True Story of Dracula

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Chapter 2: Trip to Romania


It was 6.00 am on a Friday morning Mr. Taylor was just stepping out of a Starbucks shop with a cup of cappuccino in his hand. He was still wondering about the day before, where he had been out with some friends of his at a bar. He had difficulty with pasting it all together, since he had quite a bit to drink.

Mr. Taylor was walking towards the meeting point. He could already see Smith reading something with his back towards Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor got a small smile on his face, he thought of Smith as the type who always has a book right in front of him either sitting in class or preparing his homework.

Next to Smith’s seat there was a rook sack that seemed not to be that full.

Mr. Taylor heard a door open. He looked at the main entrance of the airport towards the glass door and saw Mary step out of a cab while her cab driver politely was holding the cab door open.

Mary: “Take my luggage and come with it into the airport. Then I will pay you.”

Cab driver: “Yes” while frowning a little bit because whichever the case she would have to pay.

Mr. Taylor saw the cab driver having some difficulty in lifting the suitcase out of the cab.

Smith took a look up from his book just to check the time on the big clock, when he saw Mr. Taylor.

Smith: “Good morning Mr. Taylor” he said with a smile.

Mr. Taylor: “Good morning Smith” smiling back to Smith.

Mr. Taylor: “I would have expected you to have a fuller rook sack due to all the books you read” saying that rather impressed?

Smith smiled and showed his new Kindle to Mr. Taylor.

Smith: “Luckily I have got this” waving his new Kindle about.

Mr. Taylor looked at it. Not knowing what to say.

Mr. Taylor: “What is that?”

Smith: “This is the new generation. In the future all things will be read off one of these.”

Mr. Taylor was just setting his suitcase to a halt.

Mr. Taylor: “Let me see” he said while he was coming to sit next to Smith.

Mr. Taylor was thinking of last Christmas, when he saw that his niece had gotten the same thing as a Christmas gift. He also remembered that he was not that fond of it.

Mr. Taylor: “What new things will we invent just to sell more products” commenting to himself?

Smith was putting a bookmark on his Kindle and then went into the menu too explain to Mr. Taylor how it works.

Mr. Taylor took his glasses on.

Smith gave it to Mr. Taylor by placing his Kindle in Mr. Taylors’ hands. Smith then explained how it works and the benefits of having it compared to a normal book.

Smith: “With this you can buy books, magazines newspapers and everything else cheaper.”

Mr. Taylor looked at Smith.

Mr. Taylor: “Well how much do they cost?”

Smith smiled.

Smith: “Well that depends on how much the book actually costs.”

Mr. Taylor: “Let us say I buy a book that costs 50 $ for what price would I get it then?

Smith: “Then I would say you should be expecting a book for 30 – 40 $.”

Mr. Taylor: “So a 10 $ cut. Okay, let us say then I would like to buy a book that costs 1 $ what price would I have to pay then” raising his eyebrows?

Smith smiled again.

Smith: “Then I believe the price difference would be minimal, maybe of 10 cents.”

Mr. Taylor: “Right, so you are telling me that it all depends on price? If high price then there is a big price fluctuation between the price you have to pay on Kindle than in a retail store, and if low price then not so much?”

Smith: “Exactly.”

Suddenly it all started to make perfect sense to Mr. Taylor. Why one should choose to buy a Kindle rather than an ordinary book.

Smith then began to show how you navigate in the Kindle to Mr. Taylor.

Mary had already come in the building and was quite close to the meeting spot.

Mary: “Good morning” while she was walking towards them with her suitcase on wheels holding it with her left hand coming along besides her.

Smith and Mr. Taylor looked up at her.

Mary had make up on, ear rings, a pink jacket with a white shirt beneath it, skirt and black boots.

Mr. Taylor: “Good morning.”

Smith: “Morning.”

Mary: “How are you doing today” looking towards Smith?

Smith: “Good thank you.”

Mary smiled and then asked Mr. Taylor.

Mary: “How about you Mr. Taylor?”

Mr. Taylor: “Cannot complain.”

Mr. Taylor: “Now we are only missing Patricia, Susan, Carol, Donna, Margaret and Wilson.”

Smith looked to Mary’s left hand side and said.

Smith: “It looks like there are all the rest.”

Mary turned her head around and saw Patria, Susan, Margaret and Wilson.

Mr. Taylor: “I see everybody besides Donna and Carol.”

Mary: “Probably they will come a little later.”

Mr. Taylor was looking at his clock.

Mr. Taylor: “They are supposed to be here by now.”

Carol: “Good morning.”

Carol was standing right behind Mr. Taylor and besides her was Donna.

Mr. Taylor turned around.

Mr. Taylor: “Good morning.”

Mr. Taylor: “It looks like then we are all here” turning his head towards Smith, who was reading his Kindle.

