True Story of Dracula

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Chapter 4: Hostel

Once they all were sitting in the mini bus cab.

Donna: “It must be a pretty poor country” hoping to grab everyone’s attention.

The others looked at her.

Donna: “I mean look at this cab for instance. It wasn’t exactly bought yesterday. Who knows what our hotel or hostel is going to be like” making a grim?

Mr. Taylor noticed the taxi driver looking through the mirror.

Mr. Taylor: “Donna” putting a finger in front of his lips.

Donna: “It is not like the taxi driver understands any English” saying a bit more quietly and calmly to Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor: “I am not quite sure I conquer with you.”

Donna: “What do you think will happen? Will we get dropped off in the middle of nowhere?”

Mr. Taylor: “Either that or then we will just have to pay a higher price.”

Carol: “I think I heard that there are a lot of Romanians outside Romania looking for work and if they do not find one they become thieves.”

Susan saw that the cab driver was looking at his back mirror while driving.

Wilson: “I don’t think it is very nice being so pessimistic about a culture before we have met it. I think we should give ourselves time in getting to know the Romanians before jumping to our perception of them. Besides people tell usually their own reflections of things, not exactly what really happened.”

Mr. Taylor: “That’s right Wilson I don’t think we should be too hasty in judging them.”

Carol: “Wilson has you studied Romania since it seems you know quite a lot about them?”

Wilson: “I have taken 2 years of culture classes before I came here, so yes”

Margaret got a smile since anyone anywhere can study culture referring to Wilson’s reply.

Carol: “Mr. Taylor do you have any pictures of the hotel or hostel where we are going to stay at?”

Mr. Taylor: “Yes I do” opening his pack back up and trying to find it.

Smith who was sitting at the back with Mary sitting to the left and Wilson to the right had a look at Mary. Mary was sitting looking out of the window. Smith looked at her. Smith turned his head the other way and saw straight away that Wilson was analysing at the way he was looking at Mary.

Smith: “What” he stated?

Wilson: “Nothing” he replied while raising his eyebrows and turning away.

Smith knew he was on to something.

Mr. Taylor found the brochures and gave it to Carol.

Carol: “Thanks.”

Donna leaned in on Carol to have a closer look.

Donna: “It does not look that bad.”

Carol: “Then again look at the surrounding.”

Donna: “What about the surrounding” she replied?

Carol: “It is in the middle of the city. It does not look like the Romanian living standards are as high as some of these pictures look like.”

Carol: “No wonder Mr. Taylor thought it was a hostel and look at the price.”

Donna: “I must admit the price is a little bit cheap.”

Carol: “A little cheap that is almost as much as my daily costs are” begging to laugh.

The cab had stopped. They had arrived at hotel Transylvania.

Mr. Taylor: “Right we are here” giving the others a slight smile.

Mr. Taylor: “So how much do I owe you?”

Cab driver (4): “100, 120 leu.”

Mr. Taylor did not like the sound of that. Before they went on the taxi the driver said it would cost them around 80, 85 leu but now he demanded 100, 120.

Mr. Taylor: “Why so much?”

Cab driver (4): “Number of passengers plus the long way around equals higher price.”

Mr. Taylor quickly thought to himself. If I continue arguing this might take a while. There would be one of two outcomes either I get a cheaper price or then the price gets even higher. Resulting in one of two results, either I convince him in that paying a price, which is up to 40 leu higher than the original price, is ludicrous. Or then I waste his time in arguing with me where he could have made money from other customers making it justifiable and giving him the upper hand in asking for even more money.

Mr. Taylor thought of the prisoners’ dilemma he read in a book about “Game Theory.”

Mr. Taylor paid the taxi driver the price he had asked for.

No one from the group seemed to notice Mr. Taylor or his remark. They seemed to be occupied by things of their own.

Mary was looking out of the window to her side.

Smith was having thoughts of his own. Should he go around the city so that he would become more familiar with the place?

Wilson to the other side of Smith was looking out of his window just like Mary was. Wondering on which kinds of cool things will he have to see in Romania?

Susan, Margaret and Patricia were chit chatting about some stuff of their own. The conversation between Susan, Margaret and Patricia was about the cartoon “Hotel Transylvania” and the likelihood of something alike happening on this trip.

Carol sitting closest to the driver was reading the brochure that Mr. Taylor had given her of the hotel.

Donna sitting next to her was looking outside.

Mr. Taylor had begun unbuckling his own seat belt. When he was done, he slid towards the door to the cab.

Carol: “Cannot wait to take a look at this hotel” taking a quick look at Donna while unbuckling her seat belt.

Donna gave her a quick glance.

Donna: “So we agree that it is a hotel then?”

Donna was waiting till Carol was ready with taking her seat belt off and then Donna could begin with taking her own off.

Susan who was sitting closest to the window opposing the door could see Donna getting up.

Susan: “Maybe we should get a move on” turning her head towards Margaret and Patricia?

Wilson: “So let us see how the hotel looks like from the inside” while coming out of the cab and stretching his arms out.

Smith who was right after Wilson looked at him as he was stretching his arms out.

Wilson: “What? I have a bad back.”

Smith nodded to say, “I see.”

Smith: “You coming” looking towards Mary who was sitting in the cab next to where Smith was?

Mary unbuckled herself and turned to Smith.

