean after myself because I was royalty and had someone else always to do it for me. Since a person with noble blood must be treated with certain respect I went out of the castle and down the hill that it was on and into my town. I hoped I could find somebody, maybe just to understand the situation a little better? Then again even though I had eaten I felt I needed a woman.

The prophecy

After every millennium the devil comes up from hell and on to earth as a very handsome young man. Plant the seeds of destruction and he destroys as much as possible in the short time given. A man is the shape of the devil. Since the god who has become known as the devil is also the god of hell, and had a shape of a man while still in heaven.

Description of the underworld

The underworld is a place for the damned, a place where people go after they have committed sin. They assume the creature and all their lusts concurrent to the sin committed. Often sex is a much debatable thing because god invented it. However sins are often created because of love or sex, wars are begun and relatives are killed.

Description of the god named the devil

Before time was time and earth was merely a playing field for gods, titans and giants alike, hell was just another realm in the power of one god. Hell was a place full of sinners and other evildoers. Unworthy of coming above the underground and on to a place of love, honesty and loyalty instead of the mistrust, mischief and cruelty that hell was filled with. After a while too many people got sent to hell, either as punishment or than as not being welcome on earth anymore. The young god of the underground called the devil thought it was unjust and therefore quarrelled to the others. The other gods did not understand him, why was he standing up for others? Therefore they suggested if he truly thought it was unjust then why not choose to live there all together? The devil being dissatisfied by the response, said he would but they will be sorry for having done so. That is how the division line came to be.

The devil has the strength of a bear, the power to read people’s minds and the ability to make every woman fall in love with himself. Looking for a woman who to bare his child with, to keep the devilish bloodline fresh and to guide and teach his descendent how to rule the world. Also to discriminate against the ban he received all those years ago.

In every millennium, roughly around the same time, there is also one who has been chosen and been given the opportunity to defeat the devil. It is not because god is aware of it but because earth is a place of love, honesty and loyalty furthermore a place where good triumphs over evil. Therefore it would be equivalent if one were born who could defeat this otherwise immortal being.

It is the chosen one who can and who also is the only one who can defeat him during the time he is on earth and not below it. It is said that the devil cannot bear to touch the seawater or other holy items. Sea water because the god of the sea will use all in his power to send him back to hell where he belongs, and holy water because it is a sign of god.

Still it has never happened until this day today that there has been killed the devil any of the times he was on earth, by holy items according to the bible. To kill the devil is like killing god himself, a man of utter power and wisdom. A man of immortality who does not die but just losses the body he has chosen and therefore returns to his own kingdom until another body is chosen. Having been given the choice by god for killing the devil gives you no special abilities.

It is not always that these two meet or that the chosen one does defeat him. Since the devil is so wisely disguised as one of us it is almost impossible to point out who he is and even to say that he has come above earth.

Myth has it that there have been a few who have seen the devil, and who have tried to defeat him. But they have all suffered a tragic death. The last time the devil came up from hell and on to earth according to the Christian Church was in the 1200’s. It happened in a Romanian city called “Bucuresti.” He was first sighted in a bar on a cold December night, where the man who sighted him was a noble man called Petru.

Description of Petru

Petru was a decent man who started as a young shopkeeper, followed shortly after with the passing of his father. Petru found it troublesome to take over the shop with the entire daily chorus that were not even at the start given out. But there after it boomed in sales and before moving to Bucuresti he sold the shop. Once he arrived in Bucuresti he got married and got a job as a merchant for another shop.

Petru noticed him by his strength and by his cruelty against them who opposed him.

Description of the devil by Petru’s words

The man seemed to have no respect towards his fellow man.

It started by a man coming in asking for a drink and then going to a side table at the bar. There went a while before he laid his eyes on the most beautiful woman in the bar.

Description of the moment between the girl and the devil

The man laid his eyes on her when she entered the bar, laughing, and next to her husband. She noticed the man at the end of the bar as well. Her husband asked her something that she replied to. Thereafter he went to the bar to order something. She on the other hand talked with some of their friends, the man gazing everything that she did. Her husband came back from the bar and told her something before they chose a table and sat down. Before the husband went to the table she told him something. Watching as the husband went to the table and how she continued talking with their friends. Petru was amazed to see that she went to the other man’s table.