Mary had left her suitcase with the rest of the group while she herself went out to get a Cappuccino in Starbucks. Mr. Taylor took a look at the clock. It was almost time to go. Their flight was leaving at 9:00 am and the clock was 6:45 am. He looked around himself, to see if everybody was ready to go to the check in? He saw everybody except Mary.

Mr. Taylor: “Where has Mary gone?”

Wilson: “I think she has gone into Starbucks.”

Mr Taylor; “Wilson have you got your tickets yet?”

Wilson: “No, not yet.”

Mr. Taylor: “How about you Smith?”

Smith: “Pardon” while he was taking his head up from his Kindle.

Mr. Taylor: “Have you got your flight tickets?”

Smith: “No” right before he got back to reading.

Mr. Taylor looked at Donna.

Mr. Taylor: “I suppose you have not got your tickets either?”

Donna: “Sorry Mr. Taylor.”

Mr Taylor put his lips together while he was nodding his head. Mary had just come out from Starbucks. She was taking a slurp of her café latte when she noticed the clock.

Mary: “Shouldn’t we get going?”

Mr. Taylor thought finally someone who wants to get moving and not miss his or her flight.

Mr. Taylor: “Let us get a move on then.”

Everybody took their things and they started heading towards the check in. Mr. Taylor was the first one to talk to the lady sitting in check in.

Mr. Taylor: “One ticket to Romania please.”

Lady at check-in: “Name?”

Mr. Taylor: “Taylor Harald.”

The lady at the check-in took a look at his passport then at him.

Lady at check-in: “Your flight leaves at 9:00 have a nice flight.”

Patricia was after Mr. Taylor. Patricia gave her plane ticket in together with her passport.

Lady at check-in: “Patricia Robertsons” while she was looking at her documents?

Patricia: “Yes.”

The lady had a quick glimpse at her before turning her head to the computer and starting to write the flight number in.

Lady at check-in: “Your flight will be leaving at 9:00 have a nice flight.”

Patricia: “Thanks.”

Next was Wilson he came up with his suitcase and put it on the roll off. He then looked at the lady and gave her his hand.

Wilson: “Wilson” smiling at the lady.

She looked at him. It was a rather odd thing to be doing to a check-in lady.

Lady at check-in: “Passport please” not giving her hand back.

Wilson gave her his passport while muttering something to himself.

Wilson: “I forgot how dull the airport personnel is.”

The lady at the check-in heard some of it so she looked at him. Wilson made a quick smile back to her.

Wilson gave in his passport with a remark.

Wilson: “Here you are.”

The lady took his passport.

Lady at check-in: “Thank you” while starting to look for the page with his picture.

Wilson: “Don’t mention it.”

The lady looked at him for a second before getting back to the passport.

Lady at check-in: “Wilson Zarack” while looking at him with a curious look on her face.

Wilson took it as a perfect opportunity to start explaining why he had such a family name.

Wilson: “Yes. My grandfather chose such a family name when he got married with my grandmother. They met at a village in Brazil... ”

Wilson noticed the check in lady had gotten back to her computer. Wilson rolled his eyes.

After Wilson came Smith. When Wilson past Smith he left a quick remark.

Wilson: “Good luck” while raising his eyebrows.

Smith handed his passport with the ticket sitting in it to the check-in lady.

Lady at check-in: “Smith Johnson?”

Smith nodded to her.

The lady at check-in handed back his passport and ticket.

Lady at check-in: “Thank you.”

Smith took the passport and tickets and walked back to where all the rest were standing. On his way he passed Mary who smiled to him. Unfortunately Smith did not notice that because his head was down while putting his ticket in between his passport.

Wilson: “I see there was no fuss when you were up there” looking towards the check-in counter.”

Mary: “Good morning” while smiling and handing over her passport as well as her ticket to the lady at the check-in counter.

The lady at the check-in took her passport together with her ticket and returned to writing something on her computer. She took a quick glimpse at Mary in between just to make sure it was she. She handed her passport and tickets back when she was done with them.

Susan was next in line.

The lady at check-in: “Hello.”

Susan: “Hey.”

Susan handed her documents to the lady who smiled back while receiving the documents. Susan looked at the lady while she was typing something into her computer.

Susan: “Must be a pretty standardised job you have there.”

The lady at check-in: “Yes.”

The lady at check in gave the tickets and passport back.

The lady at check in: “Your flight will be leaving at 9.00.”

Susan accepted the tickets and passport and then returned back to the group. Thinking, “What had just happened” in reference to her question and receiving the simple answer of yes? Susan came to pass Wilson first in the group.

Wilson: “You should next time try asking something about the weather. It is something a whole lot more people can relate to.”

Then it was Margaret’s turn. She had a lot of things on her. She had a purse, large suitcase, small suitcase and another smaller purse on top of that.

