Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 13 "Welcome to my Realm"

“Addison! LISTEN TO ME! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!” That voice-I know it, but can’t place it, and though I search everywhere around me, I can’t find who it belongs to. It raises the hair on the back on my neck, freezing me from the inside out. I’m sickened to the core. Bile is rising in my throat.

Crouching behind thick shrubbery, I see other patients walking around aimlessly out there on the grounds. They’re so messed up. They don’t know it. Would they hurt me if I were out there among them? They don’t seem to notice each other. I need to find a way out of here. It’s so dark in those trees.

I hear someone slowly coming up behind me, and I quickly whirl my head around with my fists ready. “Addison, Addison wait!” It’s Jo! Oh my god, where has he been! I pull him into a hug and he’s not ready for that. He moves away and shakes his hands at me in an explanatory way. “Listen, I think I know a way-”

“ADDISON LISTEN TO ME! COME HERE!” That voice pounds in my head. I wince and squint at how loud it is.

“What? What’s the matter?” Jo asks.
“Don’t you hear him?!” I smack my head a couple times.
“I don’t hear anything. Addison, stop. You need to pay attention to what I’m saying!” Jo says. I rub my temples, looking around, scanning every place for this man I’m hearing. He makes me feel so nervous-so nervous that it’s to the point I can’t move without checking first. Addison, you belong to me. Not him! I feel a sudden pull on my body and it shifts me away from Jo. Come now! Right then, I forget how I felt before and what I was doing; I don’t have an interest to question why. All I know now is-I need to get to the passage. I even say that aloud.

“Passage? What passage!?” Jo grabs my arm, “You want to leave this place, don’t you?!”
“...I can’t yet. I need to find the passage and be with him.”
“Who are you talking about?”

I stop and shoot him an icy, death glare. He slowly raises his hands in defense. “What... happened to you?” He says.

A corner of my upper lip twitches in disgust; I backhand him in the jaw hard enough to knock him off his feet and put him out.

Slowly, I walk up and stare down at him. I can’t let him distract me anymore. I raise my foot over his neck. There’s a battle going on in me over what I should do next. Where is this desire to crush his windpipe coming from? That’s not me at all! Oh but you want to feel the power... No! That’s not ME! ADDISON, I’m waiting! I raise my eyes and then turn on a heel and go back inside the hospital.

The moment I walk through the door, I’m tackled by security and an orderly shoves a needle in my neck. I’m unable to react and fight back-because ahead of me, I see a little girl in a pink dress with blonde pigtails, smiling at me; she’s in my head-speaking too fast for me to understand. It’s like she has many voices all at once. I decipher two things; Welcome to my realm. My people will take good care of you during your stay.
“...Fuck my life.” I sigh, and my eyes roll back in my head.

Moments later, I wake to find myself sitting in a chair at one of the big open-paned windows and someone is playing with my hair. Little dainty hands... It’s a child. I also notice I don’t hear that man’s voice or feel him anymore.
“Mr. Gabriel has been playing with you for a while now.”
I look left and right. “Gabriel... Wait... I know that name.”
“Yes. And that’s all you know.”
“Who is he and what do you mean by ‘playing with me’?”
“In all honesty, you are nothing more than a toy with a meal stuffed inside for him to cut into and gorge on while it pours out.”
“I- I beg your pardon?!”
The child stops playing with my hair and comes around to face me. I sit back immediately to seeing it’s the little girl, but her eyes are someone else’s. She can tell I realize this. And she smiles. “Hello there Addison...”
“Reuben,” I squeeze the arms of the chair.

She places a hand on my belly, her form changing back into the Reuben I saw before, and the creature inside moves against his touch. “Very good... This project is moving very smoothly. Before it’s born... I will end my last two subjects.”

“What are you talking about- What is this inside me? What are you!”
“Well, you think of it as a parasitic creature, which is actually pretty insulting... but that is beside the point, and you should understand that is actually not the case at all. You should be proud; you have a more advanced human being inside you. As for me...” he smiles, “Well, you will just call me Reuben.”

“What kind of alien are you!”

“How rude of you. You call me an alien? I’m not an alien, child. You will address me as Doctor Reuben.”

I glower deeply into his eyes.

“These people here-” I say, “they look dead and they’re killing each other. Are you influencing them? What is this place and why am I here?”

“Oh! Why yes... they are all people I’ve found that have more negative, unhealthy thoughts and unusual types of behavior than most. They are what you would call urban outdoorsmen. I bring them here - to this platform I created. They may behave quite strangely, but in all actuality... they are all merely surviving in their own little worlds. It makes no sense to you, I know. They’re unaware of what they do, and are harmless to you. You’re here so I can protect you from Mr. Gabriel.”

“Why must I live through all this? What makes me so special? Why are you doing all of this? And why don’t you leave these people alone?”

He blinks expressionlessly at me for a few seconds, then he walks up to the window and looks around outside.

“Unlike many others of my kind, I am quite fascinated by the structure of the human brain. I take the damaged ones and set them in here because they don’t belong with average humans. I study them here. I let them free. And you are special because of what is growing inside you now.”

“I want it out. I can’t do this! It’s not right. You have to let me go. I’m not- I’m not like them!”

“Indeed you’re not. Though, the more you focus on your fears... the more you will experience it here. The platform has recognized you, but I am keeping it from changing you.”

“I don’t understand...” I drop my head, crying.

“You are what I need to create my next project. Gabriel will not harm, or use you anymore.”

“What happens once this thing inside me is born? Why have you chosen me?”

“My child is a test. If it fails, I will try again. I chose you because Gabriel is directly related to me and you fell into his web. You really should be thanking me now Addison.”

“You’re going to use me... if this doesn’t work?”

“Well... one thing at a time.”

I look down and around my feet. I think I might die here. “H-” I struggle to swallow, “How long will I carry this... baby?”

“You will carry it for a few more days.”


“Hush now...” He turns and smiles at me.

I widen my eyes as he comes back and starts gently caressing my cheek.

“I will not harm you. I don’t believe in directly harming anyone.”

I breathe out slowly, shakily. “What happens after this is done? Will I have my life back?”

“We will see.”

A tear travels down my cheek.

I sniffle and I’m trying to hold back more tears but they keep coming.


“AH AH AH!!!” I punch the walls over and over. “SHE’S MINE! MINE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I pick up Scarlett’s body and throw it across the room. When it smashes into the wall, I fall to my knees and rock back and forth. “I know you took her from me. I know it! I know she’s here! YOU SNATCHED HER FROM ME!” I punch the floor and crack it. “I WILL get her back! I WILL! How DARE YOU TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME LIKE THIS?!” When I get her back, I will find a way to destroy you. I will gut you like a fish and hang you out for others to see! You just wait! Have fun while you can-I’m coming for YOU, you son of a bitch!

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