The man who was her husband got suspicious after she had been away for a while from their table and started looking around. When he saw her with him he got furious. Stood up with his chair falling down behind him and walked to the table where they were. When he was at the table he said something to her. I could not hear what it was but it seemed just like he shouted it and jet she showed no attention. He saw that nothing happened so he put her hand on her arm when the man sitting a little away from her said.

Devil: “She is not interested in you, leave” very quietly but yet so clearly that I could hear it.

The husband turned his head and said.

Husband: “I will deal with you later.”

The next thing I noticed was the man having his arm around the husband’s throat holding him and telling him.

Devil: “You shall leave now or die” while pointing a sharp knife to his throat with his other hand?

The woman sat there calmly not paying any attention to the fuss. It was almost as if she did not know her husband anymore?

I suppose it was just out of fear that the husband ran out of the bar. I then saw that the man turned around towards the table but while he was turning something happened. Our eyes met.

I imagined a voice telling me.

Voice: “Your time will come.”

It might have been for a couple of seconds but within those seconds I felt like he got to know me a lot better then I got to know him. I saw the man saying something to the woman and then they both left the bar. I felt an urge to see more about what shall happen now? But the look the man gave me it filled me with fear. So I did not go then, later on though I had to take my leave. I walked alone out and off to home. The moonlight was the only light there was. I could see that I was walking fast through the streets just as if I did not go fast enough, he might catch up with me. It was all I could think about “Your time will come.”

I saw my house at last. When I came to the door I was sweating. It felt moist and as if there was little to breath. I stopped and tried to find my keys in my pocket. I found them pretty quickly and started to open the door.

All of a sudden I could feel some one laying a hand on my shoulder. I quickly turned around frightened of what it might be?

It was him, the mysterious man I had seen at the bar. He told me not to write about what I had seen that day and do not discuss this day with anyone you know. I acted as if I had no idea of what he was telling me. He looked directly into my eyes and told me in a calm voice to pretend this day never happened. Then his voice changed more stern because if you do not pay heed to what I have told you then you will face a death unlike any other.

He took his hand from my shoulder and walked away. I was baffled and had lost my words as I watched him leave. Right before he turned the corner he turned his head towards me. Our eyes met and yet again I could imagine him telling me “Your choice live or die unlike any other.”

After he had gone out of my sight I quickly rushed in and shut the door. I tried not to think of the event that had just happened, but I could not. The experience was so unreal that it was hard to believe, I speculated over if that had happened as I described altogether.

I thought of that all night and the following nights. My wife started worrying about me. She begged me to tell her what was bothering me; I could not. Night after night not sleeping, weary of what would happen if I did tell or talk about it. But the pressure of not being able to rest without letting someone else know of what I knew grew.

I felt as if death was just a couple of days away were I ever to tell anyone.

Although I did feel it was important that I would write what I saw that day, insuring me that he would never know that I had written it. I went up the stairs and sat behind my working table. I light a candle, took a feather pen and started writing it. I did not feel it would be safe if it remained at my house. So the next morning I went to the local church where I felt it would be safe. I gave it to the priest and I told him what I had seen. The priest said he would hide it and that I should be aware of everything suspicious.

The next couple of days went peacefully until one night when I was standing behind my house door and fetching the keys. This time I did not feel a hand on my shoulder but I heard a voice telling me.

Devil: “So you had chosen to write it.”

I looked up and into the window, which was right besides my door. I saw him, the same man who warned me last time. I knew there was no way out and that I would have to face death. Yet I turned around and told him that I have not written it. He came towards me, took me by the neck and up against the door. He told me not to lie to him. I could feel his hand it was like a knee splitter just around my neck. I was ready to die. I asked him how does he know? He answered with he knows everything. Before he killed me I still managed to ask him who are you? He smiled widely to me and whispered.

Devil: “I am the devil.”

Petru was put in the square with his whole body up and held by a spear.

Pre-story of Dracula

While I was still a live they said I liked the pain. To see everyone in massive pain who were my enemies but they were wrong all that I wanted was justice. I found it right for the ones who made a wrong should pay their share of pain for that mistake. Romania at that time had no balance between the rich and the poor. There were the rich who treated the poor with deep disrespect, the rich feeling more superior to the rest because they helped evolve the town. As for the poor if they said anything bad about the rich they would be risking with getting their head chopped off. There were some who made it to the top, from poor to rich, therefore keeping the line with showing disrespect at their predecessors.

Just as bad as they all were. They thought they were god. That is also why I ended up impaling most of the rich, nobles who convicted crimes. Being higher up in the hierarchy does not give you the right to break the law. I found it necessary to put the smallest amounts of pain even on the smallest crimes to create a trust worthy rule towards my laws.