The lady at check-in: “Hello” was said with a smile.

Margaret: “Is there a limit for how much luggage one can have on the plane?”

The lady at check-in: “There is no limit for the amount of things you can take with you on the plane however, when it does get too crowded on the plane you might be forced to take some of your stuff and put it into the baggage room? At the baggage drop there are no limits on the number of kilos you wish to put.”

Margaret: “Okay, I will give you the large suitcase as well as the smaller one” lifting the first one with minor difficulty and the second one at more of an ease.

Margaret: “There” after having done that.

The check-in lady was looking like she still expected something.

The lady at check-in: “Tickets?”

Margaret: “Oh yes” taking them out of her passport which was in her pocket, and handing them over.

The lady at check-in: “And passport.”

Margaret: “Certainly” while giggling to herself on her forgetfulness.

The lady at check-in: “Your flight is at 9.00” while handing her documents back.

Margaret returned to the group.

Wilson: “Margaret if you don’t mind me asking, what was in that suitcase of yours?”

Margaret: “Clothes, make up and a couple of other things.”

Margaret: “Why?”

Wilson: “Well if it turned out to be a dead body in that large suitcase of yours. I would say that chances are that they would not even let us on the plane.”

Margaret: “Ha-ha very funny” being angrily surprised by him.

Wilson: “Yes, I thought so” smiling back.

Smith standing next to Wilson touched him on the shoulder.

Smith: “Try fitting yourself in to it before you come with such an accusing remark.”

Wilson turned to face Smith.

Wilson: “I was just trying to lift her spirit coming with a little bit of a joke” saying it in a cheerful mood.

Smith walked away.

Wilson: “Come on you cannot say it was not a little bit funny?”

Donna was up next. She walked up to the counter with her suitcase in one hand and her ticket together with her passport in the other.

The lady at check-in: “Good morning.”

Donna: “Good morning” letting go of her suitcase and putting her tickets and passport on the counter.

Thereafter Donna lifted up her suitcase with both hands and put it on the roll-on. The lady at check-in took the documents that were put on the counter, shortly after she looked at Donna.

The lady at check-in: “Are you Spanish?”

Donna: “No though my grandfather is Mexican that is why I have the Mexican surname” while smiling to the lady.

The lady at check-in: “Is your grandfather an immigrant?”

Donna: “No, he still lives in Mexico.”

The lady at check-in: “So your father is the immigrant?”

Donna: “My father is a diplomat” while tilting her head towards her left side.

The lady at check-in nodded. She handed back the documents.

The lady at check-in: “Have a nice flight,” she said with a smile.

Carol was last. She had a larger purse under her left arm and a suitcase in her right hand. She put her suitcase on the roll-on and lay her documents on the check-in counter.

The lady at check-in smiled to Carol while taking the documents. Carol noticed everything on the lady’s face. She had a wart under her left eye. Her right eye seemed to be a little bit more shut than the other. There was also something with her smile. Her smile did not seem to be all white; there were two teeth on the right side of her mouth that seemed to be a little bit more yellowish than the others.

For the sake of politeness she held back the commenting on these things she noticed and smiled back to the lady.

The lady at check-in: “Thank you, your flight will be departing at 9.00.”

Carol nodded and turned around to walk back to the group. She was crunching her face while walking back. She thought of the things she had noticed especially the teeth.

Mr. Taylor: “Right, now that we are all gathered we should probably be heading towards pass control” smiling to the group.

Mr. Taylor had a quick look around before heading towards the pass control and having the group follow him. So that when they reached the pass control there was formed a cue by Mr. Taylor being at the head of the cue followed by the girls and ending of with Smith and Wilson.

The cue went pretty quickly.

Wilson: “It is us next” looking at the cue.

Wilson: “I will try not to make any jokes this time around. Because in England there was this one man who responded when asked what does he have as luggage? He told them that he had a machine gun with him being the underlining reason for why he could not board the plane” looking at Smith.

Smith tried not to laugh.

Smith: “I don’t suppose this was while you were there in your winter break?”

Wilson: “Ha-ha” very funny.

Smith: “Besides I don’t see how this will affect our flight because it then will be just you who stays behind.”

Smiling to Wilson.

Wilson: “Yes, unless I say that you were all in on it as well” smiling to Smith.

Smith rolled his eyes.

Smith: “And you suppose he will believe you?”

The girls had passed the pass control by then.

Man sitting in pass control boost: “Next please.”

Smith started heading towards the pass control.

Wilson: “We will see about that” clinching his eyes.

Smith came to the pass control. The pass controller was a young man with yellow hair and blue eyes, in a blue shirt. Smith started by giving his passport in and the man on the other end receiving it. He looked at the passport then at Smith. He gave the passport back.

Man at passport control: “Thank you.”

