Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 15 "Fantasizing"

“Have you ever played with them together when they were dead?” I asked Jack as he laid down beside a bare pregnant woman, admiring her features.

It was 1905.

We were in a cabin on the viewing room floor. He had one of her arms on his chest and her hand sliding down his pelvic region. He breathed in deeply and smiled, “Of course I have. Here,” He set her arm down and got up. I had their oldest daughter laying on me, also naked. How I killed her... While she was riding me, I held her hips tightly and drilled my nails into her soft gorgeous skin hard enough blood was dripping down on me. It was one of the best moments in this life I can remember. Then I pulled her close to my mouth and whispered in her ear, licking and sucking on her earlobe too, “You’ve done well little one.”

She whimpered and whined. I squeezed her and tore into her neck, and then ripped her head off and drank everything that poured down like a waterfall. The rest of the family was standing in a line against a wall, immobilized and muted by Jack; splattered by hers and their mother’s blood, and they were beyond horrified. I’d never seen anyone more fearful than that family. All 4 of them were so dead in the eyes.

Jack pulled her body off me, over to their mother and set her up on her knees against her, then pushed their mother’s head down into her breasts and picked up her arms and placed her hands on her daughter’s waist. And her legs... I stopped him there. “I want to keep those.” I said. He licked his lips, in the middle of concentration. But then he smirked at me proudly. “You’re right, lad... We should always keep something from each of our meals. Each one should be remembered somehow!”

“Yes father.”
“They will go with the rest of our collection in our basement.”

I break out of the memory and stop pushing Scarlett’s head into mystery man’s cock. Who would I have been without his guidance? Honestly... I think... I loved him in a way I’ve never loved before. I wouldn’t know how else to put it. I probably would’ve killed myself and never learned what real joy is. How uncomfortable it is to imagine that.

The lights suddenly go out.

I stand up slowly, suspiciously. Pure darkness... I wonder what awaits me now. I can’t wait to find out.

I drop my head as I become mist again and stretch across the room, feeling my way around it. I’m ready for your next trick Reuben.

The air is thicker. Cooler. Very moist. It’s changing. I suddenly touch a face; it catches me by surprise. Feeling its structure, I realize after a moment... this is a young feminine face. I grin and thumb over her bottom lip,“Hello there darling...” but soon I see how... familiar she is. Addison...?


"Kitten.” I snatch this woman by her arms and squeeze them, pulling them outward. This can’t be you. This girl is getting very uncomfortable. She’s breathing fast. In pain. She behaves like you, sounds and even smells like you. But I know it’s not you. I yank one last time,but in that second, the woman vanishes. I snap my head left, right and behind me, baring my fangs. “Come out, come out...”

“Mr. Gabriel.” I hear your voice ahead of me. “I’m over here.” Now you’re beside me. I turn and grab your chin, almost shattering it, “Stop playing with me.” You yelp and shake in my grasp. “How dare you...” I say,and while you quiver in my grip, your tone is getting deeper and your features are changing to a more masculine face. My eyes thin to two slits, trying to see and reason it out. I recognize the voice-it’s a voice I haven’t heard in decades. And this face...

I quickly withdraw my hand.

“Mr. Gabriel... you’re surrounded, and we are all the same.” It’s Jack. Footsteps are closing in on me from all directions.

“Feel us. Embrace us... son.” They’re all Jack. I try to become mist again but I can’t. I try many times. Something is preventing me. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!” I shout at the ceiling as they put their hands on me. There’s laughter filling the room--your laughter. You like this. You enjoy this. You’re ecstatic about my suffering. HOW DARE YOU LAUGH AT ME?! I can’t get in your head. This isn’t even you. I feel you, but it’s not you. It’s the same way with Jack.

“I’m getting real tired of your SHIT, REUBEN!” I swipe my hand at the closest Jack, slicing his throat, the next one’s throat, the next one and the next one. Every one of them vanishes into thin air. As I’m about to slice another, the lights click back on.

Everyone is gone.

I spin around on a heel, checking all corners, and something catches my eye. Scarlett and mystery man are standing in a line at the other end of the room, facing the wall. Her head is flipped back like her neck bone was ripped out and her eyes are hazed-over white with moving black veins in them. Mystery man’s head looks gone and his arms are dragging across the floor.

A passage opens in front of them and a dark manlike figure walks through, passing them as if they aren’t there. He walks to me and they go through the door. He never speaks or makes a sound. I wait in place, eyeing him with a smoldering glare.

Finally, he stops. Not far from me. And he points past my shoulder. I get the words ′Gabriel... I’m waiting for you there.′ in my head. He’s telepathic. Who is this...?

Who the fuck are you?

I hear a faint whisper saying the word ‘sever’ and there’s a feeling deep inside me; a very familiar feeling. ′Go. Now.′ He says. I slowly turn and see an opening in the wall. It leads to a hospital hallway. It smells like rotting flesh and trash down there. I narrow my eyes, looking at him again, but he’s suddenly gone. Who is he and what does he want? Is he a manifestation of Reuben? What choice do I have? I can’t stay here.

I start moving. As soon as I’m in the hallway, I can sense someone is near. Someone I know. Someone I know very well...

And it’s not Reuben...

I glance back at the opening in the wall and take a mental picture of it for later if anything goes wrong.

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