Mary: “My bad luck won’t stop here, you know,” replied Mary with a serious face while looking at Smith.

Smith: “What do you mean?”

Mary: “I think something will happen.”

Mr. Taylor: “Coming” calling out to the group?

Wilson: “What do you think they are doing” looking at Donna?

Donna rolled her eyes and did not say a thing.

The taxi driver helped them take out their things from the car.

They assembled themselves outside the cab. Mr. Taylor paid for the cab. Took his luggage and said lets go leading the way to the hotel.

After having passed the gates to the hotel they came to the middle of the hotel complex, an opening. From this opening you could choose to do one of four things either exit the hotel complex, go up the stairs and find your room, go to the cafeteria or then go to the reception.

In the middle of this opening right in front of them you could see the cafeteria. To their left there was a stairway to the second floor and to their right there was a door leading to the hotel reception.

Wilson being the closest to the door went and opened it.

It was a smaller room. The receptionist having her desk, two chairs one on both sides of a taller but smaller table, with some pictures on the wall of how the hotel had looked like earlier in time.

The thing that struck Wilson when he laid his eyes on the receptionist was her beauty. He smiled to her and said.

Wilson: “Hello” smiling to her.

The receptionist smiling back and replying with followed it.

Receptionist (1): “Hello.”

Carol: “Wilson”!

Wilson turned around and saw Carol trying to come in.

Wilson: “Sorry” stepping aside from the main entrance.

The main entrance was a narrow doorway in and out of the reception.

Carol came in followed by Donna, Smith and last Mr. Taylor.

Carol first came in with her eyes down at the floor. But when she finally decided to look up at the surroundings she was surprised by how small the reception actually was. She was so surprised that she even made a statement about it.

Carol: “Small room” smiling towards Wilson and the front door.

Donna who came after Carol was also quite surprised when she got a full view over the room. Donna thought to herself it is almost like you are expecting to see a whole lot more to the room when you are behind your classmates. But when they move away you are to discover the room actually is quite small and cannot manage to sustain the capacity of having that many more people in it.

Smith being the fourth person in the room did not find there to be all that many more places where he could stand as not an inconvenience to the others.

It became pretty crowded in the room all of a sudden. Wilson after having stepped in the room started to examine the photos more closely.

Carol and Donna stood in the room for a little while. But since they did not find it that interesting they decided to go out again.

Margaret, Mary, Patricia and Susan the four girls who had not decided to come inside anyway but rather stay outside keeping a guard on their luggage.

Smith chose a spot not too far from the exit and had a look at some different pictures on the wall.

Mr. Taylor the last to have come in said to the receptionist.

Mr. Taylor: “Good day.”

Receptionist (1): “Good day to you sir.”

Mr. Taylor: “We have booked five rooms under the University of California.”

Receptionist (1): “Just a moment sir I will check” looking at her computer.

Receptionist (1): “Here you are” handing Mr. Taylor the keys for the five rooms.

Receptionist (1): “I will show you to your rooms” getting ready to go out.

Mr. Taylor: “Just a minute” taking his index finger up.

Mr. Taylor: “Smith, Wilson” and tilting his head towards the door, to get their attention that they were supposed to come outside.

Mr. Taylor was the first one out of the three who left the building. Mr. Taylor went outside into the courtyard where all the others were besides Smith and Wilson.

Smith who was standing on the other side of the door when opened by Mr. Taylor was looking at one picture of “Hotel Transylvania in 1972.” He started heading towards the door shortly thereafter.

Wilson who heard Mr. Taylor calling for him and Smith said.

Wilson: “Coming.”

Wilson turned towards the door. As he turned he stopped just for a moment while laying his eyes upon the receptionist standing behind the counter, doing something with her computer. Wilson headed towards the door and came right after Smith into the courtyard.

Mr. Taylor started with handing out the keys to everybody, mentioning that.

Mr. Taylor: “The rest of the day is off. However we will have a late evening meeting here at the café to discuss tomorrow. It will be at 21:45. Have you all got it?”

Wilson: “Then what is the time now?”

Mr. Taylor: “Its six pm.”

Wilson: “So there is a six hour difference between here and where we started off from?”

Mr. Taylor: “Yes. Any other questions before we meet again tonight?”

It did not seem so.

Mr. Taylor “Right, see you all at 21:45.”

Mr. Taylor remembered something.

Mr. Taylor: “Before I forget now there will be coming a receptionist to show us to our rooms.”

Mr. Taylor went back into the reception to give mark to the receptionist that she could show them to their rooms.

Wilson: “Just when I thought I was free” smiling.

Susan who had not spoken that much since they landed was tired since on the plane she could not get any rest. Therefore what Susan had planned to do was go find her room that she would be sharing with Margaret. Susan asked Margaret.

Susan: “Should we go and find our room?”

Margaret: “Yes, lets.”

Susan and Margaret then took their things and headed on their way. They noticed that the receptionist was already waiting anxiously at one side of the stairs to show them to their rooms.

Receptionist (1): “If you wait one sec” she had a look at how did it seem with the others?

At that point it seemed rather uncertain of what the rest of the group was going to do.

Receptionist (1): “Your group will have rooms that will be right next to each other” smiling to Susan and Margaret.

Receptionist (1): “If you come this way” leading up the stairs.

As they were beginning to move up the stairs the receptionist asked.

