Haku: Heartbeats

By apost All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Romance

Chapter 1

Terror. That had to be the only way to describe the dream I had. Pure terror. Not just the kind of terror that tugs you for a moment but you feel better after a few days. This is the terror that comes from waking up in a cold sweat, though after waking up alone in the darkness of your room afterwards makes everything seem so visually realistic. Everything around you can spook you because you have no idea if you’re actually awake, or if the nightmare is still going on. You are frozen in fear while blinded by the darkness.

The nightmare was so visually stimulating that somehow everything seemed so real. I was laying on the ground, covered in blood as someone was looming above me. I was being strangled from what I could tell. The hands felt ice cold as i gasped for air. Every rib in my body felt like it was broken. My arms were pinned to the ground with slivers of wood and stung with pain. I couldn’t see the person above me. All I could see was a black figure with a large grin stretched across its face.

I used my strength to try to kick the person off of me, but the figure slammed down a large splinter of wood that went straight through my foot. I screamed in pain, but all that came out was blood. I realized that the hands that were strangling me weren’t hands at all, but a line of fishing wire that was cold. My throat was being cut open, and I wasn’t being strangled at all. I was covered in wounds and still wasn’t dead yet for some reason. I was choking on blood that was building up from my exposed neck that my lungs felt flat. I could feel my brain shutting down as I couldn’t move anymore. Before everything was over, I could feel a hand grabbing my head, and pulling it away from my body. It wasn’t until I saw the light leave my eyes that I finally awoke.

It was at least six in the morning when I woke up breathless. I clung at my throat to see if I was still all there from the shock. I struggled to get out of bed, because when my foot touched the ground I had remembered all the pain the wood splinter caused me. I fell on the ground, clutching my foot in pain as my body slowly killed any pain left over from my nightmare.

After making a loud thud on the ground my sister came into the room. “Haku, what are you doing up so early?” She was rubbing her eyelids and yawning when I managed to pick myself up and sit on the edge of my bed. I had a hard time trying to make out words as I could still feel myself choking trying to look for air.

“S-Sis, go back to bed. I-I just had a nightmare and needed to get a drink of water,” I quickly reassured her while trying to force words out. My throat was dry from my delusion.

She walked away from my room for a few moments and came back soon with a glass of water. She placed it on my side-table and then walked out of the room after saying goodnight. She was probably exhausted from working late last night and figured that she would solve the problem as easily as she could. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this sort of stuff besides my sister, and even then she only has me to talk to. She’s the only one I have left now, and she’s still not sure how to be an adult. She didn’t have anyone to teach her.

I was still pretty tired after waking up from that dream. The water helped calm my nerves a bit before I drifted off to sleep again. I could still feel the remnants of the nightmare effecting my body while I tossed and turned to find a comfortable position in bed. The next thing I remember was the loud ringing of my alarm clock, the chirping of birds, and the cars driving past our house.

The sunlight shined through my bedroom window. I was still shaken after that nightmare I had, but I felt fine for the most part. I had a feeling that this day couldn’t get any worse, and that the nightmare was over. I couldn’t help but feel dread after that nightmare though, but I had a very particular reason why.

I was reliving the last moments of somebody’s life. Every gruesome, every pain filled moment of their death. Every bone in their body breaking, every nerve being sliced into, every gasping breath for air escaping their lungs, I could feel it all while they died. I learned this when I turned on the morning news.

“Breaking news: Murder in Breakpoint! A man was found dead in his apartment this morning in a disturbing scene that police can only give few details without the news having to censor anything out. The man was murdered using fishing wire that was used to cut the victim’s throat and... Am I reading this right?” -The anchorwoman turns away for a moment to get clarification- “Yes folks. Dismember the victims head from his body. Police still say they have no evidence of any sort of forced entrance into the victim’s home, and all of the victim’s belongings are still located in his home. The victim is still being identified as the police cannot find the head or the..“. -The anchorwoman turns away from the camera in disgust and is immediately escorted away and replaced by a male anchorman.- “Well folks, let’s stay calm and remember that today is a foggyday in Breakpoint!” The camera turns to the weatherman as he continues the news broadcast with the weather.-

Just what was I experiencing last night? Could it have anything to do with the murder? Why did I see the murder happen? So many questions raced through my mind at once that I couldn’t calm my mind. A man was murdered and I had experienced the entire thing for myself. I sat at the kitchen table to try to down some breakfast, not that it would help.

“Haku, are you doing alright?” My sister asked me as she handed me a plate of eggs and toast. The steam from the eggs sizzled off the top as a warm layer of cheese was closed within them. She poured me a glass of juice as I tried to take a bite and managed to swallow it.

