Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 19 "Betrayal"

-As Jack and I are moving down the hall, all I can think of is how I want to mutilate Reuben. I want to impale him on a pole, stand him up and I want to see his eyes when I tear his limbs off and lay them around his feet, then, how great it would be... when I shred the skin off them and feed it to him while Jack feasts on his flowing blood. I would use my mist and invade Reuben’s lungs, but I would not smother him enough to kill him just yet; I would then work my way to his heart and start squeezing it and letting it go, then squeezing it again - teasing it. Because he’s not from earth - because he’s an extraterrestrial - he can survive things like this a little longer. This is when he would start begging me to stop, and he would be apologizing for all the shit he’s been putting us through. Unless his ego is truly that rock solid. I want to hear him apologizing for keeping you away from me. How pathetic he is. He knows I don’t stop. He knows... who I really am. And father would be laughing, proud of me.

We’re almost to the end, when a man comes out of a room and stands there in the middle of the hall.
Jack stops first.

The man has a bright light for a face and he’s wearing the same thing Reuben wore at the diner. He doesn’t speak, or move at all. Stiff as a board, and seemingly quite comfortable too. But then he laughs, quietly; “So you’ve come...” I want to charge at him but Jack holds me back and says, “Gabriel...” He telepathically tells me: We have to think of another way.

“What should we do?” I telepathically ask him. He doesn’t reply. He stays silent for a moment, then he walks on. Jack, what are you doing!

He keeps going. Watch. Watch what happens. You will see what a game this truly is. I follow, preparing to fight. Something far in the back of my head tells me he doesn’t have fighting in mind. I don’t listen; my subconscious is taking over. Reuben doesn’t move.

Jack walks faster, faster, then he’s running. I hiss and I’m right behind him. FINALLY!!!

“Suit yourself.” Reuben disappears just before we reach him. I’m swiping my hands through nothing and looking around, snarling viciously. Jack is not impressed. In fact, he’s walking again, and he says, “It’s a test, you fool. Don’t you see? He is everywhere, here. He’s never in one place unless he deems it absolutely necessary. Do you remember the message a patient wrote on a stairwell window? It said ‘HLIEH’, which translates to ‘he lives in everyone here’.” I straighten my posture, glowering. Jack points to his head, “You are not wise enough to understand this yet. You are still in that room and you can’t get past it until you find Addison. But even then, after you finally have her-if you ever do get her back-you still will not understand.” I angrily follow him. He says, “You are thinking as the vampire; all animal and nothing else.”
“I can’t control this!”
“If you can’t, then you should shut up and pay attention rather than think you’re stronger-” he turns around to me, punching himself in the chest, “than ME! I am showing you the way! I AM IN CHARGE HERE! STOP BEING A TYRANT AND WAKE UP!”

I stop and stare grimly at him.

He smoothes out his trench-coat and nods once at me, “Do you understand boy?”

I blink at him.

He speaks again in a quieter voice, “Let’s go.” He turns around and starts walking again.

The way he’s talking to me... I lower my head, glaring darkly at him. I don’t like... you being in charge like this... father. After all these years you’ve been gone, now suddenly, you want your position back in my life. You don’t even possess the power you had once before. You want to control me, even though you don’t really know me anymore. “Yes father...” I reply, just over a whisper.

We meet the end and there’s Reuben’s office. Jack’s lips are curling into a wicked smile. He’s sighing as if aroused at the idea of seeing Reuben as he takes the doorknob. But he has trouble turning it. He steps back, motioning me forward. I break the handle off and kick the door open, nearly busting it off the hinges. He looks down his nose at the interior. I peer inside and see a doctor standing at a lobotomy table with a woman on it; I can’t see her face; he’s blocking it. This... this looks very familiar. The room is large, round and has many windows. The paint is cracked and the ceiling looks like it will cave in at any time. Jack sees something entirely different...


I take a step back as I see myself performing surgery on Reuben and Gabriel standing is standing next to me, helping. I’ve never seen this before. I’ve seen a handful of men that were identical to me; my doppelgangers... but the thoughts this man has, are thoughts I had when I first met Gabriel. So much rage, and great confidence in my very own creation. Though, something more powerful is pecking at me now, making me feel sick to my stomach. It’s beyond confusing. I’ve had so much hate for Reuben for so long, but when faced with a situation like this... a sense of urgency and the need to defend and protect override me. The connection between him and I-Master and Creation-is so strong it’s like a great magnetic pull on my body, and this, what I see myself doing to Reuben is giving me a feeling Reuben wants to disown me, and throw him into a very large den of wolves. No, not like this. He can’t do this to me. I... I have no choice; I cannot, and will not go against him. Not like this. Not yet.


In what I’m seeing, I walk toward the table.
“Mr. Gabriel, prepare the wheelchair. When I’m finished, she will be returning to her room.” the doctor says. I see the wheelchair in the right corner of the room, but hearing his voice... Wait a second... Who is... the doctor? I stop and look to him again very slowly. “Mr. Gabriel?” he turns and- It’s Jack! I quickly glance behind me. The door is shut. I look back to him, then down at the woman on the table. Addison! It’s YOU! THIS IS WHAT I SAW!!! The top of your head is off. Some of your brain has been removed. You’re drooling and barely awake. Now I’m shaking mad. HOW DARE YOU CHANGE HER! HOW DARE YOU TAKE HER FROM ME! I spin around and punch him in the face, “LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE YOU SON OF A BITCH!” He falls to the floor and he’s laughing. YOU! YOU TRAITOR!

In what Jack’s seeing; in his basement, he runs up to Reuben on the table and throws himself down on the floor and pushes me away, “GET OFF, GET OFF!” He grabs Reuben and sits him up, “That wasn’t me! I’m here now father!” I stand and punch him in the face, “SHE IS USELESS! SHE CAN’T DO SHIT NOW! YOU BETRAYED ME! YOU LED ME HERE AND DID THIS TO ME!” He whirls around to me, bursting with a nonhuman scream.


As I see those two men fighting each other, Reuben is standing beside me watching them with his arms crossed. I stare with large horrified eyes, laying paralyzed on a bed with my mouth clamped shut by an invisible force, tears going down my face.

Reuben faces me again with a smile. “Boys will be boys...” His features are darkening and it feels like I’m staring into the eyes of the devil himself.

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