The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 8

1:00 A.M.

I set there in silence for a while, waiting for whatever nightmare is to come next. If they did that to Cory I can only imagine what happened to Mark, or what will happen to me. No, I can’t think that way. I shake my head trying to erase the thought, like my brain is an etch-a-sketch I can just reset.

There is a small clock ticking away on the desk. I stare as the minutes’ turn. I look down and realize she never strapped me into the wheelchair, now is my chance, I gotta run for it. I’m about to stand as the door opens.

A tall thin man dressed in a ragged suit walks in, he has large framed glasses on, the lenses are so large his eyes are magnified inside them. His jet-black hair is greased back, he seems too clean to be in this place. Maybe he is one of the good guys, I don’t know, I can’t trust it to be true.

He gives me a quick smirk as he sits at the desk, he clasps his hands together, staring at me. He looked at me as if I was the crazy one here, like he was waiting for me to jump up and attack him.

He glances down at something on his desk and grabs a pen. He begins scribbling something on a piece of paper in front of him. I’m struck with complete confusion.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

He holds up a finger to silence me. He makes a clicking sound with his mouth.

“Derek, is it?” He asks.

I nod in confusion. How does he know my name?

“Tell me Derek, how are you feeling this evening?” He questions.

I stare at him, my mouth open unable to find words.


“I’m fine?” I say unsure how to respond.

“Fine you say, are you sure?” He says.

I nod again. His eyes are staring at me now, they’re dark, cold as ice, piercing through me.

“Derek, you can be honest, this is a safe place.” He claims.

Yeah, real safe, murdering psychos around every turn, I feel as safe as ever. I just watched my friend be ripped to pieces, but oh everything will be okay because this guy says it’s safe.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“Me? I’m your psychiatrist Dr. Krane, you know that. We have been seeing each other for the last six months, remember?” He said.

Six months? This guy is insane, I have never seen him before in my life, let alone for six months. He smiles at me again, as if he sympathizes with how I am feeling.

“Listen Derek, you have been an inpatient here at Haddix for almost a year now. You came in and self-admitted yourself for treatment here. We have been working with you through a series of medications and talk therapy. Are you remembering? No? Well, as you know you were diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.” He goes on.

There is no way, he is just trying to get in my head.

“You’re lying, I have only been here for a few hours.” I declare

“Now Derek, we have been through this, you only believe that because your personalities are shifting, yesterday when we met you had named yourself Mark, last week your name was Cory, how much of what you know can you really say is real?” He insists.

“I am not Cory or Mark, I know who I am, you fucking psychopaths ripped Cory to shreds just an hour ago, God knows what you’ve done to Mark, but you will all pay for this!” I shout.

“Fine, if you are going to be this way, I feel we may have to take another path with you, after all this time you still fail to cooperate with the easy methods of treatment!” He attests.

He stands and starts towards me.

“Nurse! Nurse! Come take this patient away, the doctor can deal with his instabilities now!” He shouts furiously.

I only have one shot, I must move now. I leap from the wheelchair, adrenaline rushing through my veins. I shove Dr. Krane back into the desk and blow open the door, I don’t know where I’m going I just know I have to run and not stop.

I hear Dr. Krane shouting behind me, the nurse is running down the halls after me. I dart through a set of doors busting into another hallway, patients in the rooms on both sides are screaming, I just keep running.

I hear the doctor yelling as he starts up an engine. I can hear the buzzing of a saw in the distance. My heart is beating through my chest, my lungs exploding, just keep running.

I go down the hallway, there, the entrance door. I sprint up to it throwing my entire body at it, praying it gives way to me. It lets out a splintering burst as I plow through it.

I sprint across the courtyard, there’s a small building in the distance. I run quickly to the building, not wasting any time I push through the front door. It’s pitch black. I feel the walls searching for anything, I trip over a chair on the floor, stumbling, I make my way through the room, I bump into what feels like a bed. I get down on my hands and knees and slide underneath it, waiting.

There are spider webs everywhere, now covering me. I lay on the floor, still, silent. My body is trembling, my heart is beating so fast I feel like it may give up on me.

I hear the faint sounds of the doctors’ saw grinding away, waiting to taste my flesh. My eyes begin to adjust to the darkness, I think I’m in a radio control room or security office. Maybe I can manage to get a message out to the police.

I can see an old model radio on a table across the room, there is a monitoring system nearby with the cables all ripped out. I slowly slide out from under the bed, crawling my way over to the table. I reach up trying to grab the handset on the radio.

Got it, now I just need to switch it on. I reach up again to flip the switch on. I hit it and it lets out a loud static yell.

“Fuck!” I shout.

I quickly reach up and twist the volume to near inaudible. I crawl back across the floor and under the bed in case I was heard. I waited for someone to come barreling through the door, but no one came.

I slide back out from under the bed and crawl back to the radio. I reach up and twist a knob, trying to find any frequency to call out to. I twist it till the static stops.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” I whisper.

The radio is silent, I twist the knob again, more static. This is hopeless I thought. I try twisting the knob one more time.

“Hello? Is anyone there? I need help.” I whisper again.

