Unhinged (4 Nights of Hallows Eve)

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So close

Poe stumbled along the street, not knowing where he was heading. His thoughts were jumbled into mush. He wanted to bring the perverted killer to justice his kind of justice.. He was utterly disgusted even in his own dark mind he couldn’t believe what he had seen. “Oh, Chris I’m so sorry.” he mumbled to himself.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a woman. She was talking so quickly. He was upset so he hadn’t paid attention. He started to walk when he looked back the woman was already on her way. Poe sat down on the bench outside the park. He simply put his head in his hands, and a single tear fell from his eyes. Nothing seemed to add up. “What is the damned bastard’s game?” he thought.

He did not know how long he sat there lost in the dark place that was his mind. Once more, his thoughts were interrupted. A scream rang out from the forested part of the park on the east end. Poe jumped up and ran towards the sound. “Big mistake.” he thought as he ran.

When Poe arrived Smith and the deputies were already on scene. Blood was spewn all over the ground and tree trunks around them. The body of the park ranger lay cut in half on the forest floor. Poe looked around in horror, then he noticed something unusual. A trail of blood led away from the body, deeper into the wooded area. He took off without saying a word, rage set in his eyes. Smith took off after him.

The deputies followed. They ran for what seemed like forever. Finally, they arrived at a cabin that looked like it could have been abandoned for years, but the blood led straight into the door. With one hand on Poe’s shoulder Smith motioned for the deputies to surround the cabin. He put a finger to his lips, telling them to be silent. Then he motioned, three… two… ONE!! They burst through the door, their revolvers ready to fire. They split up and checked every room; empty.

“NO!” Poe screamed.

He made his way throughout the cabin then back into the main room it was then that he noticed that the room had a very particular smell. It twisted the very contents of his stomach. Then he saw the source. Human skin lay charred on a plate, with a piece of paper sticking out of the top. Beside it, an axe covered in blood presumed to be the ranger’s blood. Smith walked in, caught a whiff of the smell and almost fell over. When he saw the source of the stench, he collapsed all together.

He lay unconscious on the cabin floor. Poe stared in disappointment. He bent down and drew back his hand. He brought it down with great force, and connected the blow with Smith’s face. Instantly Smith awoke. Poe glared at him. “And now that you have swooned Miss. Estrogen…” he said sarcastically.

Then he stood once more. Poe walked over and picked up the paper, and read it. Suddenly, released it letting it float slowly to the floor. He couldn’t grasp it.

“Well, now I know the game,” he choked. “and I’m the main pawn.”

The room fell silent. Smith walked over and picked up the paper, read it himself, and crumbled it in his hand. He tossed it in the fire. They all watched it burn.

“Men,” Smith ordered. “I want every inch of this cabin covered. Gather anything you find suspicious no matter how insolent or minor!”

The men instantly scattered. They were searching carefully. “Nothing to be missed!” Smith yelled as he too rummaged.

They were having no luck. Poe was driving himself crazy flipping over desks and furniture. “Something has to be here!” he screamed, still over-turning objects.”

Smith walked over calmly, and all of a sudden slapped Poe as hard as he could. Poe staggered backwards, his sanity returning.

“Thank you,” he said rubbing his cheek. “I needed that, but never do it again.”

Meanwhile, in the small kitchen Deputy Shawn was looking at all of the dishes that were left there. It seemed they had been there for years. He then grabbed one and walked to the sink. He turned the knobs on the faucet. Water ran clear and cool. He filled the cup and brought it to his lips. His mistake showed soon after.

The Deputy choked on practically nothing, clenching his chest. The others ran to his location quickly. “Shawn?!” Smith yelled putting his hand on Shawn’s shoulders trying to calm him. “What’s happening?”

The cup fell from Shawn’s hand, and all at once, blood spewed from his mouth and fell to the floor. They were covered in his blood. Smith picked up the cup and examined it carefully, then smelled the inside. He gagged.

“Ocelyn.” he said.

“Pardon?” Poe asked.

“Ocelyn. It is a rare poisonous liquid that, if consumed, can cause the heart to explode. We are dealing with a master-mind.” he said throwing the cup to the floor.

Smith stared at Shawn for a moment before speaking again. “Alright men,” he murmured. “let’s get out of this horrid place.”

The men left the cabin and Shawn behind. We will have the coroner come get him.” Smith said. “We have to find this guy. And FAST.”

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