Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Mr. Gabriel's Revenge (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

’It’s been three months. But it feels like just yesterday that I left. Addison, I’ve done well not to channel you. How do you feel about that? Relieved?


You do understand why I’m doing this, don’t you? There is a chance Reuben will see this and intensify my desire to go back to you. We can’t have that as long as he’s around, now can we?

This... resistance is more painful than you can imagine. Not only that, but I feel things... are slipping away from me; interests and memories. It can’t possibly be my fault. This is not me. This is not who I am.

At least--at least I have this family here to feed me; to keep me at bay. I have all the blood I need right here. I’ve had immense amounts of fun with them too. Here, I’ll explain...

Every time I visit their rooms at night, take someone out and into the trees in their backyard and do as I please with them, to eat them... To--As I like to put it--Indulge in everything their bodies have to offer me... I think of you. See? See how much I enjoy you?

Out of everyone in this family, that one girl... Rosemary... the seventeen year old who fancies me the most--Shh, don’t worry Addison, I’m not interested in her like I am in you-- She has really helped me with my cravings. With each slice, crunch and pop of her bones when I dislocate them, the sweet sound and feel of tearing her flesh and the musical tone of her screams surrounding me almost fills me with just as much euphoria as you’ve given me. To finally have you... like I have her... I can hardly express the beauty in that feeling. It’s sheer perfection.

Oddly enough, these moments I’ve had with her also remind me of the time Jack and I attended a symphony in 1914. The loud sound and the smell of all the people sitting around with their fans and sweaty smiles made us both fantasize what the place would be like if we could drown in the audience’s blood and organs. To wear their skin and suck on it like candy. Ohh yes... Yes, what a wonderful moment...

How passionate I am about you, right? Now I’m getting aroused again. I might have to use Rosemary again tonight. Last night, I enjoyed her mother. Maybe one day, after I kill Reuben... I will introduce you to these lovely people.

There hasn’t been any sign of him. Reuben.
I’m frustrated and have the feeling something is wrong. I hope... he hasn’t left us in complete silence. I hope he hasn’t ended this game so quickly. But, being the coward he is... I don’t doubt this. I’ve been analyzing his actions; the behavior I saw in the past and his most recent behavior too. I have another theory; if he hasn’t stopped the game, he is using a different method of playing with me. What do I do Addison...

I remember Jack saying something... something having to do with gateways to Reuben’s realm. It almost seems the memory of that particular conversation is being taken away from me and at the same time, the idea itself is becoming unbelievable. Anytime I try to believe it, I lose motivation to attempt finding a gateway. Why is this happening? I don’t sense Reuben at all!

Those flashes I had when we returned to this... world... still occur from time to time; they feel like memories, but I know that can’t be true. Just moments ago, I had another one. I know for a fact this can’t be true... because you weren’t around in 1915. These memories are inserted- Stop. What am I saying? That doesn’t make any sense.′

I pause, holding my sore head. Thoughts, thoughts are making it hurt. No, I have to write more!

I put pen to paper and use more force.

’It seems each scene I see does something to my brain... and the damage spreads from there to the rest of my body; targeting the vampire, making him do things I don’t necessarily want him to do in those moments. I try to attack the entire family sometimes and then I have to clean up my mess by making them forget everything that happened.

I’m stricken by this... overpowering feeling... but whatever it is, it only lasts for a mere few seconds and it’s gone. Longest period I’ve ever recorded was a minute and a half.′ I accidentally snap the pen, but I don’t pay attention to that. My headache is throbbing. Pulsing, pulsing. It’ll be gone soon.

While I think about this letter you will never receive, staring at this stack of old papers on the bedroom desk, I think about when I retrieved them from my small compartment in the floor of the shed out back. They were in a fairly small box. Surprisingly, none of this is in real bad shape.

A couple of weeks ago, I remembered these entries I’ve kept for a few decades and how I used to write in them when I sometimes needed to restrain myself. I have very few here, of course. I never needed to restrain myself; I never cared--Unless there was a threat. “Hm... restraining myself... from Reuben.” I never knew when he’d be back. Now, I’m chasing him... in a matter of speaking.

If only I could remember what Jack SAID!

There’s a knock at the door just then. I turn my head a little, showing my profile. “Yes Opal?”
“We’re going out to the park. Is that okay with you?”
I focus on the letter again. “Sure... But don’t be long.”
“See you later Mr. Gabriel.” She smiles and leaves.

Her voice... I’d like to hear it panting as she runs from me, out of fear, and when I catch her... in the woods... Oh how she’ll struggle and cry as I yet again... make her mine. After that, I’ll have Jeb. He’s quite a handful. I love how much of a challenge he is.

I breathe out slowly, my serious gaze never leaving the papers as I’m lost in these blissful thoughts. The headache is fading away. I put the papers together, set them in the box and slide it under the bed.


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