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Unhinged (4 Nights of Hallows Eve)

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Hunt For Poe

Lt. Smith walked slowly out of the theater and into the deserted streets. Dawn was approaching, “Poe is a menace. His twisted mind and someone is playing a game.” he thought to himself. Lost in thought he didn’t notice a figure standing in the shadows. The figure slowly walked deeper in the shadows, they turned and smacked into the mailbox with a loud BANG!!. Lt. Smith snapped his head around. “Hey!” he shouted “Stop!”

“Shit!” they yelled as they ran down the street.

The figure ran jumping over benches and mailboxes alike. They took a sharp turn that had Lt. Smith crashing to his knees by the time he regained his feet the figure was gone. “Shit, he got away. Son of a bitch, find me Poe now….” he shouted in frustration to his deputies

Lt. Smith was standing in his study an hour before dark. Smith continued to pace thirty minutes, fifteen, ten when the door burst open. The deputies came in dragging Poe. “Release me at once!” Poe screamed.

A wicked grin spread across deputy Jack’s beat up face. Blood was dripping down his face from his broken nose. “Okay.” he murmured.

BOOM! Deputy Jack threw Poe to the floor. “What is the meaning of this?!” shouted Poe as he wiped the slobber from his mouth.

Lt. Smith bent down and seized Poe by the back of his coat and tossed him into the chair. “You are going to solve this riddle.”

“And if I do not help you?” Poe said with the hint of a grin.

Lt. Smith drew back and smacked Poe hard across the face. “I will kick your ass, look at the riddle now!”

Poe took the paper and read it carefully. “It’s one of my poems, you really need me to figure this out?”

Lt. Smith smacked him again “Do not be a smartass.”

“Okay, okay its looks like the killer took couple lines from different parts and pieced them together. It means a church, one with stained glass windows that are white and red.” Poe said rubbing his cheek.

“You’re coming with me.” Smith said as he jerked Poe out of his seat. Poe doubled over and vomited on deputy Joe’s shoes.

“Damn it.” Deputy Jo shouted he drew back and punched Poe in the face three or four times.

“Stop, I need him” Smith said grabbing Jo’s arm.

“Sir, these are my favorite shoes.”

Smith rolled his eyes. He took Poe out in the fresh air. “Deep breaths.” he said handing him a handkerchief. “What church Mr. Poe.”

Poe took a deep breath “The only church with white and red stained glass windows is the abandoned church near the woods.”

“Deputy James,” Smith shouted “assemble the men we have to move now.”

Smith helped Poe into the carriage. As they raced down the street toward the church. Smith’s thoughts shifted to the little boy that was killed. “Whose boy was he? What was his name?” The carriage jerked to a stop. “Go, get the door open!” Smith shouted.

“It’s jammed, sir.” shouted Deputy Tom.

“The back.” Poe said.

Poe ran around the side toward the back when a head popped up out of the ground scaring him. He screamed in surprise the officers grabbed the boy and pulled him out of the ground. Smith crouched in front of him he couldn‘t be more than ten. “What is your name?”

“Chris. My feet cannot touch the ground.” he said.

“Sorry. Put him down. What are you doing here by yourself?”

“Nothing. Are you trying to get into the church? Cause there is a dead body in there.” Chris said brushing the dirt from his shirt.

“Do you know how to get in?” Poe asked looking Chris up and down the boy was quite small.

“Yeah, I can get through the tunnel and unlock the door.”

Before anyone could stop him Chris was back inside the tunnel. The officers and Poe were waiting at the door when Chris opened it. “His name is Peter.”

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