Unhinged (4 Nights of Hallows Eve)

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Burn Baby Burn

The Apprentice listened to them from behind the bookcase. She didn’t dare make a sound. Now was not the time to reveal herself. She heard the cabin door close, but she still didn’t move. After a few minutes had passed she calmly walked into the main room, then entered the kitchen. She paused for a brief moment, then walked over to kneel beside Deputy Shawn. She ran her fingertips down his face then pinned the note to his jacket. “I’m sorry you were the one to drink the water. Such a waste on handsome young man. Oh well.” As she walked away she said, “It was supposed to be Poe.”

The Apprentice walked calmly through the street, taking in the panic she saw in people’s eyes. As she walked, the sunny afternoon of October 30th turned into a fierce lightening storm. She was walking past the park when lightening flashed lighting up the sky. That’s when she saw him. Poe was lying on the bench, she moved quickly to hide behind the tree as his head turned toward her. He looked in her direction for a few moments before he sat up and left the park.

“That was close,” she whispered, “If only he knew how much my heart bleeds for him.”

She followed him at a safe distance. She watched him enter the house from the pouring down rain. There was a time of five seconds where he was out of sight. She watched him take his place behind the desk. She wanted to make him pay. She wanted him to burn in hell for hurting her. She wanted to blow his world “Damn it.” She cursed herself for being unprepared.

She examined the ground looking for anything to scare him. Then she saw it, a half a bottle of pure alcohol. She chuckled “I’m going to light up your world.”

She pulled the handkerchief out of her pocket, stuffed it into the bottle, then lit the match. “We will be together soon.” She whispered as she tossed the bottle into the window; the room exploded into flames.


Poe walked into his house placed his coat on the rack and shook his wet hair. He had a feeling someone was watching him. He glanced out the window, but saw nothing. He settled behind his desk to think, but he couldn’t settle. “What’s the point? Why is this man so evil?” he thought.

“If he wanted to meet me, why not just approach me?”

He was deep in thought when the window exploded. Glass flew in every direction, but the flames burning bright and hot like the summer sun spread so quickly that he couldn’t escape. It wasn’t long before the entire room was engulfed in flames. He couldn’t see or even breathe. Finally he collapsed on the floor waiting for the fire to bring him peace. When he opened his eyes he was floating toward the stars. He was free. Suddenly he heard a voice that was pulling him back to Earth.

“Come on, wake up! Poe! Come on, open your eyes!”

He opened his eyes, but he couldn’t focus. He could make out the light of a fire. He tried to sit up, but a hand on his chest held him still. Then he heard the voice again.

“No, Edgar. Lie still. You’re weak, but you’ll be fine.”

“Smith?” he whispered.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Smith answered.

“Where am I?” Poe asked trying to sit up.

“Lie still. You’re in my study.”

“What happened? I remember the fire, then…”

“It’s okay, just sleep, we’ll talk later.”


The Apprentice paced the small space under the tree. She was frustrated it had to end. She heard the carriages rumble. Guess they found the note. She ran as fast as she could trying to beat them there. She took her place in the tree line. She could see him walk into the open meadow. Poe stood there, as far as she could tell, unarmed. “Damn it Smith, stop messing up my plan.” she whispered harshly.

“Hello? Anyone there?”

Her heart skipped a beat. It was Poe’s voice. “It’s time they know who I am.” she said as she stepped out from the tree line. She shouted, “Smith, you have meddled for the last time. Now you will die.” She fired the gun, but the bullet missed her mark. One of the deputies took the bullet for Smith.

“Joe! Who are you?” Smith shouted in fury.

“I’m the apprentice. You’ll be seeing me soon Smith.” She shouted back across the open meadow as she sprinted into the woods.

“Smith has messed with my plans for the last time. I have something special for him, but first I have someone to take care of.” She chuckled as she walked back to her homestead. She entered the cabin, and there in the center of the room was a woman strapped to a metal table.

“Please, she screamed “What did I do?”

“Not a thing.” she replied calmly as she took a needle out of the drawer. “You see this needle? I’m going to place it in your arm, and drop by drop your blood will leave your body. Enjoy your night in hell.”

She jabbed the needle into her arm and left the room.


Smith and the men carried Deputy Joe’s body back to the station, then Poe and Smith headed back to his house. As they entered Poe collapsed on the couch and fell fast asleep. It was early evening when Poe woke. It took him a few moments to remember where he was. He stood and walked to Smith’s desk. There was a note waiting for him. It read: “Poe I had to return to the station. Another body was found drained of blood. Just stay there and wait for me. This psycho wants you I don‘t want you out alone. I’ll be back soon.”

Poe read these words as he searched for a quill and parchment. “I have to see Chris.” he thought.

He scribbled a note to Smith. As he left he looked at the clock. 5:40 p.m on October 30th. “No matter what happens; this killer will not live.” he whispered.

After Smith finished at the station he decided to return home to check on Poe, but what he found was not Poe. There, where his had been, was a note.

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