Receptionist (1): “Are you on a school project?”

Margret: “It is not so much a project as an essay.”

Receptionist (1): “What about is the essay” asking curiously?”

Margaret: “It is an essay about Dracula.”

Receptionist (1): “You know when Dracula lived he came to visit our hotel as well” turning her head around as she led them with a smile.

Margaret and Susan became very interested all of a sudden. It might be a turning point a competitive edge that Margaret and Susan have that all the others do not. Then again it might not since it was not so difficult to acquire this information.

Receptionist (1): “I can show you some of the pictures we have of that time back in the reception?”

A quick glimpse came into Margaret’s mind that they may not be ahead of the game as much as catching up to the rest. After all it was Susan, Margaret, Patricia and Mary who decided to stay outside while Wilson, Smith, Carol, Donna and Mr. Taylor decided to go inside the reception and possibly also noticed the pictures, which the receptionist was telling them about.

Margaret: “Yes please.”

Receptionist (1): “When you get finished unpacking then you can come down to the reception and I will show you” smiling.

Patricia was sharing her room together with Mary. Therefore she asked Mary.

Patricia: “Are you going to our room?

Mary without telling Patricia where she was off to had taken her things and started wondering off. After having heard this question Mary stopped. Turned to face Patricia and said.

Mary: “Yes I am going up to change my clothes but you don’t have to come if you don’t want to?”

Patricia: “No, I will come.”

Patricia felt that Mary was letting some of her anger out on her. Though the thing Patricia felt most annoyed by was the answer she got from Mary. It was as if it was her room and her room alone. Secondly you do not say such things to friends “I am going up to change my clothes but you don’t have to come if you don’t want to?”

Donna went into the café to get a coke to chill with. One of the waitresses in the hotel came up to her and said.

Waitress (1): “Can I help you?”

Donna: “Yes, I would like to buy a Coke.”

Waitress (1): “One moment please.”

Carol on the other hand chose a seat on the porch of the café. The weather was hot, blue sky with a cloud or two and a pleasant wind coming every now and then.

She put her things next to the pole holding the table up. Herself however she moved a chair a little away from the table. So that it was much more in the sun light. She did exactly the same for another chair. She then sat down lay her head back and closed her eyes.

The waitress returned with a coke to Donna.

Waitress: “It will be 0.25 Euro” she requested.

Donna gave her the money and went to where Carol was sitting.

Donna: “So I see someone wants to go sun bathing,” said with a smile.

Carol opened one of her eyes a bit and said.

Carol: “You should try it. Come, I have put a chair for you.”

Donna went and sat on the chair. While she was doing that she said.

Donna: “So when do you think we should go up and check out our room?”

Carol: “Never” replied Carol with a smile appearing on her face.

Donna saw this and started smiling herself as well. She took a sip of her coke. Suddenly she remembered.

Donna: “Carol I forgot to ask you would you like something to drink?”

Carol opened her eyes she had a look at what Donna was drinking.

Carol: “Donna how much did it cost you” looking at her drink and showing curiosity?

Donna: “It was 0.25 Euro.”

Carol: “I wonder if that is a lot. What do you think Donna?”

Donna: “Do you mean in Romanian currency or the U.S?”

Carol looked down and before she could answer.

Donna: “The answer would be evident in Romanian currency it would be more than in U.S.”

Carol nodded her head.

Donna: “But I do not think of it like that. I think of it as long as I can pay for it, it is not that bad.”

Carol: “Okay. I am going to check out how much one orange juice will cost me?”

Carol went also to the entrance of the café to the bar let where the same waitress came up to her.

Waitress (1): “Yes” smiling?

Carol: “I would like one orange juice please.”

Waitress (1): “One moment please.”

But instead of going to the fridge she went into the kitchen, in search of something. Five minutes later she returned.

Waitress (1): “No orange juice left” smiling.

Carol thought that’s weird, very hotel unlike.

Carol: “May I then have an apple juice then?”

Waitress (1): “No, sorry” while shaking her head.

Carol: “How about pear juice?”

Waitress (1): “No, sorry” shaking her head once again.

Carol: “Do you have any juice” asked curiously?

Waitress (1): “No” smiling.

Carol thought to herself why didn’t she tell me that from the start? It would have saved me so much time. A cafeteria that has no juice I would say is in a problem, a cafeteria that has no juice and yet a smiling waitress I say is going bust.

Carol took a quick look at the fridge standing outside. She could see Sprite, Fanta Coca Cola, something that seemed to be in miniature bottle of their own with some Romanian writing on and pictures of fruit.

Carol: “What do you have in those bottles” pointing at the bottle with Romanian writing on it?

The waitress looked at what she was pointing at.

Waitress (1): “These?”

Carol: “Yes.”

Waitress (1): “Well, it’s a mixture of fruits with some chemicals applied” she explained.

Carol thought best if she played it safe.

Carol: “I would like to have one Coke please.”

Waitress (1): “That we have. One moment please” she replied with a happy face.

Waitress (1): “It will be 0.25 Euro.”

Carol gave her the money. She returned to her seat.

Carol: “Can you believe it? They don’t have any juice” complaining to Donna.

Donna looked at her and said.

Donna: “At least they have Coke.”