That was also why my towns had very little crime in them. No one wanted to die, that’s why they had no other choice than to obey my legislation.

At the end I suppose I had more enemies then I had friends around me, because even the ones closest to me. Being my advisers who knew that everything that might look like a mistake may mean punishment and in the worst case getting impaled.

Back to story

I knew what I wanted to do in the town. Kill the man who had me thrown out of the bar and into the mud puddle. In my town of Transylvania there was order and obedience. If you were wealthy you lived in a larger house usually with at least one servant. If you were a wealthy man from the military it would be different. You would not have the time to be home so much therefore it would not be quite as relevant to have a maid. On the contrary though you would be spending most of your time out and if given the opportunity of being off duty then most likely you would be spending time at a bar.

There is free beer for military folk or then maybe some kind of special offers on meals at bars. Often bars attract female gypsies who are the ideal companion for soldiers, who often do not have the time to foster families of their own. But the same is true for all military personnel where better to sleep at night than in my own bed, in a safe surrounding.

As for the town of Transylvania that I am describing it was ideal for hunting down these people. Luckily in the military hierarchy the highest were closest to the castle of Bran. I placed the man who had thrown me out rather high somewhere around the ranks of a “legion commander”, though I had nothing more to give me any more precision of the whereabouts of his house.

I came to a house where I supposed he lived. While I was standing right outside it I had a look at the house itself. It was a white building, mainly of wood, with one large window on the second floor. I thought I could hear something but what was not quite clear about it. I could see from the shadows that something was happening on the second floor, right from the candle light next to the window.

I tried the door it was locked. I gave it a push with my hand on the handle so that the door would open.

I moved quietly up the stairs and opened the door where I presumed the shadows were coming from. I was careful to make no noise while I proceeded into the room.

I saw the man lying naked on his bed with a girl sitting on top of him. There was a table with a candle light close to the bed. On the other end was an empty bottle. At first neither of them noticed me, the girl making noises of joy, the man lying and once in a while giving a gasp. The girl on top of him quickly moved off when she saw the sight of me.

The man being beneath her noticed it when she got off and therefore opened his eyes to see what the fuss was about. Seeing the girl looking a little terrified to one side of the room he followed her eyes.

I could see that the man turned around on the bed once he had looked at the girl.

When he saw my face he recognised me and in an angry voice he said.

Legion commander: “You! I thought I had taught you when we last met” getting up from his bed.

I noticed he had a little bit too much to drink in the events leading up to being in bed with a girl. I became aware of this in how he got up or at least tried from bed.

The man was drunk and not capable of standing in a fully upright position, muttering something in a form of language.

I walked towards him, moved my arms giving him a push upwards so that he fell on the floor right beside the bed. Having pushed him over the bed I took a quick glance at his girl, she seemed frightened. It was as if she was ready to react at a moment’s notice. Like a girl ready to run on the sight of danger at a moment’s notice.

After having been pushed on the floor he started to get up, putting his right hand on the table besides him.

Legion commander: “I will teach you.”

I saw his hand ready to push himself up from the table. His hand was positioned next to the candle.

I took with one hand the candle from the candleholder and stuck the burning end into his hand so that some of the wax on the candle stick splat apart. There was a short scream from the man.

I would have personally preferred if there might have been something sharp i.e. a knife. Then I could be ensured that his hand would not come off so easily.

He looked into my eyes.

The man tried getting up regardless of the pain he felt after screaming. He also tried pulling loose his hand from under the candle but did not succeed. The man tried to take my hand away but he could not.

I held the candlestick firmly on his hand with one hand, while with the other I took him from the collar up into eye height.

Dracula: “You should have let me be when we first met.” I said to him with a stern voice.

I was looking into his eyes trying to make eye contact but he was looking downwards at first.

Dracula: “Do you like what you did?”

Legion commander: “You deserved it.”

Dracula: “Do you know who I am?”

The legion commander looked into my eyes.

Legion commander: “You are a pick pocket”!

Dracula: “I am Vlad, Vlad the Impaler” raising my voice.

The man’s eyes turned wide.

Legion commander: “Impossible, Vlad is dead and you look nothing like him.”

Dracula: “Is that so?”

After telling him that I let go of the candle stick in one hand and fixated it firmly on the collar right next to the other hand, so that I could move him while stepping closer towards the window. I pushed the man out of the window making the glass shatter and fall in pieces to the ground before him.