Smith went to the other side of the pass control with a weird sense of that went quickly. As Smith started going to the other side Wilson started coming up to the pass control.

Wilson handed his passport in and noticed his face after having put his pass on the pass control counter. The man took his passport and right before opening it and looking at it he had a quick glimpse at Wilson. He saw Wilson standing there with his mouth a little open. He looked at his passport and then he looked back at Wilson. Wilson had closed his mouth by then and was looking very identical to his passport picture.

Man at passport control: “Thank you.”

Wilson went to Smith.

Wilson: “Did you see his face” asking Smith with a little bit more serious look while pointing with one hand back towards the man he was referring to?

Smith: “Yes” not really sure where Wilson was going with the question.

Wilson: “The guy looked like an angel.”

Smith got a smile on his face and let out a little gasp. There was also a girl who heard it, Margaret.

Margaret: “You thought he looked like an angel. Why do you think that was?”

Wilson: “Maybe it was his blue eyes, with the blue shirt he had on and the smile on his face together with the neutral surrounding around me?”

Smith rolled his eyes in the background.

Margaret: “Do you think that is what angels look like?”

Wilson: “I suppose.”

Margaret: “So you thought you were going to heaven?”

Wilson: “Ha-ha very funny.”

Margaret: “I am just trying to find out why you reacted the way you did?”

Wilson wanted to say something but he thought maybe he ought not to.

Smith: “Come on it seems as the others are going to our terminal of departure.”

Mr. Taylor: “So now we wait till the boarding begins.”

Wilson: “Just sit and wait?”

Mr. Taylor: “Yes, or you can do as Smith read.”

Wilson: “That’s lame” while looking around.

Wilson: “I think I will be going to that shop,” pointing at a shop.

Before Mr. Taylor could reply Wilson was already far off to the shop. Mr. Taylor noticed that the shop where Wilson was heading there were already two girls at, looking at magazines. Maybe they will notice when the plane starts boarding?

Wilson: “Hello girls” said cheerfully.

Mary and Patricia looked up from the magazines they were reading.

Wilson: “So what is it we are reading today?”

Mary: “Sports.”

Patricia: “Latest fashion.”

Wilson: “Right.”

Mary: “And what is it you came here to look for?”

Wilson: “Watches.”

Patricia: “Watches? In a magazine shop?”

Wilson: “Yes, well you never know what one can find in a magazine shop” taking up a children’s comic that had a little plastic watch inside the cover.

Patricia and Mary giggled and carried on reading their magazines.

Mary thought she could hear something so she looked up. She could see above the doorway to her plane “Boarding.”

Mary: “It is boarding.”

Patricia and Wilson looked up. Patricia looked up from the sports magazine and Wilson looked up from the Donald Duck comic he was reading.

Mary went to the shopkeeper who was setting things around in the shop. Mary told the shopkeeper that she would like to buy the magazine she was holding. Mary and the shopkeeper went to the shopkeeper counter where she finalised the purchase of the magazine. Thereafter Mary started boarding the plane. Patricia followed shortly after her.

Patricia: “Coming” looking at Wilson right before exiting the shop.

Wilson had a look at his watch.

Wilson: “There is still time?”

Patricia turned around and exited the shop and lined up in the cue behind Mary.

Wilson tilted his head towards one shoulder shrugging his shoulders. Wilson took the Donald Duck comic to the shopkeeper and purchased it before cuing up after Patricia.

Patricia: “I see you decided to buy the Donald Duck” comic after all.”

Wilson: “Yes, a little reading on the plane might come to advantage.”

Wilson looked at his boarding card “seat nr. B84.” He found his seat and sat down. The one he was sitting next to was Donna.

Wilson: “Hey.”

Donna smiled back.

Wilson: “Are you looking forward till the trip?”

Donna: “Very much so.”

Wilson: “Which bit are you looking most forward to in the trip?”

Donna thought for a moment.

Donna: “I guess it would have to be the visits to the castles.”

Wilson: “Yes, can you just imagine what it would be like if Count Dracula was really a vampire.”

One could see by Wilson’s face that he was getting excited. Donna on the other hand was scrunching her eyebrows together.

Wilson: “And if later on we all got bit by him? Wouldn’t it be cool? A group of vampires coming back to the states either on a plane full of vampires or then a plane full of dead people.”

Donna: “I do not think vampires are like that.”

Wilson: “Too sudden?”

Donna: “I think vampires do not want to be found.”

Wilson was looking towards the seat right in front of him.

Donna: “Vampires want to live their life more quietly then portrayed.”

Wilson: “Right, so you expect them to be more sudden than that. Like a serial killer they do not kill you in public but when you are all alone.”

Donna: “Not quite. What I mean is they do not want to be in the spot light all the time.”