I am met with more silence. I can hear the doctor nearing the small building, his saw blade whirling. I peek up out a small window above the radio. There he is, heading my way, the nurse is right behind him.

Quickly, I crawl across the floor, under the bed. Shit, they are sure to find me here. There is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. I’m trapped.

They kick open the door, it smashes into the wall. Smoke fills the room from his saw engine. His eyes are scanning the area, the nurse giggling with an evil smile.

“He has to be in here somewhere!” The man shouts.

Static shoots from the radio, then a voice breaks through the static.

“Hello? Are you there?” The voice over the radio says. “How can I help?”

The doctor smashes his saw blade into the radio, sending sparks flying everywhere. Damn it, that was my only hope. I lay there as still as possible, praying they leave. The doctor turns his attention back around the room.

His eyes are black as night as he studies the room for movements or sounds. The nurse is searching the room, looking under the table, opening a locker in the corner. It’s only a matter of time.

“Over here!” I hear someone shout.

The doctor turns and heads out of the room. The nurse heads to the door and pauses. She turns back around for one last look. She is looking right at me, our eyes meeting. Shit, I’m screwed.

She gets a huge evil grin on her face, she starts towards me. She gets down on her knees and pokes her head in, inches from my face.

“Well, hello there sweetie, did someone go for a stroll?” She says with a growl.

She reaches her hand in to grab me. I throw the bed up, slamming it on top of her, I leap over the bed and out the door. I am running with every ounce of energy I can muster. The doctor turns to see me running, his saw roars back to life.

I run back past the main building, around the corner and leap onto the old fire escape, clinging to the bottom stair for dear life. I quickly pull myself up as the doctor closes in on me. He swings his saw blade at me, cutting deep in the back of my leg.

“Ah!” I scream in agony.

Blood pours from my leg spraying out behind me, I crawl up the stairs trying to escape the doctor. He leaps up to grab onto the bottom stair, the nurse on his heels. I turn and kick him, trying to delay his ascent. He falls off the stairs and slams into the dirt his saw blade escaping his clutches and whirls down to meet him. It slams into his chest blades spinning, it tears into his chest sending a pool of blood flying into the air.

I sit there and watch as the saw rips through his chest, ending his existence. The saw blades whirl to a stop as the doctor lays lifeless. The nurse stares at him as he goes, then she smiles and turns back to me.

“My turn.” She squeals.

She yanks the saw blade out of his chest and turns around heading around the corner. I quickly crawl up the stairs to the roof, hoping my way through the doorway back to the top floor. I have to find Cory’s phone.

I sprint through the halls as fast as my leg allows, passing room after room, searching for the phone. I scale the stairs down another floor, it has to be here somewhere. I can hear the nurse approaching on the floor below me, laughing.

I search through the room Cory and I had hidden in earlier, nothing. The nurse is closing in on me, I hear her coming up the stairs.

There, there it is, laying on the ground near the doorway. I quickly run over to it, stumbling to get my footing. I grab it and head back up the halls, trying to put distance between the nurse and me.

My lungs are giving out as I sprint up the stairs to the top floor, I go down the never-ending hallway to the stairs up to the roof. I quickly hop onto the fire escape. I’m halfway down, almost there.

My leg locks up, knocking me off balance, I stumbling crashing into the metal stairs. I tumble down and fly off the bottom hurdling towards the ground. I smash into the dirt as the impact steals the breath from my lungs.

I lay their paralyzed from the impact. I try to move, but I can’t breathe. I can see the nurse walking down the stairs above me, smiling that evil smile. She locks her sights on me.

I roll over to my stomach as I crawl away, my lungs only giving me shuttered breaths. I make it to my knees and then my feet. I limp as I go. I head down the path towards the gate, the nurse not far behind. I pull the phone out as I go, dialing 9-1-1.

I can almost see the gate, I hear the phone as it answers my call.

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?” The phone asks.

“Help me! I’m at the Haddix Asylum, they’re trying to kill me!” I shout.

I stumble as my leg begins to give out, dropping the phone, no time to go back for it, I hope they heard me.

I am right up on the gates, I squeeze through the bars, throw open my car door, I don’t hesitate, I quickly slam my door shut and fire up the engine. The nurse is coming between the gates’ bars. I slam it in reverse and stomp on the gas.

She is sprinting at the car swinging the saw blades. The saw grinds the hood of the car, tearing through metal, but I dare not stop, I can’t go back there. She starts sprinting again towards me, quickly closing the distance.

I am shaking so badly I can barely see straight, the blood loss is making me lightheaded. I try to focus on her as I keep backing up. She stops and throws the saw at the car, blades spinning as it flies.

I clench my eyes shut as it crashes through my windshield, glass shards splintering through the air, scraping across my face. The saw passes beside me grinding to a halt in the interior of the passenger seat.

The nurse stands there staring at me as I go, I whip the car around and shift into drive. Flying down the bumpy dirt road, I still can’t take a breath. I just keep driving. The gates fade away behind me as I go. I make it to the main highway, leading back to town.

I pause in the middle of the road, to make sure I had actually made it out. I inhale as deep as I can, my hands quivering on the steering wheel. No, time to stop any longer, they may still be coming. I shift back into drive and head on down the road.

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