Mr. Gabriel {Psychological Horror}

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Chapter 4 "Plead"

Finally, night has come. It’s 8:30. I see you through my open window; you’re staring at the wall ahead of you like you don’t even realize it. You’re waiting for me, wearing that nightgown again. Everything is happening just like when we first ‘officially’ met. The desire to have you causes me to have that same ache in my teeth and groin. Oh, when you innocent girls have such an effect on me... mmh...

I take a last puff of my cigarette and let my body become a full mist. Not but a second later, I’m at your window. You close your eyes as I seep through the cracks, and I make you feel relaxed... relieved. You’re ready for me.

"Gabriel...” You breathe in deeply, tilting your head back as I wrap myself around your body. You feel my hands slide up your gown, feel all over your body and you make a soft, pleasured sound. I pull the gown off you, tossing it on the floor; “To the bed...” I sigh in your ear, and pick you up. You feel as though clouds are carrying you there.

Gently, I settle you down and you look up at me. My Addison... The mist slips away as I become physical again. You glance at my hands on both sides of your head and then back up to me. Yes, look at me like that. “Gabriel—that’s your name, isn’t it?” You ask. I blink at you. “Mr. Gabriel. That’s what you will call me.”

“Mr. Gabriel.” You repeat, eyes trailing down to my bare muscular chest. I hold your chin, “You will feed me tonight.” You look up into my eyes again. You don’t voice it, but in your mind, you’re saying yes sir like a hopeless child at an orphanage—willing to do anything for their caretaker. Anything. I’ve experienced it first-hand.

Staring silently at you, I gradually smile and put my hand over your mouth, moving close to the side of your head. “Ohh... how you’ll scream,” You breathe out through your mouth and suddenly I hiss and clamp my jaw down on your neck. “AH!” You ram your body against mine, breathing fast and whimpering as I growl in a low tone. You’re scared now, aren’t you baby...! You’re panicking in your mind; ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING! PLEASE, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!’ You remind me of a frightened little girl tied to a chair in a cold, brick room with a single light over her head, anxiously expecting my arrival. How arousing...

My violent sucking is like two large needles twisting and jamming farther inside your flesh. “Gabe- Gabriel! PLEASE, GOD PLEASE, STOP!” You cry underneath my hand. Your pleas are useless kitten. I tear a part of your neck open and lick the running blood quick and obsessively. Oh Addison, how tasty you are! You try to kick me, you try to punch me. You bury your nails into my body and bite my shoulder as hard as you possibly can. I groan loud in your ear, almost shouting with pure bliss. My ADDISON, LOOK AT YOU GO! I slap your neck and then snatch your jaw, laughing deeply as your blood drips from my lips into your mouth. Gaping, struggling, you try to close it but I hold your jaw tighter to keep it open as I huskily say, “You think god will help you? And why do you suppose he would do that? You’re all mine.” I let my hand off your mouth and wipe my own as I straddle you. “I’ve seen him... what most would consider God... He’s not what you think. He cares nothing about one human to the next.” I shove my hand down inside your heat, filling you with my mist. You gasp out “Hn-ah!” I grin wide at how you arch your back to my forceful movements in you. Fire fills my eyes just seeing how much fear clouds your mind. “God plays with humans when they’re sick. But that one is not my god; my god... is my father.” I pull out, my hand reforming, and I lick my fingers. That same fragile sound escapes you. You think that was something? I undo my pants, and you watch me with true terror in your pretty little shaking eyes.

I snatch you by the wrists, twisting them down into the bed, granting more from you; “NO GOD, OH GOD HELP ME, OH PLEASE!!!” You’re making me smile wider. “Stubborn girl, doesn’t listen.” I then flip you over and squeeze your midsection, digging my nails under your skin nice and fast. You scream and cry, flinging your head back and smacking into me, fighting back. I scrape my nails down to your hips, grabbing them tight and start slamming you from behind. I huff excitedly to feeling you around me, and hearing you gasp out and cry even louder. Blood runs out through the cuts; the smell is intoxicating. I throw my head back with another “Ugh!” and belt out an animalistic roar as I tear into your neck again, making you clamor out a blood-curdling, “KILL ME!” I’m building up, I’m about to explode. “FUCK, ADDISON,” I shout, moving faster.

I clutch your hair tight and yank back. The pain is unbearable as it surges through you, and the sound of your voice in such distress is orgasmic. “NYAH- MH!” You breathe quickly, your throat stressed and sore. Tipping my head back, I let out; “Oh- oh my kitten!” I’m having my release. “Fuck, YES!” I listen to your breathing and shut my eyes, moaning. I push into you a few more times and then slowly pull out.

Licking my lips, I look down at your bloody back. You want to collapse. I slide my hand over the cuts and then take a hold of your hair, making you look me in the eyes. Sweat trickles down your red, worn-out face. Look at that blood on your gorgeous pale lips. “Hm,” I smirk and lick each spot off slowly. You’re shaking against my touch. I finish enjoying your taste and whisper against your lips, ”Addison... You don’t get to fall until I say you can.” I sigh inside your mouth, licking your bottom lip and playing with your tongue. You jerk away and watch me as I move back around, and when you feel me suck on your wounds, a shaky whimper escapes you. You arch your back again as I slip my misty hand inside you once more, caressing your sore womanhood. I nuzzle my nose in your neck, relishing your scent. “Please... just let me go,” you breathe. “Hm... Hahahahaha...” I snicker and heal all your wounds and turn you over, pushing you down into the sheets. “Let you go...” You look up at me with such a pitiful expression I take it as the question ‘how much longer will you let me live?’ “Shh... shush now baby. You won’t be leaving me any time soon.” You can’t even blink. You don’t want to blink. Well I don’t want you to take your beautiful eyes off me either.

I sit up for a moment, and then a thought comes to my mind. I offer my hand, “Why don’t we go for a late night snack? How about some steak? Lobster? How about both?” You’re immediately shocked, even more terrified. You try hard not to show any emotion, but fail miserably. And you’re much too afraid to refuse. Come on, I can’t be that bad...

“S-steak? Lobster? ...Where... do you really work?” you ask. Ah yes... “Well, I know you think those are expensive. I must have erased that part of your memory. Before, I was actually lying to you. Truth is, I don’t really have a job.”
“...You’re a thief?” You ask in a small voice as I take your hand. “No, just one hell of a charmer.” I pick you up and carry you into the bathroom. “You and I should have a bath before we go anywhere.” You still don’t take your eyes off me as I shut the door behind us.

Come come now,
I’m not going to hurt you darling...

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