Mr. Taylor after having come back from the reception he took his glasses off with his left hand and with his right stroked his eyes. It was clear to himself that he needed to get some rest before anything bigger can be taken up. He went to find his hotel room. He was feeling sort of tired especially because the night before the early morning flight to Romania had been a tough one.

What Mr. Taylor had in mind was to find his room take a one-hour nap and then go into the café down stairs and see what they have got for dinner.

Mr. Taylor had gotten to the second floor and was looking for his room he ran into the receptionist who had just helped Susan and Margaret find their room.

Receptionist (1): “Can I help you to find your room?” asked in a pleasant tone and happy face?

Mr. Taylor: “Yes please.”

The receptionist noticed Mr. Taylor was tired. He had bags under his eyes and was not looking as sharp as some of his students.

Receptionist (1): “Long flight?”

Mr. Taylor: “Yes very.”

Receptionist (1): “We have got a nice warm bed waiting for you.”

Mr. Taylor: “Very nice.”

They had reached Mr. Taylor’s room door.

Receptionist (1): “Can I have your keys?”

Mr. Taylor gave her the keys.

Receptionist (1): “Thank you” and she opened the door.

Before going in though she did tell him something.

Receptionist (1): “In the following rooms the students will be sleeping” pointing at the next couple of rooms.

The receptionist went to one side of the door while holding the door open and said.

Receptionist (1): “Here you go” followed by Mr. Taylor entering the room.

Receptionist (1): “Here is your bathroom, bedroom, working table and a TV if you wish to see what is on the news” pointing at the different obstacles.

Mr. Taylor: “Thank you.”

Receptionist (1): “Have a good night’s sleep sir.”

Smith and Wilson stood pretty much still and observed the situation as it was evolving from where they were standing. They saw as Susan and Margret went first up the stairs to find their room. They then noticed how Mary left Patricia behind and started to look for her room. Donna and Carol go into the café and sleepy Mr. Taylor rubs his eyes before going up to find his room.

Mary saw the two rooms on the first floor and went to speculate if one of them might be hers? She was soon caught up by Patricia’s call.

Patricia: “Are you going to our room?”

Mary turned around fiercely towards Patricia.

After having observed this Wilson had a quick comment to add.

Wilson: “I am sure happy that I am not the one sleeping in the same room as her” tilting his head towards Mary.

Smith looked at him, Wilson held his eyebrows high so that one could see the wrinkles on his forehead.

Wilson: “It seems that Carol is setting herself in” with a nod towards their right.

Smith also looked. They could see how Carol was setting up the chairs.

Wilson: “So what do you want to do now?”

Smith: “I don’t know really. I have not given it much thought. Probably going to go up to our room lay my stuff there and go out on the city.”

Wilson: “Seems you have got a pretty straight forward plan” said Wilson with a smile.

Smith: “How about you?”

Wilson: “I think I will tag along to whatever you are doing.”

Wilson and Smith thereafter went upstairs down the narrow two man way and into the other side of the building where they had seen the rest go.

When they had opened the door there was no one in sight.

Wilson: “Well then it means we are just to finding the room by number” taking a look at the number on the key and then trying to match it to the number of the door.

Their room was quite towards the end of the hall way what they had come into. Wilson the one with the keys stopped at a door and said.

Wilson: “This must be it” he put the keys in and turned.

One could hear how the lock turned. Wilson opened the door. Both of them standing with their mouths open just like this was going to be something really big. The door swung open and there was silence.

Wilson: “Do I dear?”

Smith: “You dear.”

They took a couple of steps inside the room with Wilson being the first.

Wilson: “I don’t believe it” while looking around.

Wilson then looked at Smith and said.

Wilson: “We have come into a four maybe even five star hotel” smiling.

Smith smiled back.

Smith: “I do not think we should be overly hasty in giving this hotel good ratings.”

Wilson: “In any case this is better then some of the four stared hotels where I have been at.”

Smith: “In England?”

Wilson: “Maybe not all in England but the rating should be the same no matter which country we are at.”

Wilson: “The bed closest to the TV remote is mine. You can take the other one” while pointing with his left hand which one was his.

Smith and Wilson walked down the stairs they first had come up by to get to the floor their room was on.

Smith: “So where do you want to go and eat?”

Wilson: “I’m open for suggestions.”

Well that did not get me very far Smith thought.

Smith: “Okay, the first decent place that comes on our way.”

Wilson: “Fair enough.”

As soon as they came out of the gates Wilson was walked into.

Wilson: “Hey, watch it” he yelled out.

Though the man who had bumped into him did not seem to care.

Wilson: “One could almost think that he was after my wallet” he claimed.

After having come out to the main road they turned left and walked.

Smith: “Try not to stay in someone’s way.”

Wilson: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Wilson: “It is not impossible for people to move around me even if they see I am right in front of them.”

Smith was looking around them while listening to Wilson’s complaints. They came to a turning point where they had the possibility to go left, right or straight.

Smith: “Let us go to the left.”

Soon they came to a big building what seemed to be a shopping centre. They went in.

Wilson: “Smith really if you are trying to find something to buy might I suggest you to come earlier in the year?”

Smith: “Actually I am wondering whether they have a restaurant in this shopping mall like they do back home?”

They then found a stairway leading down stairs with a big sign saying “Restaurant” with an arrow pointing down stairs.

Smith: “This must be it.”