Wilson: “You mean like Shrek, right? Where you put out your ogre hole a sign saying “Ogre, stay away” saying it with a smile.

Donna was sensing she could not get Wilson to follow her line of thinking. Therefore what she did was she changed her story.

Donna: “Unlike a serial killer he will not kill us at first. He will take us to his secret hide-out where one by one he will kill us or turn us into vampires.”

Wilson: “Yes, I think Mr. Taylor will be the first one to go.”

Donna was making a face as if she did not understand Wilson.

Donna: “Why?”

Wilson: “I mean he is clearly into this Dracula guy or Vlad the Impaler” finishing off making a wide-eyed expression.

Wilson: “Therefore I believe he will be the easiest pray.”

Mr. Taylor: “How are we getting settled in?”

Donna: “Just fine.”

Mr. Taylor: “I heard you were talking about something?”

Donna: “It is just about Dracula.”

Mr. Taylor: “Aaa great then do not let me disturb you” moving on to Patricia and Mary who were sitting right behind them.

Wilson: “Maybe Dracula will not have to turn all of us.”

Donna looked at Wilson.

Wilson: “Maybe Mr. Taylor will finish the job for him” raising his eyebrows after saying that.

Donna laughed.

Mr. Taylor: “How are we doing down here” looking at Patricia and Mary?

Patricia: “Good.”

Mr. Taylor: “And how are you doing Mary?”

Mary looked up from the magazine she was reading.

Mary: “Can’t complain” while smiling gently to Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor moved to the next two Carol and Smith. While doing so he said something to himself.

Mr. Taylor: “Better having nothing to complain about than to have something to complain about the whole way to Romania” while raising his eyebrows.

Mr. Taylor could already see that the chances would not be that good for him getting a response. Smith as always was reading his Kindle. Carol on the other hand there could be luck with, as long as she notices him and does not listen to too loud music in her earphones.

Mr. Taylor: “All is good?”

Carol smiled to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Taylor took it positively before moving on.

Mr. Taylor: “I seriously hope Smith will be more with us than reading his Kindle while he is in Romania.”

Next two who Mr. Taylor was going to was Susan and Margaret. Two smiling faces met Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor: “I see you are sitting in with the surrounding well?”

Susan: “Yes, very well.”

Mr. Taylor: “Good” putting his lips together and tightening them while nodding.

Margaret: “Was Vlad religious” looking at Mr. Taylor?

Mr. Taylor looked up and then at Margaret.

Mr. Taylor: “I don’t know. I think he might have been Christian,” leaning with his left shoulder on the seat in front of Margaret.

Margaret: “Do you think it would have been different if Vlad and Radu were not sold as slaves early on in their lives?”

Mr. Taylor: “What do you mean?”

Margaret: “As we have seen in history big things have often been started by small events.”

Mr. Taylor looked interested.

Margaret: “The killing of the Tsar family would most likely never have happened if Lenin’s brother wouldn’t have gotten killed in the army.”

Mr. Taylor: “But it did happen.”

Margaret: “Yes, but it did not change anything. It was meant to change the power from the few being the Tsar’s to the many being the population, under lining the revolution. Yet after the Tsar’s were killed, what we saw was a switch in powers not a change of powers. From the Tsars to Kremlin and the dictators, so there was no other big change of event underlining the killing of Lenin’s brother.”

Mr. Taylor did not seem convinced. He was shaking his head from side to side.

Margaret: “The same rhetoric they had in the Tsar period they still do have now. You do not take the dirty laundry out of Kremlin.”

Mr. Taylor was about to say something but he was tapped on the shoulder, he turned around.

Stewardess: “We are taking off now. Would you please take your seat?”

Mr. Taylor nodded and took his seat.

Susan: “Well done Margaret; you made Mr. Taylor speechless” smiling to her.

Mr. Taylor came back to Margaret to finish off their conversation from earlier.

Mr. Taylor: “I think there has been a difference from the Tsars till our days.”

Margaret: “I am not arguing with that but just the way it is run. It might have been correct in the Middle Ages not to share information with the public because what is discussed above may not be understood correctly at the bottom. In simple terms we cannot expect a fireman or a policeman to necessarily understand why the politician has acted as he has. But still hanging on to the old ways does not make sense according to me.”

Mr. Taylor had forgotten what the conversation had begun from.

Mr. Taylor: “What was the question again?”

Margaret smiled to Mr. Taylor.

Margaret: “Underlining this long explanation was the killing of Lenin’s brother. Where my question was could we have avoided what happened with Vlad and Radu if they would not have been sold as slaves in their youth?”

Mr. Taylor followed and therefore thought a few seconds before answering.

Mr. Taylor: “I think we could have but not they’re where you say.”

Margaret was trying to follow.

