The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 9

2:04 A.M.

I finally make it back into town, passing by Cory’s house, I can’t imagine how I am going to be able to tell his family. I keep driving, passing by house after house.

I head through the town till I make it to the police station. I park right up on the front door, and hop out of the car. I limp up to the door and push them open. There is a dispatcher sitting at the front desk, she is wearing a black polo shirt with a sewn-on badge.

I stumble up to the counter and lean on it for balance.

“I need help, my friend has been murdered, there are these crazy people up at the Haddix Asylum. They are experimenting and killing people, they nearly killed me. You have got to send help there!” I plead.

She tilts her head, and squints her eyes at me. She’s looking at me as if I’m crazy, she looks down at the counter and presses a button. I let out a breath of exhaustion and stare down at the floor, trying to collect my thoughts.

“Mark? How long have you been having these thoughts? The woman asks.

“What do you mean how long have I…? Wait, did you call me Mark?” I ask confused.

I look back up at the woman, only now she is not wearing a dispatcher outfit. She is dressed in white, with a small red cross on her hat. Her face is looking at me concerned.

“Yes, that is your name, don’t you remember?” She whispers.

I take a step back, I look down at my leg, there is nothing, no cuts, no wounds, I am wearing a white jumpsuit. I look at my side, where I was stabbed, nothing, no blood. I fall to the ground, my breath shallow.

I look around, the room is bright, all painted in white, almost blinding it’s so bright. There are doctors pushing patients in wheelchairs going room to room.

A man in a dark suit walks up to me, holding out his hand.

“Mark, are you okay?” The man said.

He looked familiar, his hair was black and greased back, with big framed glasses.

“Mark? It’s me Dr. Krane. Can you walk?” He asks.

I give an unsure nod, and he pulls me to my feet. He sits me into a wheelchair and pushes me down the hall.

“Thank you.” He says waving to the nurse at the counter.

He takes me through a set of double doors, down a long bright hallway. We go on down the hall till we come up to a room on the left. He points me to the room.

“Here we are.” He said.

I glance into the room, it’s bright and painted white, there is a small cot in the corner with a small table beside it. Bars cover the window.

“Oh, don’t forget your medication.” He says handing me a small cup filled with pills.

I stand up and take the cup, I put the cup up to my mouth and swallow its contents. I walk into the small white room and sit on the bed.

“Have a good night Mark, I will be meeting with you again today at seven. See you then.” He says shutting the door to the room.

I walk over to the window and stare out, it’s a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. I can feel the heat coming in through the windows.

This place looks so familiar, I know I’ve been here before. I look out towards the front of the building; a small sign is in the courtyard.

Haddix Asylum.

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