The legion commander looked at me with a little smile before I let him fall on his back.

Legion commander: “You do not have it in you to drop me. If you do then my men will be after you.”

Dracula: “Let them try.”

I let go of the legion commander. Right before falling I remember his face changing from relaxed to a face of utter shock. I watched as he fell down and how his body lay on the road outside the house before setting my attentions elsewhere.

I turned around. Green eyes looking at me frightened from a naked shivering girl using the blanket to shield her, a scar of moonlight touching her face and most of the blanket.

When she looked into my eyes, she felt calmer but still frightened and tense in her position. I walked towards her until I was close enough to feel her breath while I was walking I saw that with every step I took she got a little bit more tense. Standing next to the bed I was looking down at her as I put my right hand on the blanket and pushed it away. There was some resistance in pushing the blanket away. Once I had pushed it away she turned her face the other way.

It felt as if I was unwelcome.

Naked girl: “Take what you want, but leave.”

Dracula: “I may do what I wish” shaking my head.

I bent down towards her. My left hand took hold of her chin and turned it towards my face and I started kissing her.

First feeling a tense unyielding mouth, but once it had opened she let go. It was as if she met a stranger. At first the stranger is untrustworthy and she is uncertain in what might happen. But once she got to know the stranger, she immediately felt a connection as if they had known one another for a long time.

It was easy thereafter. Her head turned so that our lips met; we kissed for quite a while. The way two lovers kiss when they have not seen each other for a long time.

There was also something else towards kissing her. Not only did we connect but also I felt the longer our tongues met the stronger would become the trust between us.

I took my lips away from hers and looked into her eyes. Our eyes were connecting, I smiled to her and she smiled back. My eyes rolled down towards her chest, beginning to kiss it and moving downwards.

After that my kisses were moving back up on her body towards the neck like they had also done for the last couple of times. It was a good place to finish at, and the weakest spot on the body.

But there was something about this time. That was I knew why I wanted to kiss her there. I knew that I wanted to drink her blood, to drink all my victims’ blood and what better way to do it then from the neck. To regenerate myself and a moment of triumph: when my fangs were deep in- side her she was paralyzed and I was in control.

I left her lying on the bed. I took my clothes after having done what I came to do. Then I went out. I opened the front door but did not close it. I looked up at the setting moon, and the sunlight was slightly coming forth on the other end.

I wondered what had happened the first time I saw the sun light. I thought why was it I felt tired? On the other hand it seemed like a very stupid question. I had always experienced it as son, slave and prince. That it was limited the time of being active. There usually was a time horizon of approximately 12 hours, which made it seem rather logical because these days I was waking up at night going to sleep when the sun came out.

I returned to my castle and seemed tired like a dog. Now in the aftermath that might have been the reason I had forgotten to close the door. Being tired also means there are certain things you do not remember to do, as logical or as impulsive as it may be.

I opened my room door. There were candles light on the cupboard and small table right besides my bed that was close to the window. I took my clothes off and laid down inside the coffin. I put both my arms on my chest so that they crossed one another diagonally. Suddenly the candles shut. I knew it was time for this night to end so I shut my eyes and fell asleep.

It’s strange because every time I closed my eyes in my coffin and opened them again it was a new night. I never saw any dreams as opposed to earlier experiences.

When I was prince and earlier I always had dreams, the dreams started after I was given as tribute towards a foolish promise my father had made. The promise contained my little brother and me being given away as slaves to the Ottomans.

Then the dreams were mainly of me protecting my little brother and the challenges we may face in the coming days. But they changed once my little brother was sold to a well off Ottoman family. Then again they changed when I was on my way to power, as well as when I was in power.

They were changing towards the worse filled with mistrust and disloyalty. I had constant nightmares of my enemies waking up from the dead and killing me.

All I felt from the moment I had closed my eyes was a split second until I opened them again and felt fresh and resurrected with a thirst for blood and an extraordinary lust for women.

A second after that I had opened my eyes and opened the coffin it was dark again, I wondered if there had already past 24 hours? But I did not feel tired anymore so it must have. I did not feel hungry. Yet I felt different somehow. Yet there was this thirst like any other.

I came out of the coffin. I went to the tallest tower in the castle. It was windy that night. It was like it had always been with “The Hours of Nights Peace” not a light in sight.

I thought to my-self who shall be my next victim? Who shall I kill? My black hair blew in the wind while I was looking over the town.

