The Midnight Hour

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Part 2: Chapter 1

The screams echoed around the room, bouncing off the flowered kitchen wall paper. The sound rang in my ears, screeching through my brain. Their cries for help, begging for rescue. Ruth lays on the ground just a few feet away from me, her hands bound together as she struggles to escape the man standing over her. Her deep brown hair swirls around the floor, painting it with sweat and blood.

My daughter Kayla is tied up to a chair, placed against the wall. Her eyes are shut, her head tilted down as blood trickles from her chin. Her short blonde curls stained red. Another man stands before her, knife in hand, threatening to end her existence.

My son Anthony is lying across the floor, his body lifeless. His eyes stare out, unblinking, laying in a pool of blood. His throat has been sliced across the middle, his face forever stuck in fear. The man over him smiles through the cloth covering his face.

The tape over my mouth prevents any sound from escaping my lungs. I stare as the three men torture my family, I stare but I can do nothing but watch.

One man walks over to me, sending his blade deep into my gut. The pain cuts through my body swiftly. I let out a tortured groan. The man just laughs as I squirm on the floor. He gives me a kick in the knife wound, then turns his attention back on my wife. He takes the mask from his face revealing a deep scar over his left eye, his hair long and brown, balding around the center. A small cross tattoo on his neck. The smile on his face shows he is missing several bottom teeth.

Ruth is crying out as he climbs on top of her, she tries reaching out to me as they plunge their blade deep into her spine. She screams in agony. The blood loss in my stomach makes the room begin to spin, everything begins to go dark. Tears fill my eyes as I try to hold on. I struggle to keep my eyes open, but they refuse.

Everything in my brain dims out to nothing until only the screams remain.

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