The Midnight Hour

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Part 5: Chapter 1

2:04 A.M.

Ring…Ring…Ring… I opened my eyes to the terrible sound of the phone ringing. It felt as if the sound of the phone shook my entire body into consciousness. I glanced at the clock buried under a pile of clothes on my nightstand.

“2:04, who the fuck calls someone at this time”, I said.

Ring…Ring…Ring… Slowly I make my way across the room, stumbling, trying to get my balance in the darkness.

“Hello”, I said as I picked up the phone. Silence.

“Hello”, I say again. Still silence. Annoyed from the unanswered call I slam the phone back onto the receiver.

I make my way back across the dark room to my bed, I fall into the bed and close my eyes.


“Ah”, I yell. I quickly run back to the phone, yank it up to my ear.

“Hey asshole, I don’t know wha…”

A loud screeching static cuts me off, it screams into my ear like nails on a chalkboard.

“H…He…I need…” The voice is breaking up, I can’t make out the words.

“What do you need?” I ask. My question is met with silence. I wait on the line for a few minutes. I hang the phone up. “Probably a prank or something”, I said.

I go back to my bed and lie down and slowly everything fades to black.

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