The Rising of the Zombies

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Evelyn and her friends take a camping trip for the weekend. They are enjoying their time in the sun, having a BBQ, relaxing with a few drinks. While the world around them is changing and becoming a dangerous place as the dead come back to life. How long can they survive the Zombie Apocalypse? What has caused the dead to rise? Can the world recover and return to normal? CURRENTLY WORK IN PROGRESS

Horror / Adventure
Katie Reynolds
Age Rating:


During the night of June 1st, the little town on the coast of Eastbourne changed and not for the better. An unusual storm howled and shook the trees with its gusty winds and heavy rain laced with a deadly virus coated everything in the proximity. The unfortunate people to be out and touched by the infection were the first to die.

Although the dead didn’t stay dead. One by one, the deceased awakened with the only impulse to consume all living things.

This is the end of the world.

The apocalypse.

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