“Yeah. I’m just still shaken up because of my nightmare from last night. That’s all,” I responded to her after swallowing my food. My throat felt hard as I remembered the visual image of the man’s neck being cut open slowly. It was hard trying to eat anything after thinking about that keen image. “It’s been a while since we’ve had eggs. Did you get a raise at work sis?” I asked her while suffering to down my food.

She nodded her head while pouring herself a glass of hot coffee, “Yeah. I think that for once we can actually handle living here.”

She seemed sure of herself this time. We had moved around this town so much trying to save as much money as we could. We had a hard time trying to settle down in one place for a time because the rent would go up. We have been in this new place for a couple months already, but things are starting to look out for the two of us. She worked two jobs just so we could have a home, so we could eat, so we could survive. She had to, or else I would end up at the adoption house, and she would be on the streets begging for food, or addicted to drugs while selling her body to make money for more. We had to move around a bit because she picked horrible guys to date who would always end up hurting her in the end. She had poor tastes in men, but that was because she never got to experience dating while she was in high-school. She pushed her way through high-school and graduated a year early when it became just the two of us. It wasn’t her fault though, or I at least didn’t blame her for some of the men she dated. She just wanted to have a regular life.

“Hurry up and finish your breakfast Haku. You’re going to be late to school again, and I’m not going to give you a ride. I got called in to work later at my second job this evening, so you’ll be home by yourself for a bit,” she said as she packed her purse to get ready to leave. I looked down at my food and felt sick after thinking about last night, and the news report from this morning. I tried making it less worse on myself by telling myself that it was a good thing they didn’t show any images. I think that made it worse though.

I ended up giving the rest of my breakfast to my sister, who questioned why I didn’t eat it all, but didn’t bother really caring about it either. I think that she knew that I didn’t feel well, but I was trying. I walked back to my room and grabbed my school bag. Before I left I said my goodbyes to my sister who was just finishing up the remnants of my leftovers, and she wished me a good day at school.

The warm sun beamed down on me that I had to cover my eyes for a bit while I adjusted. For being a foggy day, the sun seemed to shine brighter than ever today. I walked down the stairs of my apartment block while trying to avoid catching attention from my next door neighbors. Usually in the morning they always yelled and screamed at each other. Some times it’s because the boyfriend has come home late and drunk, or the girlfriend smells like something weird and the boyfriend is paranoid. I didn’t care really, I just know that it happened often and police have been called to help handle the situation. On occasion though, the girlfriend is outside and reeks of cigarette smoke. On those days she tries to hit on me or offer me a cigarette. Luckily today wasn’t one of those days. Today they were both just shouting at one another over something.

When I made it downstairs I was harassed by the local gang called the Seno, whatever that meant. They sported red jerseys and bandanas often, and were the classic case of wearing your pants to low to expose your ass. They were just upbeat losers who had nothing better to do than to vandalize things and cause chaos in the neighborhood, or to whoever passed by them.

One of them shoved me gently and said loudly: “Hey man, your sister have a date this week? You should hook me up with her.” They weren’t necessarily violent to me or my sister at all, but they really annoyed me because they always seemed like they needed something. I got mugged once by one of their members and told my sister. She immediately found them and beat the living shit out of the guy who mugged me, and since then she has gained respect from them.

Jokingly I replied to him: “Just because she doesn’t have a date doesn’t mean she won’t go out with a punk like you.” He laughed at me and let me on my way. For the most part, living in an apartment complex you get to know people, and people get to know you. Sometimes you don’t know if people will mug you, or are just drunk and want to chat with you. Sometimes it’s both.

I lived in a pretty piss poor place to begin with. What choice did my sister and I have though? This area of Breakpoint wasn’t bad though, because the middle-class area of town was only a couple blocks away. Breakpoint wasn’t the worst place I’ve lived in, though it was far from the best place.

It was a simple town with places to go and news that occasionally happened. Most people usually end up hanging around the town center where all the local shops are. There are a couple different schools around Breakpoint. The mayor’s office was at the very center of town, and the police station was always nearby in case something went wrong.

It was a quiet town though, aside from local gang activity. Most of us in high-school did whatever we could to have fun after school, or work at a part-time job to save up to get out of this place. Those who had cars were lucky, because they could get away from this place. Those of us who didn’t have cars couldn’t go anywhere, so we had to make the most of things. For the most part, you heard about news form the other towns around Breakpoint, but today was different.

