True Story of Dracula

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Chapter 3: Romania

When they had landed in Romania they were all amazed by the size of the airport. Indeed it was a small airport. The plane had landed and they were waiting till the pilot turned off the fasten seat belt sign.

Donna: “Wilson one of these days something bad will happen to you because you took your belt off before the sign had shut” when she saw he had taken his belt off before the light had shut.

Wilson: “Calm down Donna. It is not like another plane is going to fly into us once we have landed” he explained.

Donna was looking at Wilson with a serious face.

Wilson: “Okay, okay I promise you that on the flight back I will remember to take the belt off when the sign has shut” and gave her a little smile.

Donna’s eyes rolled over to the side of the window and she looked out of the window.

Donna: “I wonder which surprises does Romania hold for us?”

Wilson looked rather odd for two seconds. Just like what does she mean by that?

Mr. Taylor who was sitting closest to the exit looked back at all the others and said.

Mr. Taylor: “We are here.”

They all looked towards Mr. Taylor’s seat.

Smith: “Rather small airport don’t you think?”

Mr. Taylor: “I’ve seen smaller,” said in a positive tone.

Smith said: “Well sure if you go to places like Iran or Iraq” with a smile on his face.

Mr. Taylor: “Actually in Iran and Iraq both there are bigger airports than this.”

The smile on Smith’s face started fading away and Carol who sat right next to him started laughing and said.

Carol: “Next time you should check your knowledge of the world before stating anything like that.”

Mary said: “We are going to take a cab to our hotel right?”

Mr. Taylor replied with: “I was actually thinking of taking the bus?”

Mary turned her head away and while she was doing that muttered to herself.

Mary: “Well at least I am going to take a cab.”

Mr. Taylor: “Wait till she hears that we are going to stay in a hostel and not a hotel” at a lower tone while looking towards Wilson with a smile on his face.

Wilson returned the smile.

Wilson: “I don’t think she will be that fond of that.”

The seat belt sign turned off and the closest one’s to the exit being Mr. Taylor, Margaret, Wilson, Mary and Smith started taking their belts off. Of course Wilson had done that already so when the lights turned off he was up in no time.

They came to the airport building and Smith who was first held the door open for all the others.

Susan: “Thank you.”

Patricia: “Such a gentle man” and smiled to him.

Smith smiled back to her and watched her go a bit further.

Wilson: “Thanks old chap” patting him on the shoulder.

Wilson: “I think she likes you” and gave him a wink.

Smith looked at him goes through the door and a bit further. Thinking to himself what is he up to?

Margaret: “Thanks.”

Donna: “Anywhere you go there will always be a gentle man to hold the door for us” with a smile.

Carol: “Thank you.”

Mr. Taylor nodded to Smith and Smith nodded back.

You could hear from a distance that Mary was already upset with the trip. She came in without noticing that Smith was there to hold the door for her.

They were all moving towards the exit. Most of them were rather bright except Mary. She was unhappy about the trip, unhappy about one of her handles having broken off on her Gucci bag. It seemed as if Mary’s world was falling apart.

Mr. Taylor came to Mary and said.

Mr. Taylor: “Cheer up it is not that bad.”

Mary: “When we are going to get outside I am going to take a cab directly to the hotel” Mary said without looking at Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor: “We are not going to a hotel.”

Mary stopped.

Mary: “Where are we going then?”

Mr. Taylor: “To a hostel” said with a smile on his face.

Mary: “I am not going to any hostel,” said in a un polite manner.

Mr Taylor: “We do not have enough money to go to a hotel especially if we would like to stay for more days.”

Mary: “I will just get my parents to send some more money to my bank account,” said Mary persistently.

Mr. Taylor: “But you will need 24 hours before you can get the money. It is also weekend so you will at least have to stay with us two days before we can get things settled.”

Mary gasped.

Mary: “We will see” as a reply to Mr. Taylor!

Mary then walked straight out of the airport and tried to find a taxi driver who could give her a lift to the hostel. Mr. Taylor thought I wonder if she is off to find a cab? Probably should have told her that most likely they do not take credit cards?

The others were standing next to a depot where they had set their entire luggage. Not that far from the entrance to the airport. They were all waiting for Mr. Taylor and Mary.

Smith: “I wonder what Mr. Taylor and Mary are talking about” while he was looking through the glass door.

Wilson suggested cheerfully.

Wilson: “Probably Mary is complaining about the conditions she has had to put up with under the flight here” and then stopped smiling.

Patricia gave Wilson a shrug and said.

Patricia: “That is not very nice of you to say.”

Wilson: “He knows I am only joking. Don’t you Smith?”

Smith thought it might be funny if he said something.

Smith: “I am not sure. Were you joking?”

