The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 5

I somehow feel at peace now as I drive along, leaving the city far behind me. I drive deep into the country side, grassy hills and tall trees surround. I know I will never find out who the third man was now that the only people who knew him are dead, but my thirst for revenge is satisfied.

I begin crying, thinking about my family. I miss them so much, it’s unbearable. A bridge approaches up ahead, a wide river rushes below. I know what I must do, I know how I can end my pain, how I can see them again. I stomp down the accelerator and angle my car towards the bridge.

I hit the side railing hard, bursting through the metal guards. The drop lasts forever, every second a minute, suspended in the air. The waves crash below me as I make my descent, my heart stops beating as I smash hard into the flowing waters.

For a moment, the car floats atop the flowing river as I’m swept downstream. Slowly the car begins sinking, deeper and deeper, filling with water. My feet are soaked as the river claims them, filing the interior in its sweet icy bliss.

The water now up to my hips, the icy water numbs my legs. My body fights in panic momentarily as it begs to survive. I ignore the feeling, closing my eyes with a deep inhale.

My chest now consumed, I imagine my wife, my family, seeing their faces in my mind. A tear rolls down my cheek becoming one with the river.

“I’m coming my love.” I whisper, as the waters take me away.

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