Police were patrolling the streets and new vans were pouring into town to report on the murder. It seemed that where conflict happens, the media will go directly there to report. I don’t see the point really. I live in a quiet town anyways.

When I eventually reached the bus-stop a couple blocks away, one of my friends was waiting there. He waved at me as the bus pulled up a block away and made its way towards the bus-stop.

“Hey! Haku, you’re here on time for once!” my friend shouted at me when I got there. His name was Regal. He was one of my few friends that I had. I didn’t talk to many people, simply because I didn’t want to get to know people. When I had nothing to do, he would invite me over to his place, or we would go out to the shopping district and get a soda. He lived a block away from me, but his place wasn’t as shitty as mine was. He was a good guy at times, but sometimes his dick would get to the better of him. He was a guy really focused on what some girl was like in the sac, and he usually always found a way to get himself there. If you needed any advice on dating, he was the last person you would talk to.

I let out a chuckle and punched him in the shoulder lightly: “Regal, I make it to the bus-stop on time occasionally. It’s hard getting here when you get hassled by your local crime syndicate you know.” He laughed at me as the bus pulled up and grabbed his bag.

“Let me guess, it’s your local crime syndicate’s fault that we can’t have nice things right?” he joked at me. We stepped onto the bus and made our way to a seat that wasn’t already occupied. “Hey, did you hear about the murder this morning? That news-lady couldn’t keep her act up trying to read what was on the thing.”

The nightmare from last night was catching up to me, I thought fast and tried to change the subject: “Hey Regal, who was that girl I saw you talking to yesterday?” He replied with something that I didn’t bother really listening to. He kept talking more and more while I let the words go in one ear and out the other, occasionally saying something to make it seem like I was listening. Eventually he stopped talking and peered at another woman that peaked his interest, and casually tried talking to her.

A girl from behind me tapped me on the shoulder: “Hey Haku. Did you see the news this morning?” her name was Winry. She usually always hung out with Regal and I because she didn’t like going home to her family. Her family didn’t like her much because she tended to have a way of causing trouble when she doesn’t mean to. The last time she caused trouble, it was because she “accidentally” poured her drink all over some guy at a restaurant. He was really trying to ask her out. She was asked out by a lots of guys, and usually turned down a good number of them.

Regal caught her attention and they both talked about the news from that morning. I felt like I was going to be sick listening in on the conversation, and tried to distract myself as much as possible. The eerie descriptions from the news was exactly like what I dreamt of last night. I had the thought that maybe it was just something that was going to happen, and I could stop it. I couldn’t keep my mind straight that my head started pounding.

The rest of the bus-ride went along slowly. We stopped a few times, turned a few times, the usual. Listening to Regal beside me talk about his weekend or trying to hit on someone became a normal thing. I didn’t really actually care, but it was because my mind had been thinking about last night. I couldn’t get the image out of my head. All the blood, all the pain, and it all actually happened. I felt like I should talk to someone about it, but that could be a terrible idea. A lot of different thoughts ran through my head as I stared out the window of the bus. It all turned into a blur, and if it wasn’t for Regal nudging me on the arm I wouldn’t have gotten off the bus for a while.

“Hey Haku, are you alright?” Regal asked me. I wasn’t sure if I was alright anymore, I felt like shit and the day probably wasn’t going to get any better. But I answered with a fake smile and he accepted it. If anything was simple to do, it was fooling Regal.

“Hey, I’ll see you guys in class later. I have to go do something that... Doesn’t involve you guys,” Winry said as she rushed off towards her group of friends. I didn’t quite understand why she hung out with the two of us to begin with, or why she didn’t invite the two of us to hang out with her other friends.

We both walked up the school grounds into the building when I noticed a black car pull up. I felt a chill run up my spine, but this felt refreshing rather than frightening. I stopped walking up as I watched a girl exit the car, but something really caught my eye.

I had never seen this girl before, but I felt something when I saw her. It was like when I saw her, my mind had been erased, and I didn’t know who I was. I wanted to know who she was, but I could barely manage a word. She was wearing a different attire than most of the girls around here wore. She wore a black top and a plaid skirt with purse attached to her hip, knee-high socks and red tennis shoes. She had a pair of purple headphones around her neck as well and carried a large messenger bag around her side. I could tell she wasn’t going to fit in well, but something in me clicked. She was just so odd, but so mesmerizing. Did I have a crush on this girl?

“Hey, Haku, wake-up!” Regal shouted as he socked me in the arm. I rubbed it a little bit and stared back at the girl, wondering who exactly she was. “Are you staring at that girl Haku?”

I didn’t turn my head to answer Regal. All I said was: “Yeah. Who is she?”

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