I left the castle of Bran and walked towards the town.

I could see the bell tower in the moonlight shadowing over a town of darkness. Almost every house I came by was either sealed shut for the curtains or had no light on. I was making my way till the bell tower when I saw a rare sighting. There was a house that had the front door open. The door was not wide open but still enough so that one could notice it.

I walked towards the house and entered. It felt obvious at the time why I picked this house. If something precious is offered to you freely you take it without any question. However when questions are opposed then comes the doubt.

The door led me into a narrow hall with stairs leading further up.

The thirst for blood filled my veins much as it had done the previous times. Only this time I noticed it. The feeling was just like a child waiting for his birthday gifts, anxious and exited of what he will get but still being patient enough to wait till he receives it. I went up the stairs.

On the second floor I had to take a turning before noticing there were three doors. One of these three doors was open and into that one I went.

It was simply a matter of ease. It was far easier for me to go into the open room than to break an entry.

The room I entered had a bed in one end nearby the bed there was a table together with four chairs. On the opposing side of the bed there was a door leading possibly into another room. Parallel end of the room to the table was a window.

There were three men that were surrounding one woman next to the bed and in the centre of the room.

The men were dressed as any ordinary town’s man. The men wore simple trousers all of the colour light brown held together by strings at the top of the trousers. It seemed as if they were right about to rape her.

I came to this conclusion by seeing that one of the sleeves on her dress had already been torn; the one had come a little more down than the other. She was holding a broom trying to fight off the three men.

The man who was closest to the door turned around facing me.

One of the men said: “How did you get in?”

One of the men said: ”What do you want? I am her husband, get out” at the end shouting.

I halted after he had said that. Looking at what the men were doing to the girl.

One of the men said: “What? Did you not hear us?”

The man who had said that started coming towards me. In one of his hands he had a sharp knife. Probably the same one that was used for cutting the girls dress.

Dracula: “Put the knife down before you hurt yourself.”

One of the men said: “Ahh you are a trouble maker. I will teach you.”

The man did not pay any heed to that what I was saying. He came up pretty close before something happened.

He was standing right in front of me. He took his sharp knife and pointed it towards my neck.

One of the men said: “Leave now” looking straight into my eyes.

Dracula: “Are you sure?”

In the blink of an eye, the knife was pointing the other way. I had taken the knife and was pointing it towards the man’s neck, nearly so close that it touched him.

One of the men said: “Hey, we are just kidding” slapping me on one of my shoulders.

One of the men said: “Come we are going.”

The three men left the house.

It was quiet. I turned my head to the girl. She was frightened, unlike the girls who I had seen before. She was staring at me, not sure whether she should be glad that the three men ran away or she should be even more afraid of what I might do to her?

I slowly approached her moving to the other side of the bed and towards her.

Woman: “Come no closer” shouting in a scattered voice.

I looked surprised at her.

Dracula: “I mean you no harm.”

She looked at me as though she had been through enough already and was not willing to go through it again. I moved a little bit closer.

Her eyes were fixated on the knife that I had in one hand. I took a pause from looking at her eyes and looked at my hand where I had the knife. I let go of the knife and came up close to her, almost as close as I could whisper something in her ear.

Dracula: “Do not worry I am not going to hurt you, the men who would have hurt you are gone” putting a hand on her right shoulder.

Once my hand touched her shoulder she immediately went and took the knife that I had dropped not that far away.

Woman: “Silence, I am the mistress of the house. I should kill you because you broke an entry” pointing the knife towards me.

Dracula: “I can leave if you want me to?”

I could see the woman tried to get things under control. But since she did not know what to do she tried to control the situation by taking the knife and pointing it towards me. Though it did not secure her and she was thinking of what to do next?

Dracula: “You do not have to worry there is nothing I am going to do.”

She looked at me.

Woman: “Who are you” she shouted?

Dracula: ”I am Dracula, a nobleman who lives at the castle of Bran.”

Woman: “You lie; the castle of Bran has been abandoned ever since it was invaded by the Ottomans.”

Dracula: “How do you know this?”

Woman: “I was there. As a little girl, my mother and I had only this place where we could hide and pray that the Ottomans will not destroy the city as well.

I looked down when she told me this.

Dracula: “What happened when they did not find Vlad.”

Woman: “You know Vlad” followed by a short pause?