Smith and Wilson went down the stairs till the stairs ended. They could see an entrance into the restaurant and a counter. They went up to the counter. From there they got a better view of the place. It had a certain kind of style of the old Romania. You could see pictures of huts, countrymen with their families and farmers cutting the grass. There was a banjo on one shelf. A very fine banjo carved out of wood and then attached the strings. Right across from them there was the kitchen, which was in the middle of the room with a bar right beside it. The music playing it sounded like some country music. There came a waitress up to them.

Smith: “Table for two.”

Waitress: “This way” with showing them to their table.

The table was located at one end of the room, right next to a picture of a farmer cutting grass. Smith and Wilson sat down. The waitress went to the bar let and took two menus from there and then returned to the table handing one to each of them.

Wilson: “Thank you” when he got his menu.

Smith: “Thanks” when he got his menu.

The waitress returned. Smith started by saying and pointing out.

Smith: “I would like a number 26 and to drink a Sprite.”

Wilson: “I would like a number 29 with sausages and to drink I will have a Coke.”

The waitress took both their menus and walked towards the kitchen.

Wilson: “Why do you suppose that they play the same melody again and again? Is it maybe since they only have this one record which over and over again is played or what?”

Smith: “No, I think they have a couple of CDs with folk songs. So that when one finishes they can put the other one on.”

Wilson: “Yeah, but it must get awfully boring to listen to the same songs over and over again.”

Smith: “I think it has been designed that a family does not spend that much time eating so they never can get to hear the same song twice.”

Wilson: “I am pretty certain that we heard the same song as is playing now just a couple of minutes ago.”

Wilson: “I think most of them who work here they have better things to think about than which music is playing.”

They had a look around from where they were sitting. It did not seem like there were that many others. There was one family of three eating a couple of tables away from them. At the other end of the room you could see two elderly men talking with one another while eating.

Smith: “Must be a quiet day for them” while taking a zip of his Sprite.

Wilson: “Either that or then they simply do not have that many customers resulting in the same songs being played over and over again” looking around.

Wilson: “Maybe it might not be the time Romanians have dinner or better yet they might not have the money to come and eat in luxurious places like this one?”

Smith looked at him like what are you getting at.

Wilson: “I mean look at it we are two foreigners in this restaurant, the two men sitting over there they must be business men. Having dinner over something business related, the family of three sitting over there must be a wealthy family. If you have a look at what the father is wearing one can imagine that he is of a high status” while first nodding towards the two businessmen and then towards the family.

Smith was observing these things while he spoke. Smith was thinking that is well observed for one who seems to be most of the time self-centred.

Their food arrived.

The waitress came first with the food for Smith. It was potatoes with some sauce on them and meat. To the side he had some vegetables on his plate. It smelled delicious.

Smith: “Should I wait till you get your food as well before I start eating?”

Wilson: “No, no you can just dig in” himself watching with a bit of envy at Smiths good fortune.

Smith began eating with pleasure. Wilson on the other hand got all the higher expectations for what he was going to get.

A short while later the waitress returned with Wilson’s food. It was egg with three sausages, French fries and ketchup. Delicious but the experience not that great, there was no delightful smell to it that made your mouth run with of water. There was no experience to tasting something you already knew and yet when it touches your lips the taste exceeds your wildest imaginations.

All Wilson got was some eggs with three sausages, fries and ketchup with nothing that spectacular about it.

Wilson did not think all that much of it. To be honest it looked more like an English breakfast and a couple of pancakes away from brunch.

Smith: “So how do you like your meal?”

Wilson: “Honestly I am not quite satisfied with it” frowning upon the food.

Wilson: “Though how is your food? Can I maybe have a bite” starting to look forward to that bite?

Smith: “It is good and no you cannot have a bite of my food” fixated on his food, which he was enjoying immensely.

Wilson: “You know sharing is caring” his face changing from excited to down beaten.

Smith: “Why are you not pleased with your dish?”

Curious because Smith could eat it so why could not Wilson?

Wilson: “I mean it is not that there is a problem with the food. It is just you don’t eat this kind of stuff for dinner. Do you know what I mean” poking with his fork at one egg on his plate?

Smith: “Yes I do. You think the food that you have gotten is not appropriate for this time of the day.”

Wilson: “Yeah that sums it pretty much up.”

When they were finished Smith asked for the check. The waitress returned with the check and left again. They paid for it and waited till the waitress would come again. The waitress came with the bill.

Smith: “Thank you.”

Wilson: “Cheers” trying to smile to the waitress.

Smith could see that Wilson was not totally satisfied with what he had got. Smith put five Euros on the table to leave as a complement of the food.

Wilson: “What is this” he demanded?

Smith: “Just a complement on the good food” giving a smile.

Wilson: “Okay a tip of 1 Euro I would understand but 5 Euro? It wasn’t that spectacular either,” he complained.

They had taken their jackets on and left for the stairs.

Wilson: “If it was me running the place I would create a menu with food for different times of the day. So that if a foreigner would come. He would know where to look,” he explained.

Smith: “So having the food dealt up into categories wasn’t good enough for you,” he joked.

Wilson looked at Smith with a face of misunderstanding what was meant by it?

Smith drew from the expression on Wilson’s face that he did not understand the joke.

Smith: “Sorry.”

They came back to the hotel.

Smith and Wilson came back into the courtyard of the hotel. They could almost see everybody there.

