Unhinged (4 Nights of Hallows Eve)

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Poe stood in the kitchen covered in blood shaking. Then he slowly sank to his knees. He was dimly aware of deputies Jack and Tom leading him from the cabin. He could hear them talking, but he could make out only one word over the Apprentice’s screams in his head. Farmhouse. Suddenly, he broke free of the deputies hold and ran. It started to rain but he did not care. He headed toward the only farmhouse that was secluded enough where no one would he someone scream that’s where he knew Smith would be. He burst through the door screaming even though he knew no one would answer. “Smith! Smith!” he yelled. “Answer me! Please!”

He ran toward the basement. That’s when he smelled it. Blood. He ran down the stairs stumbling as he went. He entered the room and there on the table was Smith’s mangled body. There were cats sitting on his chest gnawing at his innards. He spun around and vomited at the sight of his friend. Poe slowly approached Smith’s body, shooing the cats away.

“No.” he groaned. “Smith I’m so sorry.” He said as he smoothed back Smith’s hair from his face like he would do of his brother. “I got her, she’s dead.”

Poe walked slowly from the farmhouse. All the murders flashed through his brain. All the sorrow, all the pain burned inside his chest until he thought his heart would explode, but he broke into run trying to escape his rage. He ran until his lungs burned. Finally, he dropped to his knees in the pouring down rain and broke down into sobs. He heard footsteps but did not look up. Then the voice of a young boy broke through his cloud of grief.

“Excuse me, sir, I’m Isaac.” the young boy said. “Can you help me?”

“I’m no help to anyone young man.” Poe replied in a flat tone.

“Please, sir my little brother is missing.”

Poe looked up at this young man who could not be more than fifteen for the first time and all he saw was terror and agony in his every feature. However, there was something about this young boys’ face that seemed familiar. His eyes they were kind and bright just like Chris eyes were.

“Isaac right? How old is he?”

“Twelve, sir. Please have you seen him?”

“What is his name?” Poe asked even though he knew the answer.

“Chris. He has not been home in days.”

Poe stared at Isaac with tears in his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out.

“What? Please do you know where my little brother is? Tell me.” He begged.

“I’m sorry son. He’s dead. He was killed by a monster.”

“NO!” he shouted. “You are lying.” he drew back and his fist sunk into Poe’s stomach.

Poe doubled over, but remained standing. Isaac pounded on Poe’s back shouting and crying. Poe stood and wrapped his arms around Isaac to keep the young boy from hitting him and let the boy cry in his arms.

“Listen to me.” Poe whispered in his ear.

“What?” Isaac asked wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

“Go to the cemetery the officers buried him there and say goodbye, then go home to your youngest brother, go to school, and live your life just as you had before because if you do not, you will be dishonoring Chris‘s memory.”

“Thank you, for telling me the truth.” Isaac whispered.

“Go on now.”

Poe watch the young boy walk away before he walked back to the farmhouse where the deputies were waiting. They carried Smith’s body from the farmhouse and to the morgue where he would be buried with honors. Poe walked back to the apprentice’s cabin. He dragged her body by her foot out in the woods where the animals could finish her off. As he watched her body being attacked, torn to shreds by the animals, he said “No one double crosses me” then he turned and walked into the darkness of the night never to be seen again.

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