Woman: “After they did not find Vlad they set up camp not far away for a few days, then they left. Weeks after there came word from Middle Eastern merchants that they had impaled Vlad, much as Vlad had done to his prisoners.”

I suppose all good relationships start with a lie.

We could hear someone saying something outside but it was unclear what exactly it was. I could only imagine that it was one of the three men calling for reinforcements. Then again it would not be that hard to persuade someone into believing that I was raping the woman. In any case they were coming for me.

I looked into the woman’s eyes before I turned around and started heading towards the door. I did not want to waste any more time on persuading her to come with me.

Before I had reached the door that led into the stairway she said.

Woman: “Wait.”

I turned around.

Woman: “I want to know more about you.”

Dracula: “I will tell you if you come with me.”

Woman: “Where are you going?”

Dracula: “Home, back to the castle of Bran.”

She looked at me like she was trying to read my eyes whether I was lying or not.

Woman: “How do I know that you are not lying and you do not want to kill me when I come?”

Dracula: “You do not.”

I looked at her and she looked at me but very shortly because I had to get back to my castle if I was not to be seen. So I turned again and went out of the door.

I could hear her coming after me and shouting.

Woman: “Wait, I am coming with you.”

I did not turn my head I just kept walking. It was not only a matter of not being seen but also a matter of that the sun had come out. With first sight of the sun I felt a curtain closing on me and myself getting more and more tired.

Once I had come outside I could see some lanterns standing on one end of the street. The lanterns were standing on a post behind a building, making it almost impossible for me to have seen it when I first came.

Dracula: “Come.”

I moved very quickly while the woman was having difficulty with following. I could hear her telling me.

Woman: “Slow down.”

Dracula: “There is no time.”

She did not understand me and said.

Woman: “What do you mean? What are you running from?”

Dracula: “There is no time for explaining.”

Woman: “What is there no time for” she said anxious to get some answers?

I did not reply but kept on walking. She let out a sigh as if she was irritated that I did not answer her. We came to a forest, which was not so far from where she lived. I could hear her stopping. I kept on walking right until the shades of the forest had covered me. Then I turned around and asked.

Dracula: “Coming?”

She was looking at the forest as if I had something planned for her. Doubt filled her mind at the time. She then looked at me, or where she had last seen me disappear into the forest. All she could see was my head and nothing else.

Woman: “Why are we going in there?”

Dracula: “Because my castle lies behind this forest on a hill.”

She felt as if I was trust worthy but the doubt in her mind told her that if something were to happen to her than the likely hood for someone finding her would be improbable. Still slowly she started coming towards the forest.

Dracula: “Don’t be afraid there is nothing more hideous then what you have already seen.”

I was holding out my hand in a polite manner half in the early sunlight half covered by the shadows of the trees. She gave me her hand as if she was ready to be guided through the forest. I gently closed my hand yet having her hand in a strong grip if she decided to flee. I guided her through the dense forest to my castle. I could see she was looking around just as if there might come some danger frightened but very alert.

It was like taking a child for the first time to a circus, amazed by which creatures they could see. But since the experience was so new it also was a little frightening.

It did not seem as though she would at any point want to turn back. Not at least while it was early morning and on this side of the forest still rather dark.

We walked through the forest until we came to a graveyard leading up to my castle.

Woman: “Who are these people who are buried here?”

I looked at her.

Dracula: “These were the men once loyal to Vlad the Impaler.

A cold wind blew by.

Woman: “Vlad Depeche.”

She was looking into my eyes and trying to find out what I had planned next or if I maybe was a descendent of Vlad Depeche. I turned my head and showed with my hand the way to my castle.

Dracula: “This way.”

She looked into my eyes for a short while before she started moving towards my castle.

Finally we had reached my castle. We were standing at the start of the long bridge that led to the castle Bran.

I turned my head towards her. I could see she was amazed with what she saw. She looked at it like she had never known it had been there, curious to find out more about the castle. Foolishly she let her inner desires control her wariness of what she might find.

Woman: “It is beautiful, I thought it had worn out over time” looking at me.

She was thinking how could it be? I was here myself when the castle was abandoned. Never since then have I ever seen anybody go to or from these parts.

I turned my head towards her while she said the last word and smiled. Once she had said that I lead her to my castle by first going on the bridge and taking her hand with me.

She could feel my grip had gotten tighter than earlier.

I led her into my castle and closed the door after her. I quickly rushed up the stairs dragging her with me and lead her to my bedroom. Once we had entered the room there was no coffin in sight but a different setting.

