Unhinged (4 Nights of Hallows Eve)

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Two more

Poe pushed his body to go faster. He stopped twice to throw up his paranoia about what state he would find Chris in. If anything happened to that boy it would be his fault. After he empted his stomach for the last time he could see the rising sun over the city.

“Chris!?” yelled deputy Tom.

“Chris!?” screamed deputy Joe.

“Chris!?” shouted deputy Shawn.

They were searching frantically for the tiny boy. “Chris!” They screamed in unison. There was nothing.

Poe began to worry he was just a little boy. An awful feeling developed in his stomach. Then he saw it. “Smith! Hurry!” he screamed in panic.

Blood… a trail of blood leading to a hole in the ground. “Damn it, Smith! Over here!” he screamed again, anger now in his voice.

As they approached the hole, Smiths foot stepped on something under the leaves. Chris’s head shot up out of the hole. “Oh, sweet little Chris.” he whispered in despair.

“Alright!” yelled Smith. “I want this area completely surveyed! Get him freed from that spring!”

They dug deep and widened the hole. Deeper and deeper they dug till they could pull him free. “I got something!” deputy Shawn shouted.

Poe woke from his pacing stupor. “Come on! Get him out of there now! he screamed.

They pulled the body out of the now enlarged trench pulling the spring free from his feet. When they got him out, suddenly, they dropped the corpse in shock.

“What the hell is wrong with you stupid bastards!?” Poe screamed.

Then he looked at the corpse. His heart sank into the pit of his stomach. Leeches and worms covered Chris’ body. Blood gushed from the boy. The men quenched at the sight of the gore. Poe dropped to his knees and cried silently once more. Smith squezzed Poe’s shoulder then headed a few feet away to deliberate. Suddenly, he spotted something unusual. Behind a tree, he saw the person from the alley. He made it appoint not to stare. “Deputy Joe.” Smith called.

“Yes, sir.”

“Do not look. Do you understand me?” he demanded.

“Alright, sir.” he replied.

“Do you remember that person from the alley?”

“The one that ran into the mailbox?”

“Yes.” Smith uttered. “They’re here. Get some men and surround them.”

“What about Poe? Should we tell him? They could have been the one to do this”

"No, Let him be."

Smith told them where to go. They snuck around the trees and surrounded the figure.

“Come out before we make you!” deputy Jack yelled now looking at the person directly.

“Damn it.” said the person. They walked out with their hands above their head.

“Now take off the hat.” Smith instructed.

Slowly the person lifted the hat. They all gasped. The female looked from Smith to Poe who was still on his knees weeping. “What are you so shocked about?” she said sarcastically.

“Well,” he retorted “… I’m just upset that you’re a female, and now I cannot kick your twisted ass!”

Poe slowly raised his head, he looked at the female incomprehensibly as he got to his feet. Then he lunged; she stiffed for the attack but before anything could happen, Smith grabbed him and held him back as the men restrained her. Poe settled and Smith released him from his grasp. Then he looked at the woman. “What is your name? he asked calmly.

The woman just stood there silently. “I said, what the hell is your name?” he said his temper rising he saw Poe move out of the coner of is eye, “Poe I will kick your ass if I have to restrain you again.”

“Thanks Smith.” Poe said through clenched teeth.

“It’s Seth.” she said.

“Take her back to the station.” Smith ordered.

The deputies grabbed Seth and led her out of the woods. They got no more than twenty steps when a gunshot was heard. The bullet went straight through Seth’s heart and lodged itself into a near by tree. Her blood showered them all as they stood there in shock.

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