There was Mr. Taylor reading a novel by the table while having a warm cup of coffee nearest to him at the cafeteria. One would speculate over how long Mr. Taylor had been sitting there due to the coffee smell that had spread all over the yard.

At another table there was Susan and Margret talking to each other.

Then there was also Patricia and Mary. Patricia was standing with her arms on the small wall surrounding the cafeteria while Mary was sitting with a big woollen jumper on her and holding a warm cup of tea in her hands.

Smith was wondering what Susan and Margaret were talking about?

Wilson: “Bet their talking about the new clothes and jewellery they bought.”

Wilson was looking at the cross necklace Margaret had bought which was out of nicely carved black stone shining when looking at it reflecting the light from one of the lamps. The golden bracelet that Susan had bought also took some of Wilson’s attention.

Smith: “What makes you think that?”

Wilson: “Well you can see it if you know where to look. Margaret has bought herself a cross necklace carved out of black stone while Susan has bought herself a golden bracelet.”

Mr. Taylor took his eyes off the book for a minute to get an overview of the situation.

Mr. Taylor: “Right, now we are just missing Donna and Carol.”

He then took a look at his clock. It had just passed 21:43. Mr. Taylor got back to reading his book.

Patricia could see the night sky pretty well even though there was lighting around making it difficult to see the stars in the night sky. Patricia was seeking out the stars that she came across and the symbols she could draw from them. Although she was deeply concentrated in what she was doing she could still hear Smith and Wilson. Once they started to move towards her but not enough to distract Patricia.

Mary thought it was cold resulting in her taking on a wool jumper. She thought how things would be if she were back at home. She was sitting at one of the tables, drinking a nice hot cup of Earl Grey with both her hands around it warming her up while listening to Gladiator on her iPhone with earphones on in the back ground.

Susan and Margaret had started out with talking about their summer plans until Margaret changed topics to the jewellery that she could not afford to buy. This led Susan to the topic of price and differences between countries as well as currency.

When Smith and Wilson walked in on Susan and Margaret they were talking about the differences in prices compared to back home. But they quickly changed subjects once again back to their summer plans when they saw Smith and Wilson approach. This was because Margaret was not as well off as her class mates were. Therefore she also tried to hide it by keeping it to herself.

Susan: “What do you think you will be doing for your summer break?”

Margaret: “Probably going to travel to Spain for one week. I have heard there should be a lot of very nice beaches around there. After that I am probably going to come back and then I will see what comes up. How about you?”

Susan: “I am probably going to spend my time with my boyfriend. You know just a couple of weeks ago with all the money he has saved since he was a kid he bought an Aston Martin car. It was one of their latest models” getting all excited about it as she told Margaret.

Margaret: “Wasn’t that really expensive?”

Susan: “Probably”

Margaret: “You mean he didn’t tell you?”

Susan: “No.”

Margaret: “Aren’t you at least a little curious?”

Susan: “Well, yeah but I am not going to ask him.”

Margaret: “Because it is rude?”

Susan: “Yeah.”

Margaret: “Got you.”

Margaret: “But have you gotten a look at it?”

Susan: “Yes, I have.”

Margaret: “How was it” asked curiously?

Susan: “It was so cool exactly like a convertible with two seats in the car, a large back place where you could put your luggage and a large motor” she explained.

Margaret: “Is it small from the inside?”

Susan: “No, but one could think so at first. When one has sat down in the car there is good leg space. The chairs are very easy to adjust. There is a big compartment store where one can put things in under that there is this little nudge that one can press and then a table will come out. In front of the gear box there are these two drink holders,” she explained.

Mr. Taylor took once again his eyes off the book and looked at his watch. It was 21:55. He put a book note and then clapped his book together. It made a noise that caught every body’s attention.

Mr. Taylor: “So we will just have to start without them and hope that they will turn up.”

Mr. Taylor: “Now we have had a couple of hours to check out our hotel. Tomorrow we will be served breakfast here. It will be open from 6:00 till 10:00. Unfortunately the tour bus that will be picking us up and drive us to one of the castles of Dracula will be coming at 9:00. That means you have got to be ready to check out again latest at 9:15.”

Wilson: “That’s funny one would expect him to say by tomorrow morning rather than 15 minutes after the bus arrives” tilting towards Smith.

Mr. Taylor could hear Mary groaning.

Susan: “I’m sorry Mr. Taylor will we be leaving again” unaware that they were going to change hotels?

Mr. Taylor: “Yes.”

Susan, Donna and Carol were confused because they thought they had come for three days if not for a longer period.

Mr. Taylor: “And I am sorry that I have been unable to make all of you aware of that we will be changing hotels to a closer one, benefitting if we were to stay for a longer period.”

Donna: “That’s a relief.”

Mr. Taylor: “Excuse me?”

Carol: “No offence Mr. Taylor but we thought at first we were going back to America already tomorrow” laughing a bit.

Mr. Taylor was a little bit confused because they had not seen any of the historical sights he had intended.

Carol: “Rather silly actually since it loses the point of the trip all together.”

Mr. Taylor: “However, it will be possible for us to get some rest on the bus.”

Susan: “How long is the trip?”

Mr. Taylor: “Three hours.”

Susan: “That is longer than it takes us to drive from New York to Chicago” quite surprised over the answer she had gotten.