There was nothing but a bed, with the candles light in the room and then a book on my bedroom table.

She was frustrated. She had so many questions that she wanted answered but could not because I had held her hand and rushed all the way from the bridge to my bed room.

At this point I knew that she was too fascinated by all the things she had seen then to notice anything else. She was standing right besides me and closer to the bed then I was.

She looked at the bed and sighed.

Woman: “I really do not see why we had to rush?”

I took two steps towards her and put my hands on her waist while turning her to face me.

Dracula: “I think you know” I told her in a calm low voice.

I saw she was beginning to open her mouth just like to tell me “I knew I could not trust you.” But before she could say anything I kissed her softly on the lips. When our lips touched I saw her closing her eyes.

I hoped before the kiss that after it she would feel calm and safe around me. After kissing her I saw her slowly open up her eyes.

It was like before she trusted me, but now she also knew me.

I started kissing her neck, which she enjoyed. She put her hands around me and kissed me on the mouth. I moved my hands from her waist to her breasts. She stopped kissing me and looked at, where my hands were. She then smiled at me and softly lay back on the bed. I put my left hand on her knee and bent towards her, while my hand started to move up from her knees still touching her body. I, like all other men, was interested in breasts. When my hand was above her waist it moved to her right breast and beneath her skirt so that it was revealed. While I at the same time had got to kissing her neck again for a short period of time, before stopping and started kissing her breasts. But it quickly stopped and I returned to her neck.

Suddenly, it changed my grip around her arms tightened and she could feel something was wrong.

Woman: “Let me go” she shouted.

I had turned back into a vampire. She tried to get herself loose but she could not. She could feel something sharp and pointy on her neck. She turned her head downwards towards me, not having seen my real face. I looked up at her with my sharp fangs pointing out of my mouth. She screamed with tears coming out of her eyes. She begged me to let her live. Without reply I looked toward her throat ready to make the bite, which would bring her pathetic life to an end. She cried to me for a second time.

Woman: “Please don’t kill me.”

Dracula: “We will see.”

I said before lusting my fangs into her throat with no intention of letting her live. I could hear her last sigh, while my fangs were crawling deeper and deeper in. Breaking layer after layer, like pain when it gets too painful you lose consciousness. At a point I stopped and left her lying on the bed. I turned back into a human. When I stood up her right hand, which was on me, fell off the bed. Her eyes were half open, while she was lying on the bed. Putting on my clothes I thought on what had happened. I thought would it have been different if I had not come? It was as if I was starting to feel sympathy for my victims?

I was wiping the blood from my mouth. Then I turned towards her. I could see that the bite marks on her neck were growing together.

Why? This had never happened to me before or had it when I was paying no attention to my victims? Could it be there are more like her and what is she? She opened her eyes.

We stared at one another. It was a moment of horror for me. How much does she know? What are her powers? Will she be angry with me for killing her? She smiled to me, before standing up in a flash. The next moment she was standing right in front of me looking into my eyes trying to find out of something. She brushed her right hand through my hair. Her left hand touched my lips, gazing at my lips before her lips touched me. Then I could feel something, she was lusting for me.

I lifted her up by the throat, so that she could not touch the floor any longer. But instead of screaming or struggling to get loose her face turned more worrying.

Vampire: “So much anger I see in your eyes, so much fury.”

I turned back into a vampire.

Dracula: “What are you?”

Vampire: “You know who I am.”

My grip around her neck loosened a bit. Could it be that I knew who she was?

Vampire: “I am your making; a vampire just as yourself.”

I let go and turned around. My face had turned back into a human’s. I was deep inside my thoughts. Could I make others just as me and as powerful as me? What would they be like?

She came besides me and put her left hand on my shoulder.

Vampire: “You have made me to please your sexual desires.”

My head faced the ground. I felt one of her hands sliding under my trousers and taking hold.

Dracula: “I did not plan for you to live or to be like me” while shaking my head.

Vampire: “But I am not like you or living” she told me with a worrisome look.

Vampire: “You made me to serve you and so I shall.”

Dracula: “But I cannot love.”

Vampire: “It is not what is on the in- that matters but the outside.”

Her hand was rubbing it. I turned to face her. She automatically melted on me. It was similar to a moth to a flame.

I thought about what she had said and what it meant to me. Questions arose from that.

Now after having been resurrected as this Dracula with all the past erased and where I could write a new future. I was still uncertain of all that I did not know?

