Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 12 "The White Room"

“You could’ve at least given me a chair!” I throw my hands up, pacing the room. For once in my long life, I am not sure how to get out of a situation. I have to survive his game? Who does he think I am?

Absentmindedly, I gnaw on my knuckles, thinking of you now. If you were here, imagine how perfect it would be. I’d start off running my sharp nails up your ankles, calves and inner thighs, slicing your skin with precision, making lines and dots of blood come out like a slow drip of dark chocolate raspberry syrup drizzling down onto a plate. Mmmhh...

Next, the soft areas of your arms... they’re some of the most sensitive parts of the human body. By this time, you should barely be able to remain still. That’s when I grab your throat, lifting you off the floor, and make you look at me. How pitiful you would look. How scared and helpless you would be in my grasp, my kitten. You would beg me for mercy. I wouldn’t take your head yet. We’d only just gotten started.

I’d touch the tip of my index finger to the area below your neck and scrape it down your chest to your belly. You’d flip your head back with a loud, crying scream. I smile now as I’m getting turned on. “Addison, feel me.” Feel me as I squeeze your body hard into mine, and how my swelling member pushes against your entrance. Can you feel me? You’d feel me. And you would try to pummel me with your fists, using every bit of energy you had left. No, don’t use it all. I need you to keep fighting. But you start to give in. “NO!” I’d throw you down and grab your legs tightly; tight enough I can hear things tearing. Oh... oh that lovely, tasty sound...

“How would you like it if I took your legs, baby girl? Would you fight more then?” I huskily say, then I imagine sighing close your ear, “Say you want it. Say it. Say: Gabriel, destroy me. Take me. Give me YOUR ALL—!” I just then remember I’m crouched down on the floor and I’m alone.

I slowly stand up and wipe off my shirt. I think I’ve played with you for far too long. Now here I am, alone. We need to find each other. We need to so we can have one last passionate moment together. Can you hear me? I can’t feel you. It’s static. I feel pressure in my head. How... annoying.
Is this what the game is about? To make me fantasize and lose my mind?

“Excuse me... Sir?” I hear a young woman say in a cute little nervous voice. What the... Who said that? I turn around and see a small sexy brunette staring at me pleadingly for help, and she’s wearing a white sundress. My oh my... A carnivorous gleam twitches at the corners of my lips. I can’t help myself... I offer my hand, “Hello there... I’m Gabriel. Mr. Gabriel”

“Mr. Gabriel. ...I’m Scarlett.” She takes my hand and I twirl her around. How did you get in here?

She looks up at me innocently. “How did I get in here...?” She asks, amazed at my ability to speak to her telepathically. I lean in close and smell her neck. The scent of her rich blood causes a moan to slip past my lips. My actions freeze her in place. “Th-there’s a secret passage over there... But I don’t know the way out.” she shakily points to a clear spot in the wall. I look and then snatch the back of her head, close to clamping my teeth into her flesh, “Thank you... Scarlett.” I chomp down, granting that loud, beautiful sound of horror from her. She swings her arms trying to escape. I slide my hand up her back, then suddenly shred her skin with my nails and throw her on the floor. I flip her over, hold her legs at my sides and yank them apart. That blaring fire fills my eyes as I wait for the blood to splatter on me.

But there’s nothing. No tearing. No skin splitting. Nothing. She’s like rubber.

“What’s this?!” I try again, using more strength this time. She’s screaming and yelling. But THERE’S NO TEARING! WHY?! I pick her up and stand her right there. “What is wrong with you?” She does nothing but weep. I look up at the ceiling, “I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING! I UNDERSTAND YOUR GAME NOW! You made her nearly invincible, but I can still drink her—!” She trips me and runs to that passage in the wall. As soon as I hit the floor, I shout and snarl. The passage won’t open fast enough for her. I smirk and then run up to her. She doesn’t have time to react as I snatch the back of her neck and raise her up. “At least I don’t have to hunt anymore. Thanks for that at least Reuben!” I sneer, then let out a roar as I bite into her neck again. Blood splashes on my face, making me laugh while she twitches and dies in my arms.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! “GAME ON MOTHER FUCKER! HAHAHAHA!!!” I drop her and wipe my mouth, then start licking my fingers, pacing again. The passage in the wall, she said. I glance over at it. What was Scarlett? Her blood tastes human, but is she human? What did Reuben do to her? Is she real? She tastes and feels real. Is she a mutant?

I walk over to where the ‘passage’ is supposed to be and put my hand on it. Not only does it look seamless, it feels like it too. This is far beyond my understanding. I rest my cheek against the surface and hear someone slow down to a stop after running. They’re out of breath. It sounds female... It sounds familiar.

Her voice-
It’s you! You’re here! “Addison!” I scratch the wall, “LISTEN TO ME! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!” I can feel your heart leap in anxiety. I know you can hear me!

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