Mr. Taylor: “We came to the trading away of Vlad and Radu because of an old promise Vlad had made to saving his old life. The underlying of this promise we actually do not know? Was it because he could trade them away? Or was it because he never thought the agreement would have existed that long? Maybe he thought the Ottoman Empire would have gotten crumbled before the date he mentioned, maybe not? We can only speculate about that. Maybe this was the cause of Vlad and Radu being given away” raising his eyebrows while trying to get to the source of the topic?

Mr. Taylor: “Then again if Vlad had never been there, where he was for the capture having to take place for the promise to come into motion, then none of this would ever have happened. Therefore my question to you is do you know where we went wrong?”

Margaret was astonished by Mr. Taylor’s counter argument and she did not know what to say.

Mr. Taylor was smiling to her and getting ready to go back to his seat when Susan interrupted them.

Susan: “Mr. Taylor could you please get Wilson to stop about this Dracula legend” Susan was looking a bit worried while posing this question to Mr. Taylor?

Mr. Taylor nodded and told her.

Mr. Taylor: “I will do my best.”

It was a long flight. Everyone had something different to do.

Wilson was having difficulty with keeping himself active. First it started with looking out of the window, which was fun. Until the land stopped and all you could see was either the sea or the clouds. It was followed by Wilson staring at the seat in front of him, and trying to think of or imagine something.

Donna who was sitting next to Wilson had the most pleasant flight. Once they had reached air she called the stewardess and asked her for a coffee, sugar, milk and a blue berry muffin on the side. She then took out a book called “Neuro: The New Brain Sciences and the Management of the Mind” which she began reading.

Wilson wondered what Donna was doing so he looked.

Wilson: “Is it an interesting book you are reading?”

Donna: “Yes, very” taking another bite of the blue berry muffin.

Wilson: “Well at least one of us is having something to do.”

Donna felt as she was being engaged into having a conversation with Wilson. She put a bookmark where she had come to and closed the book. She looked at Wilson.

Donna: “Are you bored?”

Wilson: “Yes” nodding his head.

Donna: “Don’t you have anything to read?”

Wilson reached inside his backpack and took out the Donald Duck comic. The Donald Duck comic in it-self was more like a book about one of the many adventures of Donald Duck.

Wilson: “I have this.”

Donna: “Oh cool let me see” laying her hand out.

Wilson gave her the Donald Duck comic book.

Donna: “Wow”!

Donna turned the book around, looking at the book.

Donna: “Do you know what the book is about” asking excited almost as if she was going to read it?

Wilson: “Sort of, the book starts with this story of Donald Duck guarding Scrooge McDuck’s stinky cabbage from all the insects and birds that want to eat it. Though there is this annoying crow that all the time bothers Donald Duck. Therefore what Donald Duck does is he buys this super fertilizer to make the crow stop eating the cabbage. But instead of putting just a little bit on each cabbage Donald Duck accidently spills the whole thing. Out of nowhere there suddenly grows an enormous tree producing bags of gold in Scrooge McDuck’s favour.

So the question is what makes it grow?

The other stories that the book contains are of agent Donald Duck together with agent Vims where they must solve a case of a monster’s disappearance. As well as Steel Duck together with another duck whose name I cannot remember having to fight against a new super hero.”

Donna: “Wow. Will you tell me how all these stories end when you get finished with the book?”

Wilson: “Yes.”

Donna gave back the book and continued reading her own book.

Wilson was a little amazed of what had just happened. One sec it seemed that Donna was dying to read the book and curious to know what the book is about? The next second she was back to her usual self.

Wilson thought “Ahhh well it must be usual for a girl like Donna. A way of politely telling me to tell her what the book is about when I am done.” He raised his eyebrows before reading the Donald Duck comic book.

Mr. Taylor himself sitting right in front of Wilson and Donna had dozed of right since he sat down after talking with Susan. He was quietly snoring away.

Patricia: “Do you think there will be lots of shops around there where our hotel is” looking towards Mary?

Mary: “Maybe but I do not think that was meant under getting time for ourselves to do research” shaking her head a bit towards Patricia.

Patricia nodded pretending to understand.

Patricia: “Right, but let’s say in general if one of us needs to go shopping” still nodding?

Mary: “After clothes” tilting her head a little bit down and looking directly into Patricia’s eyes?

Patricia: “Yes, or souvenirs.”

Mary: “I think we can buy enough souvenirs from the castle’s we visit.”

Mary saw Patricia rolling her eyes from the seat towards the window.

Mary: “Was it not what you had in mind” looking curiously at Patricia?

Patricia: “Let’s say when you want to read a book about Dracula or the history of Vlad than supposedly you do not rely on the souvenir shops that we go to?”

Mary: “Right.”

Patricia: “You probably rely on a book store, or a library, or a supermarket to acquire the information you seek for the essay.”

