Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 11 "Entrapment"


“What is it my dear Francine?”
“Mommy said she would end up killing you one day. Why did she say that? That’s not very nice at all!”
“Oh no no no, don’t worry sweetheart! Death is not a bad thing. She didn’t mean what she said either. I’m not going anywhere.”
“She said she hates you talking with Mr. Jack. She says you’re a bad daddy and don’t deserve her or us because he’s making you crazy.”
“You will meet him soon; then you all will see how wonderful he is. You will see she’s wrong.”
“I sure hope so...”
“I know so!”

“And now... you’re all alone.” Reuben’s voice wakes me. I open my eyes and see him standing in front of me in your living room. I quickly get up, balling my fists. “Where is she!”
“Neither here, nor there.” He smiles.
“What does that mean!”
He smirks, taking a step back and disappears.
“She is not with you anymore Gabriel. She will not even remember your face.”
I growl. “Where is she, Reuben?”
“We’re going to play a little game.”
I stay quiet for a second.
“What will you do to have her back?”

A force grabs my arms and legs and spreads them out wide. I feel my muscles tightening, about to burst. “Oh ho! Oh ho ho! Hahaha MMM HAHAHAHA!!!” This is extremely painful! I hear a tear. “AH!” I shout and laugh even harder now. My arms and legs are ripped off and thrown across the room. I throw my head back with a deep throaty “AHHH!!!” and my body bursts into mist. The room shakes and the lights burn out. It sounds like the earth is tearing apart. There’s so much pressure, so much noise! I’m forced to reform and the lights come back on. I’m suddenly in a different place.

A solid white room. No windows... no doors. No seams in the walls.
“What will you do... to have her back?” Reuben’s echoic chuckle fades out. I look at the ceiling. “Oh... You son of a bitch...”


I’ve taken the stairs to the basement and the lights are all dim red down here. It smells like the door to the morgue has been left open for days. I cover my nose and walk carefully through the corridors looking for the exit. There are whispers coming from all directions; I can’t understand what they’re saying. Every hallway has someone standing alone in it. Just like upstairs. A couple people are hitting their heads on the walls. They’ve done it so many times there’s blood on the wall. Something kicks inside me. I hold my stomach anxiously. A wave of sickness goes through me; I throw up and nearly lose my balance, hitting the wall. “Ugh, god!” I have cotton mouth and I’ve gone into a cold sweat. Where did all this come from? Why is it so sudden?

The lights go out.

I look up, then around. The whispers have stopped.
Now I hear water dripping. I have to keep going. I click on the flashlight and follow the corridors and the signs on the walls. They lead me to the garage. Freedom... please. I open the door and see Jo with some keys in his hands. Oh my gosh! Jo!!! He was trying to get in! He smiles big when he sees me, but then he looks horrified. I look back and get smacked upside the head.

I flutter my lashes upon waking up and see I’m lying on a bed in a private room. There’s a big wide reflective window on the right.

“Miss Addison, how are you feeling? I’m Doctor Keisha Wilson.”

I rub my head, sitting up. “Where am I...?” There’s another woman inhere. A redheaded nurse wearing the old fashioned uniform and Keisha is wearing a long pinstriped skirt, the typical white doctor’s jacket and her black hair is fluffy. I look at the nurse a little longer than the doctor. She is very familiar in some way. Some unnerving and gut-wrenching way. “And this is your nurse Rachel Robinson.” Keisha says, then tells me, “...You can’t be running about the hospital like that Miss May. We have you safely secluded in this room.”
“Miss Addison, please calm down-” Rachel says. Her voice-! It sounds like the one that pushed that man out the window! I breathe a bit faster and shake my head, “No, ’m NOT CRAZY! LET ME OUT OF HERE!”
“Shush shush now, darling...”
Darling...?!That word tightens my heart.
“What’s the matter, you don’t like me calling you darling?” Rachel asks. I stare grimly at both of them, sitting back on the bed and clutching the sheets. “...Where’s Jo?”
Rachel and Keisha look at each other.

“He’s my friend. Where is he?" I sternly ask.

“Miss Addison... there isn’t a Jo here.” Rachel says. My jaw falls slightly agape. He’s real. I’m not crazy. He was here!

Keisha frowns, then comes and touches my hand, “Rest now Addison. I’ll be back shortly with your medication,mkay?” I narrow my eyes at her. She smiles and leaves the room. Rachel glances back at me with a strange, almost ominous look before shutting the door behind them. She’s got to be that one. It terrifies me deep inside. I wouldn’t dare let that slip out at a time like this, as difficult as that is.

I stare at the window for a few moments wondering if anyone is on the other side watching me. There aren’t any cameras in here. It’s really quiet and lonely. It could drive anyone crazy.I start looking for things on the bed that I could break off. It takes a little while. Everything is so secure. I almost manage to take the side of the bed off when a male nurse comes through the door calling my name. I backhand him and kick him in the groin. He falls to the floor and I take this opportunity to bolt out the door.

As I’m running down the hall,I push the other nurses and a few guards down or out of the way. One guard behind me calls for backup. I get to a door and go right through, slamming it shut and turn around to find I’m outside near a sitting area. So many places to go. I must be stealthy. I feel that kick again and hold my midsection tight. It hurts so bad! I hurry off toward some bushes before the guards and nurses come out to get me.

I need to find Jo. He knows something about this place. He must know the way out!

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