Wilson: “Ha-ha always makes fun of the English man.”

The door opened and Mary came out.

Wilson: “She looks pissed.”

Patricia gave him a short glimpse meaning do not go there.

Patricia: “Is anything the matter” looking at Mary with a worried face?

Mary: “No, I am fine,” replied Mary with a tone of voice that told that she did not want to discuss it any further.

Mr. Taylor joined the group or crowd of 8, 9 with him included.

Mr. Taylor: “Good we are all here. Now we have just got to find a means of transport to get us to out hostel. Any suggestions” he asked?

Donna was looking at the bus stop. It was empty not a soul in sight.

Donna: “We could take a bus?”

Mr: Taylor: “Do you know when the bus is coming?”

Donna: “I will go and check. Margaret could you please watch after my things?”

Margaret: “Yeah.”

Margaret: “I think the Romanian currency is not that expensive” while she was looking at Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor looked at her and nodded to show that he conquers with her.

Margaret: “I suppose we could take a cab if we have no luck with the Bus?”

Donna had reached the bus stand and was trying to understand the bus schedule. It was difficult because it was written differently than it was back in the States. At last she thought she got it so she went back to the group.

Mr. Taylor: “Well?”

Donna’s expressed that she had no luck.

Donna: “It looks like the bus only comes once an hour.”

Mary had left her things with the group and tried to find a taxi or a taxi driver who understood English.

Mary: “Hey, are you a taxi driver?”

Taxi driver (1): “Yes.”

Mary: “Do you take a Master Card?”

The man looked confused at her. Mary immediately reacted on the look.

Mary: “Look.”

Mary took out of her pocket her wallet. Out of her wallet she then took her Master Card.

Mary: “This is a Master Card. We use this to pay. Do you have a Master Card reader” while she was illustrating what she meant?

The man smiled to her and said.

Taxi driver (1): “No English, Romania” while waving his hand.

The man did not seem to understand Mary or what she was asking for. Mary did not find he was worth anymore of her time. Due to that there were also a couple of other men standing next to their cars. Mary turned away and went to another cab driver.

Mary: “Hey do you take-.”

Taxi driver (2): “No.”

Mary was a little amazed.

Mary: “That’s rude I didn’t even say what to take” coming out with her left hand?

Mary walked up to a third guy.

Mary: “Excuse me. Can you.”

Mary was interrupted once again by the man saying.

Taxi driver (3): “No.”

Mary: “Don’t any of these guys speak any English” she said with a slightly worrisome smile?

One could see Mary was frustrated, dissatisfied and quite unhappy. She felt lost, sort of as in the movie “Lost in Translation.”

Mary returned to the others and sighed, letting out some of the frustration. She felt like ever since they landed it had been bad luck for her.

Wilson: “No luck with the taxi drivers?”

Mary: “No! It was like none of them even wanted to listen to what I was saying. It was just “Do you take”, “No”, “No”, “No”” getting a little emotional when illustrating the situations.

Mary: “It was like what are you stupid I haven’t even said anything?”

Wilson: “Right.”

Wilson thought to himself maybe it would be best if I tried to calm her down or throw her off this topic and on to another. I know.

Wilson: “Maybe here they are just not as advanced as we are in the States.”

Mary looked at him.

Wilson: “I mean they probably just want cash up front to be secured that you pay? So that when you reach your destination you just don’t run off not paying them.”

Mary was starting to nod a little to Wilson, seeing that he actually might have a point.

Wilson: “Probably things such as the Visa or Master Card are not that well known here” explaining to Mary?

Mr. Taylor thought it might be best if they took a larger cab on second thought because of how upset Mary was getting. One where they all could fit into and then they could split up the bill afterwards, since after all Romanian currency is a lot cheaper than U.S. He was thinking of this while he was having a look at the cabs. He could see a mini bus cab coming besides one of the other cabs.

Mr. Taylor: “Maybe then we can take that cab” nodding his head towards where the cab was at?

Mr. Taylor as the one closest to what seemed to be a mini bus cab went to talk to the driver.

Mr. Taylor: “Hello. Are you a taxi?”

The driver of the mini bus could understand that much so he replied with.

Taxi driver (4): “Yes, taxi.”

Mr. Taylor took out of one of his jacket pockets the brochure and showed it to the cab driver.

Mr. Taylor: “There, how much would it cost me?”

The driver tightened his look, took his right arm up and started wobbling with his hand and said.

Taxi driver (4): “80, 85.”

Mr. Taylor: “And do you take the Visa or Master Card” finding his wallet to show what he meant?

Taxi driver (4): “No, only money” showing with his hands rubbing his fingers together.

Mr. Taylor called to the others.

Mr. Taylor: “I found a cab.”

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