Mr. Taylor: “When we come to the castle of Bran you will have four hours to look around for yourself. Then we will be meeting in front of the castle to discuss what to do further.”

Patricia: “Four hours just to see a castle? Don’t you think that is a little bit too much?”

Mr. Taylor: “Well, yes but I have heard that not too far from there is a small village where you can go and get something to eat.”

Wilson: “Aaa that’s nice a village just made for eating” he joked.

Donna and Carol had just arrived.

Donna: “Sorry we are late.”

Carol: “Did we miss something?”

Mr. Taylor: “You missed some of the key points. But I can tell you them when I get finished here.”

Mr. Taylor: ”Are there any questions concerning your day otherwise?”

Susan: “Are the hotels safe here in Romania?”

There was a little pause after the question.

Mr. Taylor: “I suppose it should be rather safe. Though always, no matter what or which hotel you live in do remember to carry all you valuables with you such as your passport.”

Smith: “When would you suggest us to get up tomorrow?”

Mr. Taylor: “As soon as breakfast is served” with a smile.

There seemed to be no more questions after that. Donna and Carol went over to Mr. Taylor to get retold everything they had missed while the others began going up the stairs and into their rooms.

Patricia asked Mary while they were walking up the stairs.

Patricia: “Are you going to follow Mr. Taylor’s advice on taking all our valuables with us?”

Mary smiled at Patricia and said.

Mary: “I think it was meant to be understood as a joke?”

Patricia did not take it as a joke or for that case lightly.

Patricia: “So you are not going to take your passport with you?”

Mary: “No, nor am I going to take my iPad with me.”

Patricia thought it sounds like taking a big risk.

Margaret: “Do you think there are thieves in this hotel” while looking at Susan with a curious face?

Susan: “If you are referring to what Mr. Taylor said I think it was guidelines in general” looking back at Margaret.

Susan: “When you are gone the cleaners come to clean your room. As a guideline we usually relate to this kind of situation that it would not be a smart idea to have your wallet lying around for the cleaner to snatch it. The same can be said about leaving big bills lying around or any other kind of jewellery. Since when you do notice that something is missing who can you complain to? The cleaners will probably deny any accusations on their part. It is exactly the same with housekeepers you do not leave valuables out for them to snatch. But relating to your question no I do not think this hotel has thieves.”

Margaret was enlightened by it.

Susan: “But in general I have heard that hotels in Romania are not safe. Each reception should have their safety deposit box where one can put all their valuables if need be.”

Margaret: “Are you then going to ask them if they have got one” who was really taken by this talk?

Susan: “No, I do not find it that appropriate” said.

Wilson: “If they have got a sports channel would you like to watch it” looking at Smith?

Smith: “Sure why not.”

Smith: “Talking of sports which sport do you like best?”

Wilson: “I personally am a rugby man. Now however that I have moved to the U.S all they have is American football which I think is nothing like rugby.”

Smith tilted his head from side to side because he was not quite sure that he agreed with Wilson. Anyhow he kept it to himself and to reach a conclusion he would probably have to do more research under what is it Wilson means by that?

Smith started slowly turning towards the stairs after Margaret had passed him. He thought for a while and then said.

Smith: “What do you think about Australian rugby?”

Wilson coming from behind Smith and to Smith’s side said.

Wilson: “That is a whole lot more similar to the English Rugby I know of.”

Smith: “Do you think the Americans could ever learn how to play rugby?”

Wilson: “While sure they can. But I doubt the Americans would ever like to adopt Rugby as their national sport.”

Smith looked at Wilson. Wilson looked back smiling.

Smith and Wilson finally arrived at their room door. They had walked past Patricia and Mary’s room. Mary was busy trying to find her room keys from her purse.

Patricia standing right next to her said.

Patricia: “They really should make two pairs available so that if one gets lost they can use the other one.”

Mary: “It is not lost.”

Patricia: “I can see that otherwise you would not be looking for them” smiling.

Mary: “Found them” relieved of that they were not lost and were in her bag.

Wilson and Smith had also walked past Susan and Margaret rooms. Who apparently had fallen behind them all so busy with their talk about criminals? Then came Smith and Wilson’s room. Smith started reaching for the keys in his right pocket.

Wilson who had heard the question posed to Mary about the burglars told Patricia.

Wilson: “To keep the burglars out I would suggest you in putting an onion outside of your door.”

Patricia: “Ha-ha.”

Mary got the door open.

Mary: “Good night then” she told everyone.

Smith: “Good night.”

Wilson: “Good night.”

Smith was having problems with the door lock and turning the key. Wilson who was examining the door lock and what Smith might be doing wrong said.

Wilson: “Let me try.”

Smith gave him the keys and then stepped aside. Wilson too was having problems with getting the door open.

Carol: “Having problems getting the door open” who was holding her keys and ready to open her own door.

Wilson: “Nothing we can’t handle” while still struggling with the door.

Carol put her key in turned and it was open.

Carol: “Good night boys” as she was going in her room.

Wilson: “Unbelievable” standing with his mouth slightly open and not really understanding how they could be having so much trouble with the lock.

Susan: “Here let me help.”

So Wilson gave her the keys. Susan put the key in, gave it a little push while leaning inward, turning the key and it opened.

Smith gave Wilson a shrug. Wilson automatically closed his mouth took his eyes up to her face and said.

