Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 24 "And So It Begins..."

The way he looked at me and controlled everything in that moment; the things he made me see - he believes he’s untouchable. He thinks I’m less than dirt. Well I’ll show him.

My first plan will not work. This is more sophisticated than I thought. I will have to leave this place and go where there is no one around, but if I do that, I will starve to death - thus, he would be winning this ‘game’. I never lose... to anyone.

I should go some place not far from civilization. If I am there, he won’t take you from me, I will have time to plan his defeat, and it will be much easier for me to see him coming. I know he’s purely focused on me.

If I go, I need to go now. This is going to be very difficult for me. I will go mad not having you in my sight. But I must do this.

I go in my room to get my wallet, keys and a pair of shades, and I glance at my bed where you once laid... where, at some point, most of my girls laid. But you... while I want to mutilate you and feed on you... I’m also having other emotions toward you I hardly recognize. I wish I knew why this is. It didn’t start happening until after that... dream... with Jack in it. Is my human side... resurfacing? No. I can’t let this take over. The mere thought of that makes my eye twitch. I turn away from the bed and I leave the apartment. Where I’m going, I’ll have everything I need.

I take the apartment key off my key-chain and go get in my truck, drive over to the office and drop the key off there.

No one is at the desk at the moment.

I exit the office and get back in my truck, but I don’t move until I’ve given the apartments behind me a good, long last look. I’ve been here for ten years, had many good times, countless girls over for breakfast, lunch and dinner here. I’ve been all over the united states, but Maryland has always been my home. Why is this even mattering to me? It didn’t before. The world is my playground. I don’t just live in it, I drown in all that it has to offer me. I put the truck in gear and drive on.

I’m going to a house I built thirty years ago just outside the small town ‘Barton’. There is a family of five living in it now. I call them once in a while to keep track of everything there. This is perfect for me. I put my sunglasses on and look at the sunny sky. Though it’s shining, I’m deeply annoyed that I can’t just take you with me. It’s time to end this once and for all.


I’m still on the floor, stuck in place, looking around the room trying to understand what has happened. Is he really gone? Was all of that real? It can’t be right. It just can’t be right.The room had already changed a few times. It had to of been another hallucination; like everything else I’ve been seeing in the mirrors too! The more I try to figure this out, the more I feel that same powerful, threatening presence hovering over and around me again. If I make one move, something is going to happen. I breathe out one more slow breath, dropping my eyes to the floor.

“...Reuben...?” Cool air brushes up my arms, giving me goosebumps and splintering sensations. I have to bite down on my lip to suppress any sounds I make.
“Hello Addison...”
Reuben-It’s him...!
“...Are- are you... going to kill me?”
“What will you do?”
I hear cracking noises and see the floor splitting and the lights are starting to flash again. I cautiously lift my gaze to see liquid is oozing from the walls; it looks like bodily fluids. It’s leaking through the door too. I want to fight, I want to scream so loud the world can hear me, I want to run; I want Gabriel. I told him not to go. I told him this would happen!

I look at my surroundings falling apart around me and then I squeeze my eyes shut. “Please... I did everything you needed me to do; you’re finished with me. Please, please let me go!” I know he’s standing behind me, observing me with those dark soulless eyes.

“I am not finished with you.”
My mind scatters in many directions, searching for answers why; why is he here?What does he want from me? Why is he still in my head? The baby died. I survived and escaped his realm. For an entity with so much power, why should he care to continue torturing me? I am useless to him! I’m supposed to have my life back now!

Suddenly, I don’t hear or feel him behind me anymore. It’s quiet. The atmosphere has changed but the door and walls are still dripping with that fluid and the floor is still cracked. Do I dare turn around? Very slowly, I stand up. I’m so nervous I can barely keep myself up.

I open my mouth and my voice cracks; “...Reuben?”
“You seem to have forgotten...” His voice is everywhere. Spiraling the room, panning in my ears. I’m getting serious vertigo. Hands are coming at me and grabbing all over my body. Panicking, I try to slap them off and I spin around to find a tall dark figure there, but the lights go out just then. I trip over myself and don’t hit the floor; I scream as I fall through the floor down a giant hole. “AHHHH!!!”
“I am still in you.”

My heartbeat is in my ears, I can’t breathe, I’m screaming, I hear other people shouting my name. They don’t sound completely human. I’m seeing lights now on all sides of me in the walls of this descent into hell. The lights are asylum doors flying open and some people, those sick people are walking to their doorways and looking down at me. It’s sounding like their voices are turning into wild laughter. Then it all stops with a loud abrupt ‘SH!’ and in seconds the hole narrows into a white brick room with a large broken window.

Before I know it, I hit something hard and water splashes around me. The brutal force of my fall knocks me unconscious.

When I wake, I find myself in a gown, set in a wheelchair in an asylum day room. It’s packed with patients wandering around and sitting too. They’re making moaning and snarling noises. At first, I jerk out of fear but remember they’ve never harmed me before. Here are the same messed up people; I’m in the same place-and the same fucking staff are not far, I’m sure. I’m back... here. Something smells just putrid. I take the sleeve of my gown and sniff it. I shift away, gagging and then I feel my hair. It’s messy and covered in disgusting slimy, sticky goop. Running my fingers through it, I get stuck on a clump of something and fling it on the floor. It’s- it’s- I throw up to seeing it’s bloody, rotting human flesh. It has stitches. Who the fuck did that belong to?!

