A Year to Hell

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Iantha thought there was no reason to keep living until an angel changed her life, but was it for the better, really? Standing just inside her windows was a figure. It was very tall, almost seven feet but other than that, she couldn't tell anything about it. "What the hell is that?” she murmured and rolled off the bed to stand and get a better look. "Hell, indeed.” the figure spoke. It was the most thrilling voice Iantha had ever heard. It was deep and sonorous but soft as a kitten's purr. It sent a thrill through her whole body. "Who are you? How'd you get into my apartment?" "I will answer the second question first, Iantha MacDonald. I came in through the glass of the window because you wished me to come." "I didn't ask you to come. And how can you get through the glass without breaking it?” she asked walking a little closer. "I will now answer your first question which should, also, answer your third question. ... I ... am an angel." "Yeah ... right ... got Santa Claus in your pocket?” Iantha took a hard stance and crossed her arms over her chest. The figure did not answer with words, this time. Slowly material rustled and an expanse of wings filled the wall revealing that the being standing at the apex of those wings was a perfectly formed human. Iantha fell to her knees, d

Arrwyn Cliona Odalht
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A Year to Hell

A Year to Hell

By Arrwyn Cliona Odalht

Copyright, 2008, Arrwyn Cliona Odhalt

All rights reserved.

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