Falco the Dark Angel

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The music was pumping in the club. The subwoofer was pounding the low frequencies relentlessly into the room. Everybody was sweating on the dance floor writhing and undulating to the rhythms, simulating sex and some even beginning to start to have sex with each other.

Phillip Edwards couldn’t believe his luck. He was dancing with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had an amazing figure. She wore a black leather top that plunged down to her naval revealing the inner sides of her substantial breasts, her nipples barely covered. Her long raven black hair reached down to her slender waist and framed her striking face. High cheek bones, voluptuous lips, black eyes and a slightly upturned nose. Her hips wide and inviting. She seemed totally into him.

“Come here often?” He shouted.

“First time!”

“Want to get a drink?”


They retreated from the dance floor and found an empty table in the bar.

A waitress approached their table.

“What can I get you?”

“I’ll have a beer, Corona,” he said.

“And you?” she gestured to the woman.

“I’ll have a Bloody Mary.”

“OK. I’ll get your drinks.”

The waitress left. She looked at him wantonly and seductively.

“Doing anything later?” she asked.

“Maybe. How about you?”

“I was thinking we could get together.”

“Your place or mine?”

“Yours actually. I’m between places.”

“Sounds good. My place then. My name’s Phillip,” he said shaking her hand.

“Mine’s Diva.”

Frank Morgan slithered back into his apartment, shell-shocked and bloodied but still alone. He picked up his tablet and projected his mind into it at the dark force that drew him into tonight’s debacle. Nothing returned. Something terrible had happened, yet he had been spared. He resolved to conjure another spirit. One that would serve him. He would never again slavishly serve another dark spirit other than his own. He would regroup and find a resurgence.

Raymond Chang, Jerry Jaworski and Rick Griffith saw Malvoglio tear their friend Franklin Mack apart after Falco left them. They’d run and run and gotten back to their house. Safe at last from the carnage they’d witnessed. They were glad to have escaped. Fearfully, they locked all the doors and windows and got stoned. They slept fitfully, barely drifting off in sleep, haunted by the frightful events of the evening.

In the morning, Raymond dialed Morgan who picked up on the second ring.


“Raymond here. That was a seriously fucked up situation you got us into tonight. Did you see what happened to Mack?”

“No. I was long gone.”

“Are you serious motherfucker? He had his neck ripped out by some animal! And you weren’t there! Unfuckingbelievable!”

“Fortune smiles on me. Remember I’m an attorney and can help in ways you have no clue about. It’s better for all that I be in the shadows.”

“We got a couple of our boys in the slammer. Mosely and Reed. Can you get them out? Can you do something useful? I mean, you want us to make you a ton of money. We, I mean you need these dudes to make your fucking money!”

“I read you Raymond.”

“You better be doing more than reading me Morgan. Don’t ever ask me to go on a fucked up job like last night again. You almost got us all killed!”

“Loud and clear. Loud and clear.”

Morgan hung up and waited in the shadows. He dialed up Dorigo.


“Hey Dominic. Frank Morgan here.”

“What’s going on Frankie? You like dinner the other night?”

“Killer meal. The wine was exceptional as was your hospitality.”

“What can I do for you?”

“The new crew I moved into place. Two of them are in jail. I’m going to need some help bailing them out.”


“The cops who busted them were not on an official detail. It had to be some kind of vigilante action.”

“You sure you can prove it?”

“No. But I might be able to push them.”

“OK. Let me know how much dough you need to get them out when you find out.”



I got an email from my real estate guy. He sent me several choices of places in the city to choose from as well as several isolated country estates. I examined them all with interest. I instructed him to move forward with the purchase and renovation of two of the spots in the city and one of the country estates.

I poured a tall glass of blood and slowly sipped it. It was restorative and satisfying. I thought of all that had transpired over the last ten years. There had been a great deal of change and suffering. Julie and Dan were safe. Lucy and Susan were safe. There was no threat on the horizon. Still at my core I felt hollow and alone. I didn’t know if my kind could ever feel fulfillment of any kind. I suspected not. But I still hoped that somewhere, somehow I could find the love of a woman, or some kind of companionship that could end this loneliness and calm the savage beast that ruled my heart.

This is the first book of a series. It is followed by:



The author is editing a fourth book in the series.


He is currently writing a fifth book in the series where the action moves to New Orleans.

Each book contains the mix of vampires, police, criminals, demons and magic found here.

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