There was no more a lust of anger or having the need to see people in pain. Those thoughts even did not enter my mind.

A love for the woman’s body I felt growing. It was not so much a matter of beauty but something more of depth, soul. The many ways of pleasing a woman brought me much joy and control over them.

First her head being positioned on my chest as if she were hugging, then moving up giving me a few kisses and whispering into my one ear.

Vampire: “Make love to me.”

After saying that she pulled me back towards where she had laid before, pushing me at the end to a sitting position on top of the bed. She with the other hand pulled up for her skirt and sat on my lap again kissing me.

Every night when I woke I opened my coffin from the inside without ever remembering that I had closed it. My recollection of the last night was how it was filled with love. Everything from the beginning of me waking up, waking her up, our making love before we went into the night sky to hunt for blood. Sometimes it was men, sometimes women, but whichever the type it was done with love. We feasted on the weak while we made love.

I saw the vampire I made and her coffin lay right next to mine. Though never open.

Sometimes I wondered how I made her into a vampire and not the others? Or whether maybe they all were vampires and we just had not met? What if I was the first of my kind and how had I been spawned?

First when I had called her name, her coffin opened. She was always pale but with no signs of her veins like mine. Beautiful while she lay there with her eyes shut. While the coffin was opening her eyes slid slowly open. Her look was so similar to the first time after I had made her, beautiful but pale. She smiled at me and rose from her coffin. Her body was so outrageously beautiful. I could just imagine myself if I was alive having done anything for her, even killed myself if that was the case.

I was attached to her as she too me. I could make love to her whenever I wanted. I would almost say I loved her but I am half-dead already. We have no feelings.

But this one night when we were hunting for pray something happened, something very unexpected. We flew into the town as always. Looking for someone’s house who we thought would be good as a pray. When we heard something, an old man appeared holding the bible in one hand while cursing us. It was almost too easy. We started walking towards the man. I let my vampire accomplice go first. She was almost close enough to lust her fangs into the man when suddenly he reached inside his cloak and pulled out a little bottle of water and threw it at her. It burned her. She made an appalling noise. I was stunned while at the same time being very scared.

We may be immortal for most but there still is a way you can kill us.

The old man looked at me. I opened my mouth and my big fangs came out. He wanted to throw water at me also. But when he saw me there was something that frightened him. He reached up and took a wooden cross he had on his necklace and pointed it at me saying some words in an unknown language. But I was furious of what he had done to my accomplice. Therefore I came up to the man put one of my hands on his head. Turned it, and with that I turned his head backwards so that I could see the back of his head.

I went to the vampire I had made. She was laying down covering her face. Recovering I first thought. But when I got to her and took her hand away from her face I was terrified of what I saw. Half of her face had simply been demolished. The other half had at places bone being revealed. She was crying.

Vampire: “I am dying.”

Dracula: “No you are not” giving her a faint smile.

Vampire: “But you cannot make love to me with such a hideous face.”

Dracula: “Your face is not important in the process of making love.”

Vampire: “You look away when you say these words. Too ashamed of what you really feel.”

She took hold of one my hands.

Vampire: “Look at me.”

It was true I could not see the beauty that I once saw in her though I still looked.

Vampire: “Take the wooden cross and ram it through my heart.”

Dracula: “But that will kill you.”

Vampire: “But I am already dead” giving me a small smile.”

I broke loose the cross from his necklace and held it in my right hand while looking at it.

Dracula: “I am sorry.”

I noticed her eyes rolling upwards, her right hand taking down the dress in the part where I was going to stab her.

I took the wooden cross and rammed it through her heart and to my surprise also through her body. I heard a gasp and saw her body burning up into ashes.

I kneeled there with the burning wooden cross in one hand. I let go and had a look at my hand. It was fine and the burning feeling seemed to be a fragment of my imagination.

I could not help smiling about it.

I returned to the castle and went back to my resting place but this time there were four candles light besides the coffin, two on each side. The coffin was open just like I was supposed to go in there and so I did shutting the lid after me. I felt tired so I closed my eyes and fell asleep. It felt like a second had passed until I opened my eyes again and I wasn’t tired. I opened the coffin again slowly.

While I was coming out of it I noticed nothing different to what it was back then. I went up the stairs and to the top of one of the highest towers. It was pouring with rain outside and windy. Something looked a lot different. It seemed as there were new buildings built and there were shiny things moving in the midst of the dark night. I wondered what they were?

Then it happened.

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