Unhinged (4 Nights of Hallows Eve)

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Poe walked slowly to the grave of young Chris, sobbing softly as he went. He kneeled by the fresh grave that the officers had dug for the young boy and looked mournfully upon him . He didn't understand how such a small bright young boy could have been the victim of such a horrific killer. "Why you? I only knew you a short time, but I felt like I have known you forever. Like you were my own son." he whispered as he ran the pads of his fingertips down the tiny markings the officers had place there with his name on it. "Why?! Every person I meet must die." he screamed with fury.

Nearby the apprentice watched from behind a tree. *Poor insolent Poe. How pitiful is the emotion that you feel for that idiotic little pip-squeak.* she thought to herself. *How I wish you could see the error of your ways.* She crouched down in a menacing position to where she could see every tear more clearly. *Nothing will stop me from bringing you to your knees.* she thought.

Poe stood slowly, reluctant to leave his once cherished friend. "Oh Chris, what on earth am I to do? When I met you I was so sure that we were going to catch this sad mistake for a human being, you made me feel like I was worth something. That there was hope in this world." Poe looked towards the sky in pain. "The sky is grey with agonizing hatred for the one who calls herself... THE APPRENTICE." As he spoke the words, his body was overcome with the shiver of what he thought was a thousand days in hell. And it was not from the cold.

The apprentice now emerged from her hiding place. She slowly walked up to Poe, her hips swinging with each step in silent satisfactory. Softly she placed her hand upon his shoulder. The man jumped. He was startled in such a way that he thought his heart was going to leap from his chest. "Such a shame." she murmured. "He was so young." Poe began to sob once more.

"Oh, how strange you think Poe. The feelings you have for this girl are so... how you say, pitiful."

"Excuse me?" Poe turned to look at her. "This boy was bright and wonderful. He was so helpful, full of life and innocent and he was murdered by a cold blooded, dirty rotten, son of a bitch! And I swear, God as my witness, I will kill the bastard who harmed this sweet little twelve year old boy!" He was filled with blistering fury.

The apprentice now had a look of sick self-pride. "Oh how stupid you are for a genius!" she yelled smiling with a sinister smile.

"The young boy, the crucifix, this boy! It was you!" Poe screamed as he moved backward trying to put distance between himself and this twisted woman. "You killed them, all of them."

He tripped over Chris' freshly dug grave and caught himself just before he hit the ground.

"Of coarse it was." she smiled.

"You.." he was breathing heavily. "You are the woman from the park! The one who walked up to me. You killed that park ranger only minutes after I talked to you! Seconds even!"

He tripped over one of the tombstones, trying to get to her. This time he was unable to catch himself before he hit the ground. As his head connected with the hallow ground of the cemetery, every murder ran through his mind. He saw every victim, dead. When his mind finally allowed him to come back to reality he screamed at her, "You're a monster! What kind of person does that to a child."

He got up and dashed toward her with a deadly look in his eyes. Nothing was going to stop him from killing this retched woman that stood so proud before him. He let out a loud war cry and hit the apprentice hard across the face. She staggered backwards in pain.

"You of all people, Mr. Poe," She paused to wipe the blood from her mouth her eyes shined with anticipation. "would hit a woman?"

"You are not a woman, you are not even human! You are an animal! You sicken me!" he spit at her.

Then he hit her again in the stomach. This time she fell. She thudded on the ground just as he had, and smacked her head off of the nearby tree. The apprentice felt around for something quickly she found a fallen tree branch. Then with it firm in hand she looked back at him with a bloody smile and said,

"My turn." She leapt up, and with her she brought the large branch.

She swung violently at his head and missed. Poe suddenly realized what he must do. He turned and ran in the direction they'd gone after the ranger was killed. The apprentice followed.

As he ran, Poe looked down at the ground and followed the trail of blood that had dried after falling from the ax. He watched the trees as he ran. He didn't dare look back. Nothing was going to keep him from fulfilling his actions. Finally he made it to his destination. The cabin. He quickly opened the door and ran inside. He dashed to the bookcase where he expected she was hiding earlier that day. He could not find the trigger that opened the case. He could hear the leaves crunching under her feet.

Poe flew to the kitchen and examined his surroundings. "There!" He whispered, adrenaline filling his veins. On the filthy counter lay a rusty fork. He snatched it into his hand just as she entered the room.

"So, you like me so much you remembered where my cute little hide out is?" she asked.

"No, quite the contrary really. People like to die at home" he gasped for breath. His lungs were pumping hard trying to take in as much oxygen as possible. He needed his strength for what he was about to do.

She lunged forward attempting to tackle him to the floor. Just as she reached him he drove the fork deep into her right eye. She screamed in agony once more and fell in a heap. She continued to scream as she pulled the fork out of her head bringing her eye with it. "I only wanted you to love me!" she screamed through bloody tears.

"I could never love a malevolent bitch like you!" Poe screamed.

He ran to the other room and grabbed the ax that still stood against the raggedy old chair, and drug it across the floor back to where she sat sobbing and clutching her wound. He stood towering over her with a satisfied look upon his face, even more sinister that the one she'd gave him back at Chris' resting place. Then he ended it. He screamed as he violently swung at her skull over and over, his strength once again leaving him, but he refused to stop. Her blood flew carelessly all over the room. It spewed on his face and in his mouth. He didn't care.

Then the deputies began to file in the room. "Poe!" It was Tom. "Stop! She's dead! Jack help me"

Jack ran to him and together they were able to pull Poe away. "Poe," he could barely speak. "It's... it's Smith."

Poe let go of the ax. Her body now dismantled, the only sound you could hear for a thousand miles was the clunk as the ax hit the floor. Jack spoke once more breaking the silence. "He's gone. She killed him"

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