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A Warning to Others...

The pen felt hot in Joe's hand, but he needed to write it all down; he needed to have a written record of all that had happened that night at The Fortress.

He had spent hours writing and was near the end, but he wanted people to know how he felt in his heart and to give a warning to others who became too curious...

“No matter how many times I tell my story, never deviating nor exaggerating any part of it, people still look at me and question my motives. No doubt those about me will still think me insane, but I can promise you - I am not. Even now it is all crystal clear to me, the events of that night. I need neither therapy nor medication. I am neither sick, nor a monster. I am simply a victim; a victim of The Fortress and a victim of my own curiosity – and now also a prisoner of guilt for leading my friends to that horrendous place.

“My name will forever more be associated with the term ‘murderer’ and that makes me angry; my friends, those that are left, and my family know I would never have done such a thing, but they will have to live with everyone looking at them and judging them as they do me; it’s all so unfair.

“As for me, I have to dwell here, in this place that is so like and yet so different, from the one I once had had such a yearning to visit. I sit here, day after day, wondering if people, thrill seekers and the like, will visit here in years to come, when the ol’ place is no longer a working prison, when it has peeling paint draping for the walls and ceilings and rusted doors that snag on the dirt from years of neglect. Would they come? I hope not…for their own sakes.”

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