The Midnight Hour

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Chapter 6

“Brittany!” Zac cries out.

“She’s gone Zac. We have to go.” I shout.

He closes his eyes, tears pouring down his cheeks. “I... I can’t. I just can’t.”

“We have to, or we will be next. We have to go, now.” I shout again.

Zac looks at me, his eyes blood shot, tears still pouring down. He gives a hesitant nod, then starts moving forward. The large man turns his head in our direction, slowly walking towards us. The old car sputters and shakes as it rolls forward.

“We gotta go faster, he’s coming.” I shout.

Zac has the pedal pushed all the way down, but we still only lurch slowly forward.

“I’m trying, it won’t go any faster.” He says frantically.

Brandy is screaming in the backseat, wailing in panic. I look back towards the large man, he’s gone.

“Woah, hold up.” I say, waving my hand at Zac. “Where did he go?”

We all look around in every direction, no sign of him anywhere, he just vanished. Brittanys’ body lays in the road behind us surrounded in blood. Her body severed in half down the middle. I turn away, can’t look at her like that.

Zac stomps the gas once again. “I’m not sitting here to wait for him to come back.” He states.

I nod slightly. Brandy is curled up in a ball, whimpering in the back. Her eyes squeezed shut, as if this is a bad dream she will wake up from.

We slowly creep through the roads toward the end of the town. Making our way into the thick fog of the exit road. The barricade quickly approaching.

“We have to go faster if we’re gonna make it through that.” I say.

“I’m trying, this is as fast as it will go.” Zac says.

The barricade is just ahead, coming into focus.

“Something’s moving up there man, slow down a bit.” I say.

“I don’t see anything.” He replies.

“It’s right there.” I say pointing to the moving figure in the fog.

“Dude, there is nothing there.”

We keep moving forward, the barricade just ten feet away. Zac rams the car into the barricade, the cement blocks barely budge an inch, completely halting the car. White clouds of smoke lift into the air from the hood of the car.

“Fuck!” Zac shouts, smacking the steering wheel.

He turns the key trying to get the car working again, it’s no use, the car has given up. Not even the slightest grinding sound as he turns the key. Just the overheated smoke rising in the air.

“What now?” I ask.

Zac shakes his head, resting his forehead on the wheel. “I don’t know.”

“Do you hear that?” Brandy asks.

“Hear wha…?” I begin.

A grinding metal sound is slowly coming up behind us, almost like a chain being dragged on gravel.

A shiver creeps up my spine as I look out into the fog, trying to spot the sounds origin. A tall shadowed figure slowly moves through the fog towards us, its movements staggered, as if it’s limping.

“What is that thing?” I ask.

We all stare at the slow-moving figure, stuck in place, staring as it approaches. The tall figure emerges from the dense misty fog revealing itself. It looks like a failed science experiment. Its face is contorted, it looks as if it’s been caved in. Scars and burns cover its body, the creature is not wearing clothes. Through all the mangled skin, you can’t make out whether it’s a man or woman.

The creatures’ skin is a shade of burnt red, dried blood covers it. A chain is wrapped around its arm, dragging along behind it.

“Get out, we have to run.” I shout.

“Run where.” Zac replies.

I turn to him with a panicked look. “Anywhere.” I shout.

The creature raises its arm high, swinging the chain in the air. We quickly pile out of the car. I nearly trip over myself on my exit, stumbling to my knees on the ground. The creature swings the chain, smashing it into the car. Shards of glass spray out as the chain shatters the back windshield.

“This way.” I shout, leading us all into the trees beside the road. The creature lets out a deep growl that crackles through the air. This thing is slow, I know we can outrun it.

We sprint through the trees, dodging hanging branches. My leg threatens to buckle as I push through the pains radiating from the holes in it. I can feel the blood trickling down my leg, seeping out of the poor wrap job. My body if flooded with adrenaline in my panic.

We take a quick right turn in the trees, breaking out into the town once more. We pause as we break through the fog, taking a breath. I’m bent over, my hands on my knees, taking deep shuttered breaths. My lungs pulsing in and out, gulping in all the oxygen they can.

“There has got to be another way out.” I say.

Brandy is shaking, terrified, speechless. Zac just looks at me as if he has already given up hope. I have no answers, no reassurance to give them. I can’t just say everything will be okay, I know it’s not.

I look up, glancing over the empty town, looking for any hope, any chance to get out of here. The silence of the town screams hopelessness. I stare at the church, maybe we can find something in there, an answer to something, I don’t know.

The bell town begins to sway, chiming with a bang like a gong, echoing through the sky. The sound hits me so hard it knocks the wind out of me, a fear rises in my throat, choking me, I swallow hard, trying to clear the knot in me.

I wave at Zac and Brandy to follow me, leading them back to the church. I walk up to the front door and stare at it for a moment, as if it will open itself.

There has to be something here.

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