Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 3 "My Plaything"

You wake to my humming and feel water around you. My fingers are in your hair and soap is running down your soft, beautiful chest into the bubble bath. You’re trying to understand why you didn’t wake when I brought you in here. Your body starts to tingle at the feel of me beneath you. It makes me smile, and my fangs ache to take a bite out of you again; for the taste and feel of that sweet warm liquid gushing into my mouth, soothing me, completing me. I pull your head back, exposing your neck. So fragile... A small hungry growl leaves me and a shiver runs down your spine as I near your carotid artery. “I don’t know your name,” You breathe.

“...You don’t need to know it right this minute.” I close in on your neck with a hiss, already feeling like I’m breaking your skin. “NO!” You jump away from me out of the tub and look around quickly for something to grab. Ahh yes, instinct has kicked in.

I throw my head back against the wall, rest my arms on the sides and then look up at you. You snatch a few shampoo and body wash bottles, throw them at me and race out of the bathroom. After being smacked a few times, I crack my neck, gather the bottles and set them down on the sink. “Addison, you’re very funny.” I lift my chin, closing my eyes and taking in your scent. Mmm, you’re in one of the bedrooms... I purr at the thought, follow your smell and suddenly shove the door open.

You’re cowering in the corner with a blanket around you. Look at me... I whisper in your mind. You stop shaking and focus entirely on me. Slowly, you stand. The blanket falls away. I admire you from head to toe; your delicious curves, your full breasts, your long legs. You look... so appetizing. My mouth is watering. I want to take you right here, right now, and I want to eat you. I want to devour all of you. With a blank stare, I ask, “I’ve tasted you... How would you like a taste of me?” I walk up to you and snatch your hands, making you jump and stare me in the eyes nervously. Slowly, I raise them up and run my nose along one of your arms, “Me first...” I glide my tongue across it, savoring the taste of you. Your head tips back as a sigh leaves you. I reach around your waist and yank you against me, causing you to belt a breathy ”ah!"

I slide my tongue back down your arm and then I lick at your lips. The sensation makes you begin to pant, pushing yourself closer to me. I release your arm and suddenly grope your bottom, granting a moan from you. A wolfish gleam spreads across my face as you caress my tongue and lips with your own. Taste me.

I snatch your hair and pull back, forcing you to look at me, and when you realize how deep I’m looking into you, you see my silver eyes tell a story much, much more than you could’ve ever imagined; a story so twisted and horrifying your expression goes completely blank. What do you see Addison? There’s more here than lust; these are the eyes of a once extremely depressed man who had nowhere to go and something made him completely snap. Everything he does now, it’s what humans would consider, ‘gruesome’... and he enjoys every moment of it.

I smirk and touch your mouth with two fingers as if you just said something amusing. Your heartbeat is racing and your expression... just shocked. Then quickly your eyes dart around the room. Are you going to resist me? You push me away and run out of the room, “NO! YOU’RE A PSYCHO! I’M CALLING THE COPS!”

I listen and hear you running around looking for a phone. Oh well that’s too bad you don’t know where anything is. I give you some time as I go into the bathroom to get a towel and then I meet you in the living room.

As you spin around to me, I finish wrapping the towel around my waist and raise my eyebrows at you. “So you think the cops can stop me?” You let out a quick gasp, backing up and searching for a weapon. “You stay away from me!” You grab a lamp and bash it on a table, breaking the bulb. I slowly tilt my head with narrowing humored eyes. You raise it and hit your back against a wall. “I swear to god I will kill you!” I stare at you for a moment, then suddenly I plod toward you. You scream and swing the lamp at me, slashing my chest when I’m close enough. But that doesn’t stop me; I smack it out of your hands and yank you against me, chomping down into your neck and stabbing you in the back with my nails. I drag them down your smooth soft flesh and feel the blood seeping out as you cry so desperately for help. You don’t know I can silence your voice from the world. No one can help you Addison.

I forcefully spin you around, slam you against the wall and trace my hand along the slices and push my fingers in some of the deeper ones. Ohh, would you look at this... You whine; “Mmm-hm hm hm!” And you shake. I slide my bloody hand over my tongue and hum in satisfaction. “P-Please- AH!” I move close to the side of your face, “What’s that?” You turn your head the other way, “No!” I drop my towel and press into your back, making you cry again. Then I take in the smell of your blood on your sweaty neck and I moan in your ear. I start sucking from the marks I left there and your weeps become pants. “Would you like me inside you?”
“Oh, god please no!”
“I could be gentle, you know.” I simper.
“No, please let me go!!!” Again, you scream. You sure like to do that, don’t you? I stop sucking and move back a little, letting you drop to your knees. There, I kneel beside you and lift your chin. Your glassy red eyes meet mine and I smile at you, watching how you look at me. “You know... Maybe you’re right... maybe we’ve gotten off to a bad start. Maybe we should take things a little slower, hm? I guess I am moving a little fast.” Your breaths are short from the splintering, pulsing pain in your back. I run my hand down it and the wounds heal. But I leave the mark in your neck just to remind you, you’re mine. I help you stand and put in your mind that you’re not scared of me at all. The things we’ve done, you liked it. You liked it a lot. And you can’t wait for more. You’ll be expecting me to come back tonight.

But now, you have to go to work... at that expensive clothing store. You’re so close to becoming manager. Bet you can’t wait for that either. “Better get your clothes and hurry to work.” I say. You look around quickly for them. I point to the bedroom. “In there sweetheart.”

“Right.” You chuckle and run to get them.
As I stand by watching you get dressed, I plan tonight. And I grin. So much fun you are. So much of a thrill. What a treat!

I know precisely what I want to do with you...

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