Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Mr. Gabriel's Revenge (Chapter 2 Excerpt)

I hear glass shatter and your screams mixed with men and women laughing and applauding at your pain and suffering, and suddenly I see a glimpse of you on a tile floor surrounded by shadows crawling and twitching as they close in on you from all directions; the scene shakes me awake and ready to slice something apart. I almost kill Rosemary as she lay naked beside me on the forest floor. It’s... now morning.

It takes me a second to realize what has happened; I don’t remember lying down here. Last thing I remember doing was healing her and preparing to cut open her midsection. I was halfway in reality, halfway in a fantasy. The animal in me was taking over and I had little to no control. Then suddenly, I’m here. Also naked. What is happening? Addison... what is happening to me?

With my gaze locked on the ground, I start putting my clothes back on. I haven’t experienced this before. I’ve had a considerably stable mind (as stable as it could possibly be under these circumstances) the entire time I’ve been here. I think and dream of you constantly, but not like this. This... felt like it actually has, or is happening. I have a wave of urgency tear into my mind and my muscles involuntarily stress. I grab my head, shouting at a sudden stabbing pain in my frontal lobe. I start running, I don’t know why, but I’m running for my life. For the first time in ages, I feel complete fear coursing through my veins and knotting my stomach.

I keep going, and I think I hear a heartbeat. My heart doesn’t beat. What is this! Screams, more of your screams shake and stir my equilibrium. It doesn’t take long for me to trip over myself. And I tumble down a hill, crashing into mounds of rocks in the calm flowing stream. “AH, UGH!” I breathe fast and groan at the cuts and few broken bones from the fall. The wounds begin to heal immediately. Why am I experiencing these things?!

Holding my head, touching the blood from a few scratches, I look up and see a dark silhouette of a man standing there at the top of the hill. Just as I see him, I get a sharp pain in my eyes and see the surroundings switch into an asylum bathroom where all the tubs were taken out except for one. I slowly stand up, still holding my head, and look around the room. The hospital...? This can’t be right...

I walk towards the bathtub, hearing water moving and rocks being kicked around but not acknowledging it. It’s empty with bloody swipe prints all over it. I lean forward to smell it; it’s not yours. But your scent is there. You bathed here.

“Gabriel, please,” I turn around quickly and see you standing in a doorway; your hair is down partially in your face and tiny cords are tightly wrapped around your form. You’re bleeding; they’re so tight. I look you up and down with a growing smirk. Hm, delicious... This can’t be true. You were at your apartment; Reuben doesn’t want you. He wants me. I must be fantasizing again.

I don’t move from this spot. Rather, I stand here and enjoy the sight. You shut your eyes, tears falling from your cheeks as you let your head down. But then, just then, you snap it back up and look around frantically; your eyebrows pull together and your mouth falls open; your heartbeat and breathing are both beginning to race. “No- NO!” What? I step forward slightly, confused. The moment I get any closer to you, the scene changes back to the forest. The creek. The hill. The man is standing up there still, but turning around as soon as I find him. “STOP!” I hiss. He vanishes in the wind and I growl viciously after him. I run to the hill and grab a few vines, climbing up as fast as I can.

“Mr. Gabriel!” I see Rosemary run and stop where he stood. She got dressed and doesn’t remember anything, nor is she confused. She steps back slightly at seeing the black look on my face. I finish climbing up and wipe myself off, ignoring her constant questions about my health as I scan the area for that bastard. Who is that fuck! Is he the reason for these mental breakdowns?! I know he’s not Reuben; he has a different vibe about him all around.

“GABRIEL!” Rosemary yanks my arm and I shoot a dark glare at her. She gasps, jumping back. I grumble through my teeth, “Did you see a shadow man out here a minute ago?”
“N-No, I haven’t seen anyone like that! Why? Is he the reason why you fell down there? Did he push you!? I’ll call the cops!” I narrow my eyes at her. Who was this... creature? I have to find out. How...? How will I do this?

“No Rosemary. It’s not your business.” I turn away from her and make my way back to the house. She brings one of her fists up to her mouth and hurries behind me.

When we go inside, I see the family is sitting down for breakfast, talking casually, eating like pigs. Usual day. They greet me and Jeb asks why I look so rough. I wave at him, “Don’t concern yourself.” And after I do this, he returns to the conversation as if he never saw me come in. I look at Rosemary; Go join them. Eat some breakfast. She obeys and nonchalantly walks over to them. They don’t ask about her tattered clothing or the dirt on her body from last night. They have no concern at all; I’ve taken their ability to reason out, and/or remember what I do to them.

I go to my room in a hurry and shuffle through the notes I’ve been writing to see if there’s any record of that shadow man. Nothing, nothing, nothing. It’s all pleasant thoughts about you Addison. What about that thing I wrote last night? I can’t find it! Though I have my hands on it and swipe it out of the way, I don’t see all my answers are actually right here in front of me. Maybe I’m being manipulated?

I shift away from the desk and pace the room. He must be linked to Reuben somehow. I can’t imagine any other reason why he was there. He could very well be another one of Reuben’s minions. If this is a sign of Reuben, I must give chase immediately. I’m not letting this slip through my fingers.

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