Unhinged (4 Nights of Hallows Eve)

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The Apprentice walked through the town unnoticed, invisible ever since she was a child. She would be ignored no more, that is, if Smith was smart enough to catch her. Suddenly, a force struck her shoulder. “What! Am I invisible!?” the Apprentice shouted.

“No ma‘am, I wasn’t paying attention.” the man said sincerely.

As the man walked away the Apprentice took a step forward then reconsidered. “No!” she said to herself “Only at night. Do not want to be caught before I am ready. I must control myself. No mistakes.”

The Apprentice walked to the far end of the park and sat down on the bench. She chuckled to herself. “I wish I could seen the look on that arrogant rodent Smith’s face when he found the boy. He was tough to catch, but I got him in the end.”

The Apprentice didn’t know how long she sat there thinking of the boy. “Hee hee, that’s two children. These cops aren’t so smart.”

While the Apprentice sat on the bench a person caught her eye. It was him the famous Poe himself. The Apprentice sat frozen for a few seconds. When she unfroze she closed the distance between them in an instant. “Excuse me sir?” She stuttered.

“Yes?” Poe’s voice was barely above a whisper.

“I’m a fan of your work, sir.”

Poe looked at her with dull eyes, then turned and walked away. The Apprentice stood there for a minute before it dawned on her. “Did he just blow me off? We will see about that.” she said out loud.

The Apprentice walked swiftly to the abandoned cabin deep in the woods. She burst through the door with such force it almost ripped the hinges from the door frame. She crossed the room to the bookcase grabbed the red book on the second shelf and pulled to open her lair. There plastered on the wall was a shrine to Edgar Allan Poe. On the opposite wall there was a shelf with various collection of knives, axes, poisons, and many other unlabeled bottles. The Apprentice grabbed the sharpest battle ax and rushed out the door no longer caring that it was early afternoon. The Apprentice ran through the park and collided with a park ranger.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” the ranger asked. “Why are you carrying an ax?”

The apprentice swung the battle ax, slicing the ranger’s torso. Blood sprayed into the Apprentice’s face. She swung the ax left to right repeatedly cutting the ranger’s torso. The rangers screams of pain and terror were interrupted by the final blow of the ax.

“I’m tired of being ignored. Maybe that will get his attention” the Apprentice said trying to catch her breath.

The Apprentice calmly walked back to the cabin. She stripped the bloody clothes and tossed them into the fireplace and went to the kitchen to freshen up. Half an hour later she was sitting in front of the fireplace staring at the flames.

“He doesn’t care that I love and adore him. He just pushed me aside. He didn’t even notice me.” she said with a dead, flat voice.

Suddenly, the Apprentice lunged forward, thrusting her hand into the fire. Her hand caught immediately, but no sound escaped her lips. It was as though she was outside her body watching, everything was disconnected. After she watched her hand burn for a few moments she walked to the kitchen and placed her hand in the bucket of cool, well water she kept on the table. When she removed her hand from the water she grabbed a plate from the sink then went back to the main room and placed herself in front of the fire once more. She reached for the battle ax that she had used on the park ranger and begun to scrape the dead, charred skin from her hand onto a plate. Then she picked up the pen and wrote...

“He will love me before this is over. Even, in death. He will be mine.”

She stood and walked away into the darkened cabin.

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