The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 6

I sit on the couch staring into the abyss of my house, waiting for the creature to return for me. I feel I have lost all hope. I let out a long sigh, closing my eyes. I jolt forward in surprise as my cell phone begins vibrating in my pocket.

I pull the phone from my pocket, looking at the number on the screen. Who the hell is that.

“Hello?” I say into the phone.

“Yes, Henry? It’s Gerold Moore, we spoke earlier.” The voice says.

I pause for a second. “Yeah, yeah, how did you get my number?” I ask.

“Never mind that, I think I found a way for you to get rid of your little problem.” He states.

A shred of hope flickers inside me at the thought. “How?”

“Well, you’re not gonna like it.” He begins.

“I don’t care, just tell me.” I demand.

“Well, from what I have read in my books, you may be able to offer it a sacrifice in your place.” He says.

“What do you mean, sacrifice?” I question.

“You have to give it someone else for it to claim, and no it can’t be the old man, someone unrelated to the curse. Someone pure.” He says.

“Okay, how do I give it said sacrifice.” I ask

“When it comes, and it will come. You must have your sacrifice with you and offer them to it.” He says. “I’m not saying it will accept who you choose, but if you don’t try, it will simply claim you.”

I pause, biting my lip as I think. “Alright, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for letting me know.” I say.

“No problem.” He says as he hangs up.

I let of a sigh of relief, I know just the person. I hop up and head for the door as the light begin to flicker throughout the house. I freeze in a panic. Shit, it’s coming, I have to go now.

I run out and hop into my car, flying down the road. Trying to make it before it catches me. I speed down the streets passing house after house before stopping at one. It’s a tall two-story house made up all in bricks, a fancy line of bushes separates the house from the sidewalk. The lights upstairs are turned on, letting me know they are home.

I hop from my car and sprint to the front door, the growls of the creature close in behind me. No time to waste, I kick the door open, splintering the wood of its frame. The bottom floor is dark making it hard to navigate. I run through the house finding the stained wooden stairs leading up. I quickly run up the stairs two at a time, holding onto the handrail.

Footsteps scurry around the second floor, as my boss appears in front of me at the top.

“What the hell are you doing in my house Whitmore?” She shouts at me.

I run up and grab her. “I need your help.” I say.

The lights from the top floor begin to flicker before cutting off entirely.

“What the fuck is going on? Let go of me.” She pleads.

I scan the darkness, looking for any movement. The deep growls echo off the walls, getting closer and closer. Then I see it, a set of horns slowly moves through the shadows, moving up the stairs from below. A wave of fear rushes through me.

“What is that thing?” She screams.

“Alastor, I offer you this woman as a sacrifice in my place.” I shout.

The creature shrieks with a piercing growl. The air is still, everything goes silent. Only the quiet steps of the beast remain. My boss cries out for help, begging me to let her go, but I can’t. It’s me or her.

The creature is right in front of us, its eyes glow red with fire. Hot breath radiates from the things mouth as it raises its hand towards her. The creature snatches her from my arms, lifting her high in the air. She wails in terror as the beast sniffs her, it lets out a loud roar in her face before ripping her body in two.

Blood gushes from her, rushing down the stairs in a crimson flood. The creature tosses her lower half down the steps. It then holds her torso above it letting the blood run into its mouth. You can hear the creature gulping down the liquid in deep moans and gurgles.

The creature then tosses the body onto the floor as it stares at me.

“I gave you what you want, now leave me be.” I demand.

The creature lets out a deep giggle like sound, then starts towards me. I slowly back step, keeping distance between us. The beast growls into the air as it moves faster towards me. I turn to run, but it yanks my feet out from under me.

“Let me go, I gave you her!” I scream.

I punch at the beasts’ hand latched around my ankle as it drags me down the stairs. I smack hard on every step, the pooled blood splashing up at me on my descent. My heart is pounding through my chest threatening to burst through.

The creature drags me outside across the grass, I grab at anything I can to slow the pulling beast. Chunks of yard rip out in my hands as I struggle to escape.

“Help!” I plead, my screams bouncing away into the night sky.

I look at the creature as a large hole opens in the ground, fire blazes from it. Almost like hell itself, the creature steps into the hole until only its arm remains, still yanking me in. I kick at the hand holding firmly onto me. My legs begin to enter the flaming hole.

The fire scorches my legs, making me scream in agony. My body drags further and further into the hole, as my life begins to drain away. I’m pulled deeper and deeper until I’m completely engulfed in the flames, my hands grasping at the little ground left, until I’m gone.

My last scream echoes into the air as the hole closes over me.

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