Dark Living: Blue Moon

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David and Carol take a backpacking trip across central Europe, only to come across a small town terrorized by a violent creature. Instead of worrying about it, it should be worried about them.

Horror / Thriller
Michael Mulhollon
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Chapter 1

A young man ran through the woods in the middle of the night, breathing heavily and looked wide eyed in terror as he tried navigating through the trees when a sound of a lion’s roar in the distance pierced the darkness. The man suddenly stopped, briefly, as he looked behind him with sheer horror and heard the sound what can only be described as someone or something stomping the dirt and leafy ground rapidly and grew louder as whatever it is gave chase. The man immediately continued running, more desperately, as he whispered to himself repeatedly, “No, no, no, no!” The man continued running, crushing leaves and branches as he stormed through, even as he saw a two lane road appearing at the edge of the forest and a smirk appeared on his face as he ran when in a split second, a large animal blitzed him from the side so hard that the man’s head flew off and a splatter of blood struck the trees where he was tackled. There were sounds of bones crunching and juicing tearing and feeding, as if someone was really starving, as the lion like creature with scaly skin, red orbs that served as its eyes and razor sharp claws and teeth that are made out of granite, feed on the now dead man as his blood ran down the creature’s chin hair and scales before it reared its head and looked past the tree canopy, towards the dark sky and gave a half lion and half wolf roar/howl.

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