The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 2

I pull up into the gravel driveway up to my house. The single story modular sits atop a small hill, a short wooden porch lay just out front. Last year I put some white siding on it, I did a horrible job, some strips already ripped off swinging in the wind. But hey, you get what you pay for and I did it myself and I am far from any form of handyman.

I hop out of the car and make my way up the steps to the front door, I swing open the glass outside door, then unlock the main one. I push the door open, shutting it behind me as I enter.

“Brandy, I’m back.” I shout.

“What? I can’t hear you, hold on.” Her voice barely audible from down the hallway.

I walk over and plop down on the old leather couch placed against the wall in the living room. The television across from me is on, playing some stupid reality show, no thank you. My house is fairly empty, not much beyond the basics, never had the cash to really get anything. The walls are painted a dull white color, I hung a few posters throughout the rooms, can’t stand a blank wall.

The whole house is basically one big room, if not for the hallway my bedroom would be visible from here as well. Don’t get me wrong I like the place, just wish there was more in it.

“Oh hey.” Brandy says, walking down the hall, a curling iron in her long black hair. “You have fun?”

“Ha, not really, Zac had us play baseball. Real thrill ride.” I say sarcastically.

“Oh, sounds like a blast.” She jokes.

“You do anything fun?” I ask.

“I got dressed.” She laughed. “Oh, and I looked up these really cool places we could road trip to.”

“Road trip?” I ask sluggishly.

“Yes, road trip.” She states, placing her hand on her hip. “You promised we could go on one this weekend.” She said with a glare.

Damn, I did say that. I let out a sigh. “What you got in mind?” I ask objectively.

“Well, I found this really cool town I want to go see. It’s completely abandoned, the houses are all still there, just empty. I think it would be interesting to see. You know, a town so empty like that. Almost like there is no life left in the world.” She said.

“Sounds creepy.” I state, squinting my eyes at her.

“Exactly.” She says with a smile.

“Alright, if you insist. How far is it?” I ask.

“Well according to the internet, it’s about two hours or so.”

“Is there anything to see along the way?” I ask.

“Um, I think there are a couple things to see, I read something about a statue of an angel or something like that. Oh, and there is this bridge with a huge river under it along the way, might be cool for a picture. We should bring Zac and Brittany with us to keep things interesting.”

“Hmm, yeah. Nothing better to do I suppose.” I mutter.

“Great, I’ll call Brittany.” She said with a big smile as she rushed out of the room.

I let out a sigh, is it too much to ask to just stay home and watch tv or something. I head down the hall to my bedroom, swinging open the door. My room is filled with all sorts of nerdy collectibles. I love that shit, always have. I have two big bookshelves filled with books and action figures (still in the box of course), along with a random assortment of video games.

The walls are white in here as well, didn’t get too creative with the painting. My bed is centered in the room, it’s been unmade for at least ten years, never seen the point in making a bed just to mess it up again at night.

I reach under the bed, pulling out a small duffel bag. I grab a few essentials to pack, you know socks, boxers, and a change of clothes, the basics. After filling the bag up, I toss it in the corner and head out of the room. Brandy is packing as well, while talking on her cell phone to Brittany no doubt. She on the other hand is packing a giant suitcase, with two small bags beside it. She thinks she has to bring the whole house anytime we go somewhere, a bit ridiculous, I never see her use even a third of all that crap.

I walk back into the living room and plop on the couch, my cat Phoenix is quick to join me, curling into a ball beside me. I stroke his fur a few times before picking up the remote control. I turn the tv on and flip through a few channels to see if anything good is on. Nothing much is ever on, I stop on some news channel, letting out a sigh, and fade into my day dreams, staring off into space.

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