Gehenna Rises

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Sent: 28th June 20-- 14:27

From: Margaret Hennessey <

To: Janet Barraclough <

Subject: Disclosure Risk Intercept: subject IA # 52763 – a “Go Dark” relationship?

Attachments: Gehenna Rises.doc (392 KB); Book Submission: Gehenna Rises 26th June 20--.txt (13 KB)

Priority: High


IAM over at GCHQ forwarded me a red flag intercept related to Inactive Asset # 52763 codename, “TALOS”. It’s one that the crowd over at Population Morale Steering would get by default too, considering Talos is involved. Having said this, if you review the attached Word file, I feel you’ll quickly understand why this is a matter more for your eyes than just PMS’ and ours alone (the author’s submission email to which it was attached – also enclosed FYI – is of little importance; the publisher he contacted has already been approached by PMS and advised with the requisite firmness not to respond and forget it. They’ll be having a polite word with the author too. We’re damned lucky he decided not to self-publish this as an eBook!).

The subject concerned in the intercept is such that, seeing as it relates disclosures by Talos not previously captured during surveillance of him and the rest of his team within SCAhRE while it was at full capacity, and in light of the recent alarming incidences of outposts abruptly going dark in Africa, India and Asia, this flag may be timely. Perhaps even vital. If your higher ups are still reluctant to send out a Protector to investigate, running up the hill one more time with this intel may just be what you need to get them to agree now.

The file’s narrative you’ll already be familiar with (aren’t we all!) and is merely of passing interest – output typical of someone trying to cash a celebrity meal ticket. I didn’t remove it simply so you’d get the context into which the “juicy stuff” has been injected. The reason why I’d agree with Inactive Asset Monitoring’s red flagging you’ll find at the very end of the author’s encounter with Talos. For ease, I’ve marked the relevant pages for your info. After reading it, you may agree with my view that I ought to send a few of my boys round to pick up Talos for a wee chat.

I’m worried, Jan. Talos may be right. That evil bug may have found a way again, and if that is the case, the Home Guard needs to be refreshed.

Let me know what you think please – ASAP.


Margaret Hennessey

Director, Counter-Zebedee Section | Home Intelligence | MI5


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