Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Ted Bundy and Richard Chase in a vampiric body; only a GLIMPSE of what Mr. Gabriel is about. Powerful, dangerous, psychopathic, and obsessed with the new pretty girl who just moved in across from him. Mr. Gabriel IS THE MOST INTENSE vampire horror story you're ever going to read. A dark, absolutely horrifying story about a serial killing vampire hybrid named Gabriel Penn who forms a very dangerous fascination for his new neighbor Addison May. Her innocence, beauty and strong will intensifies his desire to control what she sees, dreams, feels and wants. But, as things grow more and more intense between the two, someone far worse returns to Gabriel's life after seventy years. Someone that is thousands of years old, directly related to him, and not even of earth. A creator of the darkest secret no mortal could ever escape has come and it wants both of them for two different reasons. Gabriel and Addison must find a way to stop it. Can they do it, or will they lose everything? NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE!

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Chapter 1 "I've been Watching You"

I have been watching you for a while now...

It’s just like before with the last couple that lived in your apartment - I watched them too. You are more interesting though. I like how comical and happy you behave around others; but in truth, you’re frightened of the world around you. Because you interest me so much, every night, I drift in a black mist across the street into your room, and I watch you sleep; I enjoy how you toss and turn until you feel my presence hovering over you, then you relax; it brings a wolfish smile to my face. I knew you would eventually start leaving your window open; you unconsciously know I visit you in your sleep every night. You’re quite innocent, Addison May... Even now as I watch you from my open bedroom window of my apartment, waiting for midnight, drinking champagne, I feel your heartbeat, your skin, the desire for me running through your body - and I have yet to taste a single drop of your blood. You think you have seen me as the owner of the 5 star restaurant your boyfriend always takes you to, and you know my name, even though I haven’t told you - physically. You breathe it in your sleep; ′Gabriel″.

You glance over in my direction and stare as if you are a doe and I am the predator hiding in the bushes. My silver eyes grow in lust. You continue to your bed and snuggle up under the covers. As you turn your light off, I slowly grin and chuckle. “Hm hm hm hm hm,”

I set the champagne down on a nearby table while my black mist forms at my feet and crawls up my body, embracing me. You hear a gush of wind and instantly look over at your window. You think it’s a ghost. But you don’t know... I am standing in the closest corner to you, making everything darker. You rise out of bed and walk to your window. There’s nothing out there Addison.

I watch you start rubbing your arms as I drop the temperature of the room. Come into the darkness...

You turn around and search the corner I’m in. Slowly, I extend my hand and beckon you closer. After watching you for so long, I think I will take our relationship to the next level. Come on, you know you want that... You take in a deep breath. Come to me... You bite your lip and move forward. Yes, yes... Good girl. Suddenly, the door opens. Our eyes shoot over and see your boyfriend coming in. I scowl at him. He’s only in a towel. He’s never this quick in there!

“Hey babe, you missed a good shower. You alright?”
“Um...” You’re unsure. That’s all? You don’t know what to say...?

I smirk.

“Come on,” he starts walking toward you with open arms. You scoot back on the bed, feeling apprehensive for once-like you never knew him. There’s something he begins to notice-something is not right. The room has gotten very dense all of a sudden. Slowly, he looks over in the corner. “HOLY SHIT!” He sees the darkness of the room sliding off the walls and floor, wrapping around my body; I’m absorbing it all and it’s making him feel defenseless.

He snatches a chair, “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?! Addy, get out of here!” I hiss and charge at him in my mist. He screams, dropping the chair and all you are able to do is watch in complete horror, how my darkness swallows him; you only hear his screams, the crunches and the spluttering noises as I tear him apart. Your mind is in a whirl. Nothing escapes the darkness. Nothing.

I laugh as I see you squirm; You want to jump in and save him, but you’re not sure if I will rip you to pieces in the process. Oh how I would love to have you next!

I allow you to hear one last scream from him, then stop everything. All his guts drop to the floor and blood splatters on your face. That’s perfect on you... My tongue lapping that up, mm... I want that.

A shaky breath leaves you.

The mist falls from my body at your bedside. You flutter your eyelashes up at me as I slowly lick blood off my arm. “I believe everyone has an ulterior motive... don’t you Addison? You have no idea.” You still can’t speak.

I breathe calmly, looking around at the blood and body parts, then I smirk at you out of the corner of my eye, ”Well?”

Your eyes start darting around the room, your heartbeat and breathing quickening. “Oh god, oh my god, oh god no! NO! You’ve killed my boyfriend! What are you!!! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!”

I gently take a hold of your chin and you frightfully, shakingly look up into my eyes. “What am I? Who am I? Why am I here? The last woman that lived here asked me those same questions- Well... before I had her for lunch. I am whoever and whatever you want me to be. I am here because you want me here... isn’t that right? You are lost, love; you run from the darkness, yet always remain close enough to see if it still wants you.” You begin to shake your head, repeating ‘no’ over and over. I start to smile and laugh. You push me away and run to the door. I snap my fingers, locking it. You spin around to me and gasp; I’m now standing in front of you.

“I’ve caught you now, darling.” I step closer until I’m a mere few inches from your face. You clutch your chest, tears filling your eyes. I stroke your cheek and remind you of the feeling I’ve given you every night; the feeling of being safe and secure, without a worry in the world. You know it’s not your boyfriend or your dreams, but you are also so confused. “I quite enjoy women like you.” Your jaw falls agape. I snatch your shoulders and suddenly clamp my teeth down on your neck, making you belt out a pained gasp. I push you against the door and drink in more of your blood. The energy flowing so deliciously through your veins... and the MEMORIES you’re showing me, of when you were a little girl and how mommy and daddy proudly showed you off to the world when you all traveled across country in a Semi Truck. This was your family business. You squeeze me tighter and tighter until you’re too weak to stand. These little fragile sounds you make; Shhh shhh baby, hush now kitten... Before you fall, I pick you up and walk to the window as my mist engulfs us. Come, be with me tonight. I want more of you...

We glide through the cool night air to my apartment and slip through my window. Gently, I rest you down on my bed and enter your mind, making you forget everything I did and think you’re exhausted. You slip into a deep sleep. So peaceful you look. I want to eat you, destroy you and repair you so we could do this again. You wouldn’t understand me now, but later on... you will learn to respect this.

Hm, that bite still oozes with blood. “We can’t have that.” I swipe some off your neck with a finger, lick it, then wave a hand at you while walking to my bathroom. The marks slowly disappear.

As I look in the mirror at my bloody face, a dark smile curls up at the corners of my lips. “Oh Addison... Addison May... you’re all mine now. My own.” I turn the faucet on and look down at my hands as I start washing them. I don’t notice the mirror contort for only a second, moving enough to create a tiny crack. The room suddenly darkens and then it’s back to normal. I stop what I’m doing and turn my head slightly, eyes wandering the room suspiciously. “Hello?” I wait a moment. Nothing is happening. I don’t feel or see anything. “Hmm...” I finish washing my hands and dry them off, then I return to the bedroom.

There by the bed, I sit in a chair and kick back, focusing my deeply fascinated eyes on your lovely, still face. It’s not until now that I realize I’m rubbing my chin as I wonder... now that you’re here... what I really want to do with you. I want you to last. Just for a little while... Just a little while. I bite down on my lip, hungry.

Author’s Note:
Hello everyone, thanks for reading this! I hope you’re enjoying how things are rolling out here.

Also, if you’ve added it to your reading list as well, you just got MORE awesome! Thanks so much! Read on and enjoy, please review and give a rating! :) :) :)


-Rachel ❤️
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