The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 6

11:00 P.M.

I snap back into reality, and grab Cory’s shoulder.

“You good?” I ask.

“Yeah, let’s go”

We stand back up and walk slowly, we avoid the room with the eyeless man. We make our way to the roof access stairs and start our climb up to the top. We get to the roof and pause taking in the feeling of freedom, somehow just being outside felt safer, like we were home free.

I limp my way to the fire escape right behind Cory, I grab onto the railing to balance myself out for the descent. We make our way down the winding stairs, they seem never to end.

Finally, we make it to the bottom, Cory hops down first, then helps me off the deathtrap. The ground feels soft, safe. Rain is pouring down from the sky, small glimmers of lightning light up the sky. You can hear the low rumble of thunder.

We start down the small dirt path to the gates, passing by the fountain, and stone statues. The gates are now within view, I start to feel a bit of excitement in the anticipation of being back in the car.

We make it to the gate and squeeze between the bars. I open the door to my car and hop in, Cory hops into the passenger seat. I turn the key and the engine roars into action.

“Alright, the roll.” I say feeling relief.

“Hell yes!” Cory responds.

“Going somewhere?” A male voice says from the backseat as I feel a needle enter my neck.

There is a female laughing as she sticks one into Cory, then the world slowly fades to black.

I had a dream, you know one of those dreams where you know what you need to do in them, but it’s as if some force is pushing against you, refusing to let you do what needs to be done.

That’s how I felt, in the dream I see this woman, she is screaming in a room, screaming for help. I am outside the door looking in, the room is a blinding white. I stand in this hallway, like that of a school, there are lockers and water fountains to my left and right with no end in sight.

I see the woman screaming, I want to open the door and go help her but my hand can’t grab the doorknob. I push my hand towards it but I can’t get it, I try and try, never making it to the doorknob.

Suddenly the woman screams louder but at me like it’s my fault I won’t help her. I keep trying to open the door but the knob refuses my hand. Then the screaming stops. I look up to see her and she is directly in front of the door staring straight into my eyes, like she can she right into me.

It goes quiet for what feels like an eternity, then she turns away going back to the center of the room. The whole room bursts into flames making their way to her. I fight the door begging it to let me in, but I can’t. The woman catches fire and just holds her gaze on me, silent. Then she’s gone.

Only after it’s too late does the door give way and let me in, but there is still nothing I can do.

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