“Miss Addison May, welcome back.” A woman says behind me. I turn around and see that same nurse. Oh hell NO! She smiles at me. “Dr. Reuben has healed all your fractures from your recent fall and I gave you a nice warm bath, using the best moisturizer we have! You have been very sleepy today.” she walks up and pushes me to the windows. I grip the arms of the chair tightly. She continues; “How about a view of the forest?” I stiffly look out at more patients walking around on the grounds with orderlies and other staff. But within those trees, I see someone running, behaving differently than all the other people out there. Is that... Joe?! The orderlies don’t notice him!? I realize I’m leaning forward. I sit back and look at her as she moves around to see my expression. I can’t do anything but stare at her. She puts her hand on my leg, making me flinch and take a sharp breath. I just barely blink as she says, “Dr. Reuben will speak with you shortly, ok?” She’s using a disgustingly sweet tone. I twitch trying to nod. She leaves me and I look left and right at everyone else in here. Do they acknowledge me? If I get up, what will happen? Are they minions of Reuben’s who will attack if I try to get out of here? I need a weapon.

Carefully, I place my hands on the wheels and test that theory by turning around. They don’t react. I move a little more toward the door, which is... really far from here... on the other side of the room. Damn it!

They still don’t do anything. This is good. Just keep doing this Addison.

While I wheel myself forward, I keep thinking as I pass them; ’yeah, just keep walking-mind your own business, and they do mind their own business, thank god. But things start to stir as I get closer to the door. They’re bothered by something. Hopefully I’m not setting them off! Please, I hope that’s not it!

Gritting my teeth and nervously checking them every few seconds, I finally get to the doors and shakily take the handle of one. KHHH-! “WE HAVE A CODE BLUE! CODE BLUE!” Comes over the loudspeaker. Someone got out. All the patients in here look at it in the corner of the ceiling. I take this opportunity and flee from the wheelchair and race out the door down the hall searching for a stairwell. I need to get to the bottom floor! I need to find Joe! If I find him, I may be able to escape! Fuck what Reuben says; he has to be real! He needs to be real!

As I’m running, I see a door down there open and out comes a man in a long white coat, gray pants, a white shirt and black tie- I’m skidding, everything is going into slow motion for me. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe it! All I can hear is my own shrill voice bellowing out “NOOOO!!!”


Two hours and forty minutes and I’m in Barton, Maryland. I pull into the long cobblestone driveway of my house and I can hear them already. The sun is setting and they’re preparing dinner. A turkey dinner. How nice.

When I’m just about to park behind their minivan, I see their little eight-year-old boy ‘Evan’ peering out the window. He reminds me of my son, with his brown hair and bright features. I don’t think twice about it, and get out of the truck.

I go up to the door and knock a couple times. The father answers. “Mr. Gabriel! Long time, no see!” He’s happy to see me. It’s always tickled me to know when I’ve fooled someone good. I grin, “Hello Mr. Benson.” He waves me inside, “Won’t you come in and join us for dinner? Please, we’ve already been over this; it’s no different than on the phone-you can call me Jeb.” I nod once, “Alright. Thanks Jeb.” I see his wife come into view from the kitchen, on the right. She’s drying her hands off and smiling at me. And then, their little five-year-old girl... Monica... runs out into the living room just ahead. I walk inside and say ‘psst!’ She turns, and just like that, her little brown eyes light up with glee. Hm... cute...

But I wonder where the oldest is; their seventeen-year-old daughter ‘Rosemary’. She is tall and graceful. Since she was little, I’ve called her a swan. She looks like one.

“Come, dinner is on the table.” Their mother says, calling everyone to follow her through the kitchen into the dining room. Jeb pats me on the shoulder and points with his head after her. I chuckle a bit and loudly tell her and Jeb, “Thanks buddy. I appreciate it Opal!” This is going to be a good night. Here I can think, plan and eat.

I join them at the table and Rosemary is at the other end of it, surprised to see me, bashful and blushing at me. I smirk slowly at her. Hello, little swan... Her face reddens and she looks at her parents. How sweet...

Everyone holds hands, bowing their heads and beginning to pray, but me, I stare down at the table and think of you Addison. Do you miss me like I miss you? Are you safe? Because I have tasted your blood, I would try to channel you and see if I’m in your thoughts, but if I do, I know I will lose myself to the strong desire to have you now.

Get better while I’m away, remember me while you sleep, bathe slow and gently, brush your hair so carefully to make it extra soft for me, go to work and watch the patrons as if I’m every one of them, shop so freely knowing that I enjoy some of the things you will buy, and talk on the phone with your family in your happy way because you feel comfortable about me being with you all the time. Always remember me with everything you do, and when I return, I will make sure you and I will finally be together in the way it should have been from the very beginning.

Stay safe kitten...

To be continued...

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