Mary: “If I was searching for a t-shirt to buy for one of my brothers than I would need to find a clothing store, which I do expect there to be many of where we will be going.”

Mary: “I think I will go over to Mr. Taylor, excuse me” while opening her belt and standing up.

Patricia smiled to her as a response and said.

Patricia: “No probz” turning her head towards the window and thinking a bit before changing to something else.

Mary walked up to Mr. Taylor’s seat.

Mary: “Mr. Taylor” she had just laid her eyes on him and saw he was sleeping?

Mary: “Right I will come back another time.”

Mr. Taylor: “Ask me what you came here for” answering Mary to her surprise but still keeping his eyes shut?

Mary: “What will you be doing when we will be given time to do our research?”

Mr. Taylor opened his eyelids and sat up. For a few seconds he sat and thought of the question.

Mr. Taylor: “I suppose I will be doing my stuff such as reading or preparing for my lectures or maybe be taking a walk to see the surroundings.”

Mary nodded to Mr. Taylor as if she understood him.

Mary: “Okay. Mr. Taylor if you do not mind me asking when will we get the free time to do our research?”

Mr. Taylor looked like he did not quite follow.

Mary: “I mean three days is not that long.”

Mr. Taylor: “No but….”

Mary: “Let us presume that we are to arrive early into Romania and we are to check-in to the hotel before twelve. Then the rest of the day is probably for our settling in, right?”

Before Mr. Taylor could answer Mary carried on.

Mary: “That would then be our first day. If for instance then again we will be staying at two places in Romania that means two hotels with a substantial distance between both of them, this will mean that simply travelling from one hotel to the other will take practically almost a day. At best we can manage to fit into the day either before or after the trip a tour to a castle and back. That is then our second day. On our third day sooner or later we will anyway have to go to the airport so the time we have will be limited.”

Mr. Taylor saw that this conversation was going to take him slightly longer then he first would have predicted. He noticed there was no one sitting beside him.

Mr. Taylor: “Why don’t you sit down let me explain it to you” tapping on the seat next to him.

Mary sat down besides Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor: “Yes, you do lay out the plans rather precisely but you do forget some rather essential things. First due to the late approval from the board of lecturers, followed by the late notification of the class and last but not least getting little time to prepare for the trip because of uncertainty of the length of the trip. I am trying to persuade the board of lecturers to lengthen our stay in Romania, so that we can get more time for research of Dracula than we could if we only had three days.”

Mary looked down and then at Mr. Taylor.

Mary: “Mr. Taylor why is it you use the term of Dracula rather than his real name Vlad?”

Mr. Taylor: “Vlad I would use if we were talking history. Dracula on the other hand everyone knows either by having seen a film or cartoon of Dracula or than by having read the Bram Stoker novel.

Now we are going to travel to the country of Romania where the legend of Dracula was born. We get to see and experience several of the places where he has been, the castles that he has held and hear many of the myths surrounding Dracula. Then on our flight back we can draw up upon all the facts and myths we have heard of Vlad and only then we can come up with the conclusion did Dracula really exist?”

Mary got pretty taken by what Mr. Taylor was telling her.

Mary: “Yes, we can draw upon did this creature who we call Dracula in our days, a vampire probably even the first of his kind really exist inside Vlad.”

Mr. Taylor: “Yes, and maybe you can then put it as an underlining conclusion in your essay” giving Mary a hint on what she could include in her essay?

Mr. Taylor saw the person who sat next to him come back.

Person who sat next to Mr. Taylor: “Could I get my seat back” raising their eyebrows towards Mary?

Mary: “Sorry” while standing up.

Person who sat next to Mr. Taylor: “No worries.”

Smith: “Would you like me to order something for you” looking at Carol who was looking out the window.

Carol turned around.

Carol: “Are you going to call the stewardess?”

Smith: “Yes, I am planning to buy a coffee because reading together with sitting in an air tight airplane is making me sleepy.”

Carol looked down at his Kindle.

Carol: “What are you reading?”

Smith had a brief look at his Kindle.

Smith: “I am reading a book about Neuro marketing.”

Carol nodded towards Smith.

Carol: “What is that” while tilting her head a little bit closer to Smith?

Smith smiled.

Smith: “It is a book that tells you how you can get the message across subconsciously.”

Smith looked at Carol who seemed like that was not telling her anything.

Smith: “Do you know what subconsciously means?”

Carol: “Yes but I would not mind it if you did explain it to me once again.”

Smith: “For example if we are walking together in the forest and I think I see a snake behind a rock. Then without any hesitation I pull you back because in my subconscious I know that the snake can be dangerous hence I pull you back from danger.”

Carol nodded again showing that she understood the meaning of subconscious.

Carol: “So let us say if you get the coffee ordered and you for instance put it on the edge of your trey. If I then were to move it from the edge more into the centre simply to minimize the risk of it falling down on your lap and burning you then that would also be an act done subconsciously.”

