The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 5

I pull into town, headed back towards the bank. I’m sure I can find the old man’s address on my computer. I quickly speed into the parking lot and stop, leaving the car running, I jump out and sprint to the front door.

My boss already spotted me, I run across the lobby behind the counter to my office. I throw the door open, locking it behind me to keep the bitch out. She’s already marching this way. I jump into my chair, quickly typing away at the computer, pulling up file after file searching for the man.

“Maximus, Maximus, where are you?” I whisper. “Aha!”

I pull up his file and jot down his address on a small notecard on my desk. My boss is outside the door, pounding on the glass.

“Whitmore! Open this door now, or you are fired.” She demands.

I blow her off, not even acknowledging her. I pull up another file, quickly pressing approve on the old mans loan. That has got to count for something.

“Security!” She screams. “Kill his computer and open this door.”

Two armed guards run this way and that, one towards my office door, jingling a large set of keys in his hand. The other runs into a small room across the lobby. The document processes on the screen, letting me know the approval went through, I shut the computer off and jam the address into my pocket.

The guard at the door, twists his key into the lock setting the door free. I jump to my feet, circling the desk to avoid the guard. He launches forward at me as I jump over the desk. The guard crashes face first into my chair as I sprint out of the office, push my boss in the process as she tried blocking the doorway.

I blow passed the front counter and burst out the front door. I continue across the parking lot and hop into my car, quickly speeding from the lot. My tires squeal leaving black tread marks across the concrete as I speed away.

My heart is racing as adrenaline pumps through my veins. Sweat trickles down the bridge of my nose, splashing into my lap as I head down the road. I yank the small paper from my pocket studying the address. It looks like he lives in the old trailer park outside of town, I gotta hurry.

I drive for miles, before finally catching a glimpse of the run down old trailer park. Several trailers are dismantled and destroyed, weathered over the years. Dirty children are playing outside them in dirt and mud, their clothes tattered as if they only own the one pair.

Old homeless people are strung throughout the place, laying on cardboard. A few people sit on the steps outside their trailers, watching me as I pull into the dirt drive. I park in the middle of the small dirt path and hop out of the car.

I walk over to a man sitting in front of a trailer. He gives me a crooked smile, revealing his missing front teeth. One of his eyes stays shut as he speaks.

“What do you want city man?” He asks.

“I’m looking for a Maximus Romero.” I say.

The man stares at me before jumping to his feet, a strange fear crosses his face. He backs away into his trailer door, then points down the path to the last trailer on the left side.

“Now go away.” He demands.

Odd I thought, but I turned and began walking down the path to his trailer. I walk up to the door and knock a few times. A strange music like sound floats from the trailer. Sounds like something you would hear in a temple or something, kind of ominous in a way.

The door quickly swings open, the old man appears with an evil grin.

“So, you have finally come.” He grunts.

“I wanted to let you know I approved your loan.” I state.

He lets out a deep unsettling laugh. “Good, good.”

I pause watching his face as his smile deepens, utterly satisfied with his work.

“So, why did you feel compelled to drive all the way out here to tell me instead of just calling?” He asked.

I tilt my head in confusion. “I think you already know why.” I say.

“Ha, yes indeed I do.” He laughs.

“So?” I ask.

“So, what?” He retorts angrily.

“Can you get rid of this thing you set after me.” I ask.

A sinister grin crosses from ear to ear on his face, his dingy teeth glint in the sunlight. Pure evil flows from his stare as he peers at me.

“Oh no my boy, it’s far too late for that. You shall reap what you have sowed now.” He smiles.

“What? I gave you what you want, you have to fix this.” I shout.

“You had your chance, now you must give him what he wants, it’s simply too late to call him off. He has gotten a taste of you and he wants more.” He growls.

I grab the old man by the collar of his shirt, shaking him violently. “No! Fix this now.” I demand.

The old man just laughs a blood curdling growl as I shake him. I let out a yell and send my fist into his face. I punch him again and again.

“If you don’t fix this I’ll fucking kill you, you hear me. I will take your old ass down with me.” I scream, punching the man again.

Blood rolls down from his nose and mouth, but his laughter remains. The old man is completely unfazed by the blows. I throw the man backwards into his trailer, then turn to head back to my car.

“Fuck!” I yell, letting the scream echo in the air.

I hop into my car and speed from the dirt lot. Slamming my hands on the wheel as I go. “Ah.”

I head back towards my house, waiting for the inevitable. I pull up to my house and hop out of the car. I stop and look out at the sky, taking in what could be my last time seeing all of this. I fear I can’t make it out of this anymore.

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