Wilson: “Thank you.”

Susan: “Good night then.”

Susan walked inside her room and closed the door. So did also Wilson and Smith.

Wilson: “Oh that was a hard day” he claimed when they came into the room.

Smith: “Could have been worse.”

Wilson: “I suppose your right.”

Smith was the first one to hang is jacket on the hanger even though he came second. He hung it up sat on his bed put his arms on his legs and hands together so that they were below the knees. He asked Wilson.

Smith: “So what do you want to do now? Watch some TV?”

Wilson hung his jacket up next to Smith’s sat on the bed and replied with.

Wilson: “I don’t know really. Actually I am still kind of hungry. I have thought of going down to the reception and ordering something. Do you want something too?”

Smith: “Yes, you can get me something” even though he was truly doubting that he would get something.

Wilson: “Okay, I’ll go down and order something.”

Down at the receptions

Wilson: “Round two begins” taking one hand up as if he was holding a small rope with a plate on while with the other hand hitting hit.

Wilson came in to the reception building.

Wilson: “Good evening” he said to the man sitting behind the reception counter.

Receptionist (2): “Good evening.”

Wilson: “Could I talk to the other receptionist who was here earlier?”

Receptionist (2): “Which receptionist would that be?”

Wilson: “Receptionist with black hair about my height” thinking what more he could say about her.

Receptionist (2): “The receptionist who you most likely are referring to is done for the day.”

Wilson: “Ohhh” putting his lips together.

Wilson: “Well straight to business then” nodding his head.

Wilson: “I was wondering if you might happen to have room service here?”

Receptionist (2): “Yes we do.”

Wilson: “Could I ask for the menu please?”

Receptionist (2): “Yes.”

Wilson: “Thank you.”

The receptionist went into the small separate room behind the counter which was partly out of sight for the customers. The receptionist was out of sight for a second. Wilson thought to himself I would damn better be impressed if that tiny room had a kitchen inside it. The receptionist returned with the menu and gave it to Wilson. Wilson took a look at it.

Wilson decided what he and Smith would like.

Wilson: “I would like two hamburgers, two French fries, two bags of maltesers and two cokes.

The receptionist who was listening wrote these things on a small piece of paper.

Receptionist (2): “Will that be all” he requested?

Wilson: “Yes.”

Right before Wilson was going to go up out of the door he remembered something.

Wilson: “You don’t know if you might happen to have extra copies of the menu because if you do then I would like to take this copy with me.”

Receptionist (2): “Of course.”

Wilson: “Good night then” walking out the door.

Receptionist (2): “And a very good night to you” replied the receptionist before following Wilson out the door and into another building where the cook was.

Smith could hear someone knocking behind the door. He stood up from his bed and went to see whom it was.

Wilson: “Hey” when he was opened the door for.

Smith: “Hey.”

Wilson: ”Could I come in” since Smith seemed to be blocking the way inside.

Smith: “Yeah, sure.”

Wilson came in while Smith with his left hand was stroking the back of his neck.

Smith: “So you went down to the reception to order room service” for confirming the stuff they had been talking about earlier?

Wilson: “Yes, and I am going to show you what I bought you” while slapping his own hand with the menu what he held wrapped up in his right hand.

Wilson came over to Smith and showed him what he had bought for himself and Smith.

Wilson: “So what are the scores and which teams are playing” since Smith was standing right beside the TV and hearing the commentators.

Smith: “Aaa I just happened to switch on to that channel” he used as an excuse.

Wilson looked at him and said.

Wilson: “So is it not good then?”

Smith: “Well I can’t say because I switched to the channel not that long ago.”

Wilson: “What else is on the TV?”

Smith who had no answer to that question gave him the TV remote and said.

Smith: “Why don’t you take a look?”

Wilson had a short comment to every program that was on the TV.

Wilson: “Boring, boring, boring, don’t try to convince him that he will lose weight just by thinking on it, boring, boring, can’t understand, no, no.”

The doorbell rang in the mean while.

Wilson: “Smith can you get it?”

Smith who had gotten bored of watching Wilson zap through the channels. Therefore he had decided to read a book. That he had taken out of his rook sack.

So when Wilson asked him to get the door he had just begun reading. Smith thought to himself why not?

Smith: “Sure.”

Smith stood up and walked to the door. He opened it and heard a voice say.

Voice: “Room service.”

It was a man standing with two bags filled with what they had ordered.

Wilson out of curiosity was leaning over and said.

Wilson: “Hello.”

Room service: “Hello” said the man with the two bags.

Smith had taken the bags in one hand and said.

Smith: “Bye” while closing the door with the other.

He came to the table right next to the TV and put the bags on it.

Wilson said: “I think I might have an idea if we combine these two small tables together in the middle of our beds we can create one larger table where we can eat off of” showing at the two tables one besides each bed.

Smith: “Cool” while unpacking the bags.

Wilson got up and put the two tables against one another. When Smith got ready with taking the things out of the bags he through the bags into the garbage bin right under the TV table. Then he started taking the things out of the bags and put them on to the table.

Wilson: “Here, let me help.”

Smith thought it was funny that he was offered help.

Smith: “What are you watching?”

Wilson: “CNN.”

Smith: “CNN, huh.”

Wilson: “Yes, there is nothing better in the TV.”

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