Smith: “Yes.”

Carol: “Could you hand me the magazine hanging in your seat pocket?”

Smith handed Carol the magazine where one of the things you could read about were the beverages and snacks or meals you could buy upon the flight. Carol had a look at it to see if there is anything of interest. Smith on the other hand pushed on the stewardess button.

Stewardess came.

Stewardess: “Yes?”

Smith: “Yah I would like a coffee.”

Stewardess: “One coffee.”

Smith: “But if I were to order a cappuccino or a latté then how would it be made? Would it be made by one of these packages, which you can buy in a shop? You put the powder in the package into a cup and then come on with some boiled water” illustrating with his hands?

Stewardess: “Since we are flying I am afraid so.”

Smith: “Okay. With the coffee do you make it out of Nescafe?”

Stewardess: “The coffee we can make in a coffee machine.”

Smith: “Good” while turning his head towards Carol.

Smith: “Have you decided on anything yet?”

Carol was looking through the pages.

Carol: “When do we get served breakfast on this flight?”

The stewardess hesitated a bit because of the difference in between getting a breakfast in business class and economy class.

Stewardess: “I think in not so long.”

Carol: “Is it in 5 - 10 minutes or are we talking about 15 – 20 minutes?”

Stewardess: “I would have to say 5 – 10 minutes.”

Carol: “Okay I can wait” closing the magazine and putting it into her seat pocket.

Stewardess: “So one coffee” looking around to see if there are any objections before going back to make one.

Susan was reading a book about a successful woman who was also a fitness coach. Margaret on the other hand was being entertained by playing Sudoku in the computer screen in front of her. Trying to figure out the game and where the next numbers should go.

Margaret: “Anything interesting in that book of yours Susan” asked while trying to figure out where should the next three go?

Susan: “Yes many” lifting her eyebrows up.

Margaret: “Could you come with some of them?”

Susan stopped reading put her right finger on where she had been on last and looked at Margaret. Margaret was focused on the screen built on the back of the seat in front of her.

Susan: “There is one that I am rather fond of. It says, “One should always put one’s mind to what they are doing”.”

Margaret had just found the spot where the next three should be. A small smile came on her face right before starting to find out whether four could go anywhere on the virtual Sudoku board.

Margaret: “Don’t you have a school motto? Something you go by when you are studying?”

Susan: “Yes, with me it is you try your hardest never knowing if one can truly achieve it.”

Margaret looked away from the screen for a few moments to follow Susan’s thought.

Margaret: “Do you then put your mind at whatever you are studying?”

Susan: “Yes, as long as I know what to put it around.”

Margaret: “Could you elaborate?”

Susan: “If the topic is music, let us say we are supposed to describe the history of music. Then it would be a little bit difficult to wrap my mind around it.”

Margaret looked as if she was not quite following.

Susan: “I mean talk about wrapping your mind around music. It would be a hard thing to do if I would focus on the 80’s till our days.”

Margaret: “What is so hard about that? You pick an area what to focus on?”

Susan: “Really?”

Margaret: “If I was given such a task I would pick everything that has happened from the 80’s till our days.”

Susan: “Everything? The artists, music writers, song writers, singers, players, the change in music, the reason for this change, the atmosphere around being rock starts, pop stars, metal stars, punk stars and the like, the change in life from being a normal person to a star and the way that has changed over the years?”

Margaret: “Yes” nodding her head in a relaxed fashion.

Susan: “And how many pages do you think that will add up to” turning her head a little to one side?

Margaret: “That depends on the number of pages given?”

Susan: “So what you are telling me is that you can describe everything from the 80’s till our days in any amount of pages?”

Margaret: “Pretty much.”

Susan: “Then you can do something I cannot” turning her head back to the book while in a slow tone saying.

Susan: “Hemmingway freak.”

Loud speakers on plane: “We will be landing in 15 minutes.”

Donna gave Wilson a shove. Wilson who was sleeping with his mouth open on his seat that was not put in a sleeping position. Wilson opened his eyes.

Wilson: “What?”

Donna: “We are landing.”

Wilson: “And you could not let me sleep because?”

Donna: “Because your seat belt is not fastened and your trey is still down.

Wilson put up his trey and fastened his seat belt.

Wilson: “There” smiling to Donna before closing his eyes and going off to sleep again.

Donna could understand that Wilson did not want to be woken. Yet she thought of something good to say.

Donna: “You know I heard of a man who choked on his tongue all because he fell asleep before landing.”

Wilson opened his eyes in dismay of what he had just heard.

Wilson: “Right I am up. When again would we land?”

Mr. Taylor had his glasses on and was reading a book. He was ready to land